Mobile App Landing Page

8 Key Components for Optimizing Your Mobile App Landing Page

The success of a mobile app largely relies on the first impression the user form of your app. You should, therefore, have a dedicated landing page to showcase what your app can do. Lander provides the best mobile app landing page template for success across mobile platforms.

Below are tips which can help you create a great landing page for your mobile app:

8 elements of mobile app landing page template

1. Prominent Name and Logo


The main objective of your mobile app landing page should be creating and building awareness about your mobile app. Use a name that is instantly recognizable.

Also, ensure that the name and logo are clearly featured above the fold. This prevents people from skipping over your idea from lack of clue about your name or how to find you.

2. Short, Unambiguous Headline


The purpose of your headline is to inform people what your app does. Make it short, precise and clear otherwise people will be bored and just click away without giving much attention to what you have to offer.

3. Clear Call To Action

Mobile App Landing Page

Have a call to action on your mobile app landing page. Take advantage of the visitor’s excitement regarding the app by actually directing them to perform a particular task.

Make your call to action clear, persuasive and easy to implement. Examples of calls to action that you can include on your page are;

• Download app for a live app.

• Sign up for your mailing list for the latest updates if your app is yet to be launched.

• Share button if you want your audience to evangelize about your app in the various social media platforms.

To be more effective, do not conflict your CTAs. Give priority to actions that are of greater values for you. Ensure that you have one call to action above the fold to help you retain users who cannot easily figure out the action to take.

4. Keep it Concise


After getting the attention and concentration of your audience, consider reeling them in. However, don’t use too many words above the fold since this may discourage your readers.

Start simple and get deeper depending on the depth of details you want to provide at each step. This also depends on the professional standards of your mobile app. An app targeting professionals require a thorough explanation of its features.

Use bullet points in your description. You can also introduce the particular features and benefits of your app to make it more convincing and credible.

5. Integrate Video

Mobile App Landing Page

Increase your app’s reach by adding a video to your mobile app landing page. This will take care of the audience who are not willing to read through your landing page since some people consider videos more informative and interesting compared to reading.

The video should be simple with a short introduction to what the app does, features of the app and benefits the app offers to users. An entertaining video is a plus. The benefits of a video are;

• They are quick to watch resulting in a higher conversion rate

• They are easy to consume

• They are easy to share, giving your app more exposure

6. Incorporate Strong Branding


Strong branding strengthens who you are and what you offer. This, incorporated with an awesome app idea, will enhance the memorability of your audience about the app.

The key to branding is consistently using the same color, fonts and design elements like a striking and unique photo. For finance and other professional mobile apps, go for bold colors and fonts to signify professionalism and authority.

Bright colors are also attractive, playful and appealing to the eye. If you prefer a specific shade for your app ensure that it takes most of your landing page for the best branding result.

7. Lots Of White Space


Make your mobile app landing page appear less congested by using a simple design consisting of a lot of white space. This will space things out, make it less ‘’noisy’’ clean and appealing to the eye of your audience.

8. Optimized Mobile App Landing Page


It doesn’t matter if this is the first or the umpteenth time you are creating your landing page. People will just abandon your page if it is not good enough. You can design the page by yourself by considering the guidelines below.

• Offer something of value in your mobile app page.

• Make the page simple, easy to understand and user-friendly such that people can access the form and continue filling it even at a later time using their mobile devices.

• Use actionable and value-driven words in your headline. It should be in line with fitness.

• Briefly describe the value of the offer in the sub-headline.

• Make the body copy compelling and easy to scan and scroll.

• Optimize page title, URL and Meta description for easy search.

Capturing all these elements alone doesn’t guarantee you success. Back up your app with good marketing strategies so as to deliver and remain at the top in the competitive market. This brings us to important guidelines to help you market your mobile app.

The 3 pre-requisites of an effective marketing strategy

1. Always Plan Ahead


Before building the app, develop an app marketing plan to leverage the potential of your assets to market the intended mobile app.

• Promote your app on your website landing page. Update the existing audience on the webpage about your progress with the app you are building.

• You can also use your twitter account to update your target audience about the progress of the mobile app you are building.

• Regularly publish a press release on the app you are building focusing on its benefits, release date and features.

It is important to continue with these activities even after the launch and as such, require proper planning and execution to achieve a specific marketing goal.

2. Make Your App Easily Discovered


Improvise innovative ways to make the existence of your app easily known. Submit your app to reputable sites so that you get reviews to help you improve the app.

You can also reach out to influencers using follower-wonk tool to access their social authority and the followers they command and later build a working relationship with them long before you launch the app.

This will earn you their trust from this and when you finally launch the app, it will be easy to ask them to review it or share information about the app in the various social media platforms.

3. Think Continuous, Long-Term Marketing


Divide your mobile app marketing campaign into different phases.

• Pre-launch phase

• Launch phase

• Post-launch phase

Market your app much before you actually build and launch it and continue long after launching it. There is stiff competition out there and to compete fairly means no resting for your marketing efforts. Make it stand out from the rest and it should be the first choice of its intended audience.

If you generate a landing page by taking into consideration all the seven elements of a great mobile landing page app coupled with the three pre-requisites mobile app marketing strategy, your app will give you higher returns. Get in touch with us today for a great mobile app landing page template.