Best Landing Page Examples

9 of the Best Landing Page Examples from Top Brands

Best Landing Page Examples: A landing page is an important tool for traffic conversions. However, some companies don’t give the landing pages the attention they deserve.

More focus is directed towards the website’s homepage, forgetting how important a website is for the business growth.

A typical website home page has a conversion rate of below 5%, while the conversion rate of a landing page ranges between 5 and 15%.

This article will highlight some perfect landing page examples. But before that, let us take a look at how you can create a great landing page.

Tips you can use to create a great landing page

Never use the Homepage as your Landing Page


A homepage contains too much information. Using it as a landing page will discourage and distract your visitors from taking the required actions.

Don’t even use the main site product page as a landing page no matter how awesome it is.

Using a stand-alone page to generate leads will direct the visitors’ attention to one task at a time. This will ensure maximum lead generation.

Ensure that your Landing Page Contain all the Essential Landing Page Elements


These elements include:

• A headline and a sub-headline-You should have actionable and value-driven words in your headline. This will make it more enticing for people.

Your headline should also match the source copy. Subheads (optional), described in the simplest term possible what benefits you offer.

• A short and precise description of the offer, emphasizing on its value.

• Supporting image or a short video. We advise you to use images that tell people what lies behind the landing page. You should also add ALT-text to your images as a backup plan in cases where the website or browser fails.

• A lead capture form to capture the details of the visitors. In case you cannot use a form, we recommend the use of a strong and visible call to action button to direct your visitors.

• Proof elements like testimonials from previous customers, logos and security badges.

Remove or Minimize the Extra Navigation


The landing page serves one goal. This is to entice the visitor to take an action. You do not want your visitors to abandon the page before converting, do you?

Remove the main navigation from the page to avoid distracting them and keep them longer on your page.

If you don’t remove the main navigations, the visitors may just wander around and move off the page.

Focus on Value


Don’t create a landing page just for the sake of having one. Have a specific value you intend to offer the visitors and clearly spell it out.

Consider the following guideline for the value:

• Avoid directing the visitors to download fact sheets.

• Never use a landing page just to direct the visitors to contact you.

• A valuable guide, free trial, and demonstrations are great values and will entice the visitors to take the required actions. Consider using them.

Create More Landing Pages


Increasing the number of your landing pages will increase your leads. You should, therefore, invest in an easy- to- use landing page creation tool, create more offers on your page, twist your offers to fit particular needs and re-purpose your contents.

You will thus expand your target content and therefore command a large number of visitors on your page.

Only Ask the Information You Really Need


Only capture the information you really need in the lead capture form. Fewer fields in your forms mean less work for your visitors resulting in higher lead conversions.

Long and tedious forms are discouraging. Test the form to establish which form length is best for you.

Match the Headline of the Landing Page to the Corresponding CTA


Keep your headline and the CTA consistent to boost trust and confidence on your offer.

Keep it Simple


Use simple words which are clear and straight to the point.  Do not clutter your page with unnecessary words to eliminate distraction, confusion or overwhelming your visitors.

Best Landing Pages Examples with Great Design

Below the perfect landing page examples, you should check out:

Best Landing Page Examples #1: Wistia


Features that make Wistia great;

• The blue background has minimal patterns that blend nicely with the white form field.

• The form field size is great. It is combined with prominent placement to eliminate all distractions when creating an account.

Best Landing Page Examples

Best Landing Page Examples #2: Unbounce


Amazing components of the Unbounce landing page include:

• The use of a chart window to direct the readers’ focus to the goal of the page which is filling out the form.

• The action is simple and not distracted by the unnecessary elements.

• The detailed, well packaged and strategically located information below the form gives it an SEO boost. This ensures that new visitors can learn more about them before submitting their information.

Best Landing Page Examples

Best Landing Page Examples #3: IMPACT Branding and Design


Its greatest components include:

• It uses a simple page layout design.

• Its large headline copy and descriptive image are a great inspiration.

• The fonts and colors are also eye-catching.

• The form outline is pleasing and captivates the readers’ attention.

Best Landing Page Examples

Best Landing Page Examples #4: Muzzle


Landing pages help visitors to determine whether your products or services are worth their precious time, resources and energy.

Muzzle communicates the problems their app solves. This is appealing and helps visitors to make informed decisions as early as possible.

They convey the values of the page in short descriptions.

Best Landing Page Examples

Best Landing Page Examples #5: Trulia


This page starts with a simple form to capture the readers’ address. The button simply reads, ‘’enter an address.’’ This sounds less spam compared to the generic ‘’enter your address’’ button.

Below the address button is a bright orange call to action button. The CTA is customized and the orange color contrasts well with the background image.

The next page focuses on more questions about the property itself. This includes questions like the number of bed and baths.

It also has a disclaimer that binds the user with a real estate agent.
Below are the images of what we are talking about:

Best Landing Page Examples

Best Landing Page Examples #6: Teambit


It has a simple one form field.

The form is accompanied by a delightful office image full of animals. This gives the impression that all the animals are pleased with the Teambit.

Beside every informational section is an animal cartoon. This is aimed at grabbing the visitors’ attention and concentration.

Best Landing Page Examples

Best Landing Page Examples #7:


This landing page gives the visitors the chance to answer three questions before they can access the form. This is aimed at making the landing page as interactive and personalized as possible.

Below is the landing page we are talking about.

Best Landing Page Examples

And here's the final landing page form where you fill out your information:

Best Landing Page Examples

Best Landing Page Examples #8: Landbot


This page has their product front and center of the chart directed landing page.
Its great components include:

• Friendly bot, complete with emojis and GIFS to welcome the visitors.

• The emojis are customized to encourage visitors to provide information and take the required call to action.

Have a look at the Landbot landing page below:

Best Landing Page Examples


Best Landing Page Examples #9: Vendio


Its features include:

• A room for larger and eye-catching images.

• Space for a larger USP.

• Strategically placed call to action button.

Best Landing Page Examples



The perfect landing page is essential for online business success. Not only will it keep you ahead of your competition, but it will attract more visitors to your sites, increase conversions and revenue.

Those are enough best landing page examples you can copy from.  Better yet, save on costs and time by getting one of our well-priced templates.

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