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8 Key Design Elements for Your Squeeze Page SEO

In this digital world, email is still one of the most effective channels for online marketing. Brands collect emails from their potential clients to showcase their products and entice them to buy. Squeeze pages make the email collection task easy and quick. This article will focus on squeeze page SEO.

Squeeze pages are landing pages that are designed for the sole purpose of collecting email addresses.

For this reason, you need to make it stand out from stand out from the rest in order to beat the stiff competition in the market.

Ways you can Optimize Your Squeeze Page


It is true that there is no one single fit-it-all squeeze page for every business. You need to understand the basic elements of a squeeze page and how you can customize the elements to meet your business niche.

Below are the essentials of a squeeze page and how you can optimize them:

Squeeze Page SEO Tip #1: Strong and Enticing Headline

Squeeze Page SEO

The headline is the first thing that your visitors see when they visit your page. It can retain them or make them abandon the page without taking the required action.

You should use a strong and catchy headline to trigger the desire to read more into the page. Use value driven words and make sure that you place the headline above the fold.

Squeeze Page SEO Tip #2: Reduce Form Fields


Time is a scarce resource. People also have a short attention span beside the many activities that call for their attention.

This is why you need to take the shortest time possible to get them to give you their mail addresses.

Your main goal here should be getting as many email addresses as possible. Asking about their occupation, year of birth, phone number or physical location is unnecessary.

It will only make your form appear unnecessary long, confusing and discouraging. Ask only the information you need and keep the form field as short as possible.

Squeeze Page SEO Tip #3: Make your Offer Match the Medium

Squeeze Page SEO

You do not want to appear as spammy. Do you? The offer you are giving your visitors should justify the need for their email addresses.

Take, for example, requesting for email addresses just to show your visitors a video, or to download a PDF.

Your visitors are aware of the fact that they can watch videos and download PDF files without you sending them links through email.

To negate this, give the content of your files and video in the form of an email course. This way, your visitors will see the sense of submitting their email addresses.

There is no any other efficient way to send an email course rather than via email. An email course is also justifiable because visitors absorb the content in small, actionable chunks.

Squeeze Page SEO Tip #4: Offer Less than you Actually Think you Should


Brands believe that offering a lot of free content builds value. Well, this does not really work for the squeeze page, especially at the opt-in stage.

You will only build value if your visitors can absorb, retain, and use your offers appropriately. But your visitors are normally very busy.

They are overloaded with information and they often suspect that you are just full of crap. The visitors are skeptical to spend their time to see or try out your offer.

Multiple pages, files and, videos will not only bore the visitor, but it will also trigger their avoidance reflex and they will abandon the page altogether.

It doesn’t matter how valuable or brilliant your offer is to the life of your readers. There are high chances that your visitor will neither invest their time to read or implement your ideas. This means that they will get zero value from your brilliant offer.

The best way to deal with this is offering less than you think you should. Find great ways of emphasizing how easy it is to absorb and implement your content.

Make your visitors understand that the time and energy you are asking them to spare for your content is small compared to the value they will get in return.

We suggest that you give the visitors an offer he will use and not an offer he should use.

Squeeze Page SEO Tip #5: Turn the Call to Action into a Give-the-payoff

Squeeze Page SEO

Your campaign should be customer based. This means that you offer your audience something valuable in an exchange for their email addresses.

The call to action button usually directs the visitors to the next action to take. Customize the action to emphasize more on your offer, not what they should do to get the offer.

Avoid the generic ‘’Submit’’ button. It doesn’t trigger the desire to take action as it only focuses on what the visitors should do and not the value of your offer. You can use the customized ‘Send Me my Free Recipe Now’’ for example, to increase conversion the conversion rate.

You can use arrows to direct the visitors’ eye to the call to action button to minimize distractions.

Squeeze Page SEO Tip #6: Add a Sense of Scarcity and Urgency


Scarcity and urgency are great combinations to trigger quick actions. Most people believe that valuable products are always in demand, which makes them scarce. No one will want to miss out on something valuable.

Take advantage of this belief by giving limited offers. Add a sense of urgency to emphasize the value of the offer. A call to action button such as ‘’Save £299 Now’’ is more eye-catching than the generic ‘’Buy’’ button.

Squeeze Page SEO Tip #7: Use a Splash Page


Many web users despise pop-ups. Research confirms that design element that pops in front of the windows or covers content negatively affects online experience and opinion.

This is not a great way to start a relationship with a potential client. Use a splash page instead. It eliminates the pop-ups but still provides you with the opportunity to capture prospects when they click on your page.

It is important to note that the splash page only appears on the homepage. It is not so impressing to send a visitor to a squeeze page when they click a link to a product.

But if your visitors are just going directly to your homepage, communicating your values as soon as possible will be the best option to grab their attention. Just make sure that you provide clear directions for proceeding to the next site.

Squeeze Page SEO Tip #8: Minimize Visual Distractions


It is true that images and videos enhance memorability. But you don’t want to clutter your page with unnecessary images and videos. Use relevant images and remember to keep it as simple as possible.

You should also keep your page clear of any navigations or links. This will minimize distractions and help the visitors to focus on the main call to action button, which is submitting their email addresses.



Campaign goals are different. Business niches are also different. This requires you to A/B test the elements of a landing page to determine which element combination gives you maximum return on investment.

Perform A/B testing and try a variety of strategies to create the most effective variations of your squeeze page.

For further inquiries about squeeze page SEO, contact us at Lander. We have a team of experienced and dedicated staff to help you with squeeze page optimization.