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8 Killer SEO Landing Pages Tips From Digital Marketing Gurus

SEO landing pages are simply the pages optimized for search engines. They have features which make them appealing to the algorithms which decide if the page is of the essence to the searcher or not.

Without the right person accessing your page, the landing page will not have served its purpose and that is why you need to have the best SEO landing pages, which will ensure that you gain more conversions.

You could make an effort of having a top rank copywriter who writes the most engaging content you have ever come across, but you are not guaranteed that your page will convert.

The content will drive traffic to your page but that is not all that your landing page needs to convert, it also needs to attract the right traffic.

Optimizing your search engine involves the process of editing the elements of a webpage to increase the chances of it showing up in the search results when a person types in a query that is relevant.

For example, when one uses Google to search, it will try to show a very close match to what is being looked for when the query is typed into the search bar.

You need to know that there is no shortcut that will ensure that you end up in the first page of Google results page, but there are best practices which you can consider to increase the chances of your landing page being there.

Many marketing campaigns are usually short and therefore, people make an assumption that it is not important to optimize the landing pages.

This may be right since most promotions don’t last long. However, it should be known that some campaigns, as much as they are short-term, end prematurely.

If you are running a campaign that is short term, for instance yearly and you are not optimizing your page, you may be missing a lot of search traffic. In addition, what determines whether or not you gain by way of better ranking is how valuable your page is to searchers. Try to find out how appealing the page is to Google’s algorithm.

Google’s Algorithm


It has become very hard to find out which algorithm Google uses to know how valuable a page is to the searchers. Search engine optimizers have faced a hard time finding out.

Previously those who were using techniques like keyword stuffing gained a high rank on Google searches, but today, the technique is not permitted and can get one blacklisted by Google.

Therefore, it is best to focus on earning traffic the right way by having an appealing landing page to attract people to find what you are offering.

Techniques for creating the best SEO landing pages

SEO landing pages Tip #1: Publish to a Custom URL


If you are using a content management system to create your page, you will always have the option to publish to a domain which provides the service.

When you publish your landing page to your own domain, you have the added advantage of the boost in the small rankings when people search for your page’s keyword.

SEO landing pages Tip #2: Determine your Keywords

SEO Landing Pages

keywords are very important. This is the part where you have a chance to choose the words which you want search engines to rank your page based on.

It can be a long process, doing multiple research before you get the right words and can be exhausting but it is the best way to get what you need.

You can start by making a list of the terms that are relevant to your page and then come up with combinations of the terms, which can possibly be typed by someone on Google with the intention of finding an offer.

Use terms that are precise and show a long description of what you are offering.

SEO landing pages Tip #3: Include Keywords  


After you have eventually determined the right keywords to use, you will need to place them strategically on your landing page content.

For your title, ensure that it is compelling enough so that it encourages click-throughs as it is one of the first things that the visitor comes across.

After that, you will need to have a short description of the page which will give the searchers an idea of what they are going to come across the page after they have a click through.

Additionally, you will have images on the page which will require you to give file names.

Google cannot see the images physically but it identifies them through the written description in the file name. To improve rankings, consider using an image title which contains your keyword.

SEO landing pages Tip #4: Length of the Page


In most cases, landing pages need to be brief and precise. There is no evidence that long landing pages are ranked well than short ones.

People will say that long pages have more valuable content that is well researched and attract more, but that is not the case.

Do not be worried about the length since there are many excellent ways to present a lot of information to the reader without exhausting him or her. The most important thing is to put effort on the quality and not the quality.

SEO landing pages Tip #5: Secure Back-links to your Page

SEO Landing Pages

Giving a chance for people to link your page is a great way to boost search engine rankings; to Google, when a person links to your content from another website, he or she is vouching for you.

To begin with, create original content which has been well researched, then identify what influences your industry by looking at referrals from friends and even the social media activity of people who will find your content relevant.

After that, reach out for those influencers; you can start small by getting links from blogs, then rise slowly.

SEO landing pages Tip #6: Leave a Seasonal Landing Page Online


Leaving a seasonal or temporary landing page online will ensure that you don’t miss out on traffic as you wait to create a new page.

SEO landing pages Tip #7: Speed up your Page


People always want a page that loads very fast and saves them time. You can find out if your page if up to par with speed by using Google page speed insights. Improve the speed of your pages by using small image files and a fast web host.

SEO landing pages Tip #8: Make the Contents Shareable

SEO Landing Pages

Shareable content is great for SEO; consider producing high-quality content which can be shared in any or most social media platforms, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Shared content will earn you social proof and will enable you to gain more visitors.



Your page needs to grab people’s attention for a long time, for that reason, you will always need to have a well-written landing page.

The best SEO landing pages should always draw search traffic to your page and in turn, effectively lead to higher conversions.

It will ensure that whenever a person wants to find something related to what you are offering; your offer will appear at the top.

Search engine optimization is an intensive and demanding process, which, if you are not well versed in, can be a failure.

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