8 ways to improve your Facebook marketing effectiveness

8 ways to manage your Facebook marketing more effectively

Managing your Facebook marketing takes more than paying a couple of dollars here and there to boost your ads. If it were that easy, everyone would do it. Facebook marketing is a technique known to many but mastered by only a few experts. We are here today to take a look at some of the ways to improve and maximize your Facebook marketing effectiveness by managing it more effectively.

Plan carefully

Like we’ve said, it takes more than cashing out and praying for the best. Facebook is a fickle thing that can either be your worst enemy or best friend, depending on what you are aiming for. That’s the key word here – aiming for something concrete. Take a moment to breathe and talk to your staff, marketing team or people you trust. What is it that you want to accomplish by investing into Facebook marketing? Are you aiming for organic reach or pure conversions?

The deciding factors of this phase will tell you in which direction to go later on, so take your time and take it all in. Consider all the factors your business is facing and manage your expectations and budget capabilities. Going into any investment recklessly will only result in failure and loss of revenue, so you will want to avoid that and reach a better outcome.

Use a fixed budget

Regardless of the size of your business, it’s always a good idea to use fixed budgets in marketing campaigns. It’s far too easy to go overboard and spend more than you planned just because there was an amazing opportunity nearby and you had to take it. Using a fixed budget will give you fewer options but in truth, it will make managing and maximizing your Facebook marketing much easier.

You will focus on the options you have available and stop thinking about moving mountains with a single ad campaign. The same rule applies backward as well – you need to set a realistic budget that serves your needs and doesn’t compromise too much with what you have planned. Find a healthy balance of both and you will know what the perfect line is with time after a few campaigns are done.

Create a timeline

As you are probably aware by now, Facebook’s marketing system operates on a schedule. This means that you can precisely tell it when to trend your content. Be careful about the time of day and days in general. Aiming for each day can be expensive and make your customers feel like you are forcing something on them. Think about posting your content in the evening hours of every other day for example.

Your audiences will be back from work and comfortably scroll through Facebook, coming across your posts. They are far more likely to click on them when they are relaxed at home rather than secretly scrolling through the News Feed at their work, it does happen. Once you have a clear timeline of how long you want your campaign to last, you will be able to prioritize certain days and use others as backup. Make sure it all fits into the budget you fixed for the campaign and everything should go according to plan, maximizing your Facebook marketing reach.

Create relevant content

What many Facebook marketing experts agree on is that relevant content is what makes or breaks an ad campaign. By doing proper research on your target demographic and finding out what makes them tick, you will be one step closer to doing just that. Gamers will appreciate you using slang words known in the industry, same goes for bookworms, makeup artists, etc. It all depends on what you are trying to push to the market. Once you have figured out what works with your target demo, creating the content will be just as relevant as your research.

It’s a good idea to do some digging and find out what professional help you can get if you don’t have a writing expert on your team. Taking a look at some of the writing services company reviews online is a good way to get started. Connecting with a professional who can help you out is a great way to get started with creating relevant content for your audiences, and you will be one step closer to perfecting your Facebook marketing strategy. Just make sure to always give unquestionably detailed and correct instructions to the content creator.

Organize Facebook events

People like competitions. They like them even more so if they get rewarded for a symbolic effort they put up. Why not use this fact and host a contest every once in a while, using your Facebook page and marketing strategy. These can range from simple questionnaires that your audiences can fill out or even going a step further and creating a simple game featuring your products. The benefits of this kind of marketing are numerous, and some of the most predominant ones are:

  • Increased word of mouth promotion
  • Increased brand loyalty
  • Bigger reach and increased chances of conversion
  • Audience-generated content (inspired by the contest)
  • New email contacts for later campaigns
  • Create Facebook Landing Pages

As you can see, using such a simple yet effective strategy that plays on people’s nature is a great way to grow your marketing campaign and use Facebook in the right way. It is, after all, a social media platform, so why not give people more of what they are used to but with a flavor of your brand and services?

Ask your audience

Whenever you are unsure what to do next, you can always ask your audiences what they want to see or do. Giving people a chance to speak up and make their voices relevant is an amazing opportunity to grow brand loyalty and gain valuable insight into your customers. You’d be surprised with the answers and ideas they come up and you can even go as far as rewarding the best or three best ideas you receive. It’s a cheap and efficient way to brainstorm using a large pool of people that want to create the best possible product and service for themselves.

Crowdsourcing is nothing new in the marketing world, but it has evolved so much since the last century that consumers are often the ones who completely shape a product. Don’t be afraid of asking your followers for help and it will come back to you many times over, offering valuable insight into how to manage your Facebook marketing better for everyone’s benefit.

Have fun

Surprised to hear this? Having fun with your Facebook campaign by treating your audiences like friends and family is an invaluable business strategy. Nothing works better than treating people like you care about them – and in this case, you do, very much so. A business is not defined by its portfolio; it’s defined by its user base.

If there is no one that likes you or your product, why are you still in business? Try to loosen up with your marketing campaign. Once you have the technical details set in stone, why not brainstorm for a bit and think of funny, clever and smart ways to create content and attract new audiences. Your posts don’t have to be focused on pure marketing and product placement – your audiences will come to you themselves if they decide you are worth their time. In today’s digital world, the hardest thing to do has become to bring people closer together.

Use this opportunity to come closer to your followers with strong and emotional content that will spark their inner human. There is no better way to run a Facebook marketing campaign than by using the purpose of Facebook to your advantage – bring people together and have fun in doing so.

Be patient and consistent

Even though your marketing campaign has a strict deadline and your budget is limited, it’s important to stay patient and consistent. You will start noticing small results as soon as your campaign starts, but for anything relevant to happen, you will need to wait, and the waiting game is the worst of them all.

Make sure that you don’t cancel your campaign or start making sudden changes just based on gut feeling and wait it out. You planned everything carefully and it will work out, but you will have to give it precious time. Being consistent in your Facebook marketing is just as important, meaning that all of your content needs to feel like a part of a whole. If a marketing campaign looks like a rainbow with no clear pattern, something is wrong and you should intervene at once.

Brand building and Facebook marketing go hand in hand, meaning that people will associate your posts with your products and brand. If your message is unclear, people will be confused, ignoring your post or mistakenly going towards a similar product. Keep a cool head for as long as your campaign lasts and you will be free of any troubles.

In conclusion

Once the campaign is done, you need to make sure that the data you collected is analyzed and ready for the next campaign. You will go through a trial and error process a few times before you get your A-game on, but as soon as you do, you will notice that Facebook is a very powerful ally in the marketing world. Make sure that you adapt it to your business strategy and use it every step of the way in your future marketing campaigns.