7 Ways to Win Your Next Client

Most companies are now advertising their products and services online, increasing the competition for new clients in every industry. 

This level of competition means that businesses have to come up with a detailed and helpful plan to approach every prospective client.

Here are some ways that can help you win a new client.

Ask for Referrals

There is no better lead generator than your existing happy clients. These individuals are the social proof that you can utilize to get more clients who will benefit from your services.

Treat your clients well and be on time with your product and service offerings. Do not be afraid to ask them for referrals and client testimonials once you have established a trusting relationship with them.

Put some of these testimonials on your website and social media pages. This increases the confidence of prospective clients in hiring you.

Follow up leads

Ensure that your sales and procurement team has direct and immediate access to new leads. Ideally, these leads should include details such as new clients contact number, company location, and services or products they are interested in.

Never leave a prospective client hanging for more than a day or two. The longer you wait, the colder the leads get and they might already forget about you by the time you contact them or worse, employed the service of your competitor.

Include a Professional Proposal

If you are in the events industry, you will be familiar with the importance of professional event proposals. You will have to include the project timeline, costs, and what your customers can expect from your services. 

Even in other industries, having a detailed proposal will always work in your favor when it shows the client where and how their payments are going to be utilized.

Follow Up with Potential Buyers

Most prospective clients will not purchase from you immediately after your first e-mail exchange. Some will need more reassurances and details, while others might have just forgotten to leave you a reply.

Follow up with the clients that have not responded to your e-mails or have been too busy to set an appointment with you. Be sure to let them know about your latest promotions as an extra push to get them on board.

Offer Flexibility

It is understandable that clients will hesitate to sign a contract with you right away. Reassure your prospective clients that you understand their concerns, and offer them flexible packages that do not bind them to contracts straight away.

Your client will always have the freedom to upgrade to a more permanent service package as they learn about your reliability, so do not be afraid to let them have a trial run.

Underpromise, Overdeliver

Do not promise something you cannot deliver on. Be honest and transparent about what you can and cannot do, and you will be on the right path to gain your prospective client’s trust.

If you have managed to secure a trial-run with your clients, be sure to give several minutes of your time to give some extras for your customers. This can be free gifts, complimentary services and much more.

Keep Your Marketing Assets Updated

No one is going to believe that you are a professional events company if your online portfolio features pictures of events from over five years ago. 

Maintain and update your website, contact details, and other digital platforms to increase your brand credibility. You can even change your e-mail signature or e-signatures every now and then with a new design, just to switch things up a bit.