Video Landing Page

8 Video Landing Page Best Practices that Lead to Conversions

A video landing page is a webpage that appears in response to a video search engine optimized search result.

It is usually used as a lead generation and it’s always linked to social media, e-mail campaigns, and search engine marketing campaigns in order to enhance the effectiveness of the advertisement.

In order to get your business to a higher rank, you will need to have a reliable way to keep your customers flowing in. Lander is a market leader in landing page creation and optimization. For effective video e-commerce, use an optimized video landing page template for conversions and higher ranking.

8 Best Practices To Optimize Your Video Landing Page For SEO

Video Landing Page

The best practices to optimize a video landing page for searches and also as SEO for YouTube are also applicable to any video strategy and not specific to e-commerce. The best practices for onsite video landing page optimization include:

Video Landing Page Tip #1: Look Into General SEO Best Practices


Optimizing video for a search engine is an extension of SEO. The best practices to drive traffic to your website include; site structure, well-planned navigation, internal site links and title tags which are very important.

A well-optimized website ranks your video at a higher rate, therefore, attracting more people.

Video Landing Page Tip #2:  Start With Keyword Research


You ought to start with keyword research when optimizing video or anything else so that you get to know what people are searching for.

YouTube is a great keyword research tool for video and is usually used by most of us. It helps to get an idea of what folks are searching for when specifically looking for video content.

When using YouTube you get to have multiple results for your search and you can be able to choose the one that is most convenient.

Google keyword suggestions are helpful in determining what people are searching for in Google. However, it always doesn’t have to be video, it can be anything else.

Video Landing Page Tip #3: Submit a video Sitemap To Google


To make it easy for Google to find videos on your pages, you need to create an XML video sitemap that tells the search engine exactly where your page is, where your video is and some additional information about your video.

Submit your video sitemap through Google’s webmaster tools. Google will then crawl your page to verify that the video exists and indexes your video where it can appear in universal search results.

Video Landing Page Tip #4: Test Adding Video Transcripts To Landing Pages


You can include a transcript of your video as many e-commerce sites do not have much text. It uplifts your video search engine as it increases traffic through long-tail keyword searches resulting from matches in the transcripts.

How should you include a transcript? You do not want your transcript to be hidden but rather shown in the source code. You can put your transcript at the bottom of the page and it must represent the content of your video.

Video Landing Page Tip #5: Viewers Share Your Videos With Open Graph


To make your videos viewed by many, it is sensible to make it shareable on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

These are the social networks use by very many people. You can include your video on your wall and just on a click, a viewer is able to view it.

Video Landing Page Tip #6:  Leverage Your Video Content


When you have more content on your pages that can be ranked within different verticals in Google-image search, organic search and also Google video search, it drives more traffic to your site.

Video Landing Page Tip #7: Create Compelling Thumbnails


Thumbnails are the first and very important thing that people look at. You should make sure that your thumbnails are eye-catching, relevant, clear, in-focus and of high quality. It should be a representative of your video content.

Video Landing Page Tip #8: Ensure That Your Landing Pages Load Quickly


The speed of which content loads in Google determines a person’s experience in it. More experience is got when the page loads faster. Some helpful free tools include:

• Pagespeed –this is an open source browser add-on.

• Yslow – suggests ways to improve speed.

• Webpagetest – shows a waterfall view of performance.

• Webmaster tools – site performance lab.

Tips for Creating Unique Landing Page videos for Specific Campaigns

Video Landing Page

People often visit your page not having any idea about you. A video should be only a small part of your marketing approach and should never be seen as a cure for all tools.

In view of that, there are ways that can make your videos be seen and remembered; the most important thing is to tailor your videos for your audience by having the right features and it should complement the content on your landing pages.

A landing page expands the message of the advertisement and convinces the visitor into becoming a customer. To increase trust, credibility, and understanding to your customers you have to:

Create Custom Videos For Different Types Of Visitors


You have to know your target audience and what type of video is convenient for them. Your video should speak to an enterprise level executive differently than an average customer.

Be sure to have a video for each and every audience on a separate landing page so as to answer every question of your customers. Speaking with the right audience increases trust factor.

Keep Videos Short


This improves on clarity to your visitors as they usually want the quick answer. Many people are prone to not make a decision when given too many options.

Design Around The Video


The design of the landing page should be around the experience and attract eyes. The page should be kept simple always.

Consider having a simple graphic that prompts the visitor to click “play”. Furthermore, create a clear headline that draws the visitor in.

See It From Their Perspective


Automatic autoplay is not convenient for your video as your visitor will easily bounce off your page.

Look into usability guidelines as this can help you increase conversations and do some tests as well. When you see the video from your own perspective you will be able to have the feeling of your visitor and make the best.

Produce High-Quality Video


The quality of the video is of the high essence as you only have few seconds to capture your visitors' attention. Use a camera of high-quality definition and a quality audio setup. Also, consider adding graphics to your video with a free online video editor.

Give Value Proposition And Ask For Action


Know your customers’ problem and tell them how you can fix them. Consider using professionally paid video host so as to capture email addresses and drive customers to the next sales funnel.

In conclusion, you should use the following to make your video landing page template great: you should use a good thumbnail so as to tempt the user to click on them. You should also place your video at the top of the fold so that it is the first thing that your users see.

In addition, you should have a rich video content so as to communicate well to your visitors. The sizing of your video should also be considered; you need to size your video such that the video fills out the whole page with very little space left around it.