Landing Page Web Design

9 Landing Page Web Design Best Practices

A landing page helps you to convert your visitors into leads. Special attention should be given to this page because it is on this page where you make actual sales. We will focus on the essential elements of a landing page web design.

The essentials of a landing page design you should adopt

Landing Page Web Design Tip #1: A Captivating Headline and Sub-Header


The headline is the first thing that the visitors see when they visit your landing page. It can help you to retain the visitors or drive them away from the page. Make the headline interesting and attention-grabbing.

You can achieve this by using actionable and value-driven words in the headline. This will make it more enticing for people. Your headline should be relevant and match the source copy form.

The headline should be in bold and title case. Use sub-heads (optional) to describe in the simplest term possible what benefits you offer.

Landing Page Web Design Tip #2: Undeniable Social Proof Elements

Landing Page Web Design

It is the nature of humans to buy the products that have worked for other customers. Most people don’t like blind buying. Make sure that you provide proof elements to reassure your clients that your products are the best. These proof elements include:

Various Expertise


Have a section on your landing page displaying the various niches you are good at. This could be modeling, weddings, adventures, wrestling or any other niche you want to include on your page. Add your best image under each section to justify the claims.

Award and Accreditation


Showcase the awards and accreditation you have acquired over the years. This will build their trust in your products and services.

Customer Testimonials

Landing Page Web Design

Provide testimonials or customer logos to leverage social proof and reinforce credibility. Dedicate a section for testimonials from your clients.

Reviews from happy and satisfied clients build trust for the potential clients. Customize this section to capture reviews about your skills and how these skills helped in achieving a particular value.

Security Details


People also resist giving out their personal details due to spam related issues. To counter this, add security features to your landing page to eliminate visitors’ anxiety. These features include;

• A privacy message that reassures the visitors that you will not share their email addresses elsewhere.

• Security seals, a BBB rating or certifications for sensitive information.

Landing Page Web Design Tip #3: An Irresistible Offer

Landing Page Web Design

Use a few bullet points or short and clear paragraph to highlight the value of the offer. Don’t just concentrate on listing what the landing page offers.

Instead, briefly and clearly describe the specific value of your offer, emphasizing on the solution the offer gives by taking into account the needs and interests of your visitors. This will give people a compelling incentive to respond to your CTA.

If you fail to communicate this, the users might feel that they are not on the right page. To achieve this:

• Clearly state your offer in the headline

• Describe the value of your offer in the sub-headline

• Use bullet points to outline the features you offer.

• Customize the offer to make it more eye-catching and enticing.

• Convince the clients that the offer will give them value for their money.

Landing Page Web Design Tip #4: Tell a Story


There is a number of false information all over the internet. To be safe, tell a story about your business to make it look more credible and negate the effect of the negative internet rumors.

Below are contents you can use in your business story:

• The reasons for your passion about the products and services you provide.

• Reasons why you are better than your competitors.

• How you have helped your customers over the years.

• How your products have changed the lives of your previous clients.

• The number of years you have been operating.

• Your mission and vision.


Landing Page Web Design Tip #5: A Great Design


Make sure that your web page has all the elements of a good landing page. These elements include:

• A headline and sub-headline-You should have actionable and value-driven words in your headline. This will make it more enticing for people.

Your headline should also match the source copy. Subheads (optional), described in the simplest term possible what benefits you offer.

• A short and precise description of the offer, emphasizing on its value.

• Supporting image- We advise you to use images that tell people what lies behind the landing page. You should also add ALT-text to your images as a backup plan in cases where the website or browser fails.

• A lead capture form to capture the details of the visitors.

Landing Page Web Design Tip #6: Informative Above the Fold Area


Make the area above the fold in a browser as informative as possible. The area gives an early impression of the products and services you offer.

Having an informative area above the fold will shed more light on the products and what your customers should expect from your company.

To be more effective:

• Include a relevant background image in this area to grab attention.

• List the benefits of your offers.

• Provide a money back guarantee to reassure your visitors that they will get back their money if you fail to deliver your promises.

• Seal of Approval from the relevant authority to build trust and credibility.

Landing Page Web Design Tip #7: Call to Action

Landing Page Web Design

Customize the submit button to make it more appealing to the clients’ eye. Avoid using the term ‘’submit’’ on your form button as much as you can so as not to make people shy away from performing the required tasks.

You can instead opt for statements that relate to values to be achieved in return.

‘’Get your brochure kit’’ is an example of the statements you can opt for instead of the generic ‘’submit.’’ Ensure that the button you are giving is big, bold and colorful.

You should use strong, actionable and value-driven words in your call to action button. It is also important to use a call to action button color that contrasts your background color.

Landing Page Web Design Tip #8: Form Fields


If the form is too short and your offer is of high value, people tend to take it as a spam. Longer forms may discourage people because of the time factor. You should, therefore, find the right balance by considering the value of your offer.

Adjust the styling of your form to make it appear shorter and enticing to fill it out. You can achieve this by reducing the spaces between fields. You can also align the titles to the left of each field to achieve the same objective.

We recommend the implementation of smart fields dynamic form fields to automatically adjust your form into a shortened version if a visitor is already logged into your page.

Landing Page Web Design Tip #9: Simplicity


Simplicity is key in creating a great landing page. Use simple words which are clear and easy to understand.  Avoid using unnecessary words to eliminate distraction, confusion or overwhelming your visitors.

However, you should take note of the value of your offer and the information you need from your clients to get the right balance.



There is no one fit-it-all landing page web design for all businesses. Test the elements to determine which combination works best for you.

Contact Lander and our team of experts will help you to create a professional landing page to fit your business needs.