7 Unusual Uses for Your Landing Pages

7 Unusual Ways to Use Your Landing Page

Landing pages are crucial for driving traffic to your website, but they are highly versatile in other ways. There are a number of uses you may be overlooking that could help you meet other goals on your website.

Here are some practical uses for your landing pages that you may not have considered:

1. Create a Designated Page For Each Ad

7 Unusual Uses for Your Landing Pages

Landing pages that are branded for each campaign increase lead generation results because they provide a more consistent experience for users. Visitors came to your website through the ad, so the content they see on the landing page should reflect this.

2. Design Holiday Landing Pages

7 Unusual Uses for Your Landing Pages

The holidays are around the corner, and this marks the busiest, most lucrative time of year for many businesses.

Conducting A/B testing on holiday versions of your landing pages can tell you if this will be an effective plan for your website in the coming months, according to MarketingProfs.

This may be an important time to offer an eye-catching, seasonal page for visitors to encourage purchases.

3. Use Landing Pages to Encourage Event Signups

7 Unusual Uses for Your Landing Pages

Landing pages can be more than a lead generation tool. People who attend your events are most likely already familiar with your business.

Similar to a lead generation form on a landing page, you can add an event registration form to encourage higher attendance numbers. You can take this approach beyond conventional in-person events as well. Landing page forms can be used for webinar sign-ups.

4. Promote a New Offering

7 Unusual Uses for Your Landing Pages

Whether it's an e-book or a product launch, landing pages are an excellent way to highlight something new in your business. These pages can serve as a more in-depth version of a banner ad without overwhelming visitors with large blocks of text.

You should write a few bullet points about the most important attributes of the new offering so website visitors understand the benefits. E-books are a great way to provide leads more industry-specific information.

5. Showcase a Video

7 Unusual Uses for Your Landing Pages

Videos are becoming a more important lead-generation tool because they're an easy way to convey detailed information in a digestible way.

Attention spans are getting shorter, and potential customers may not want to read lengthy paragraphs of copy to try to understand what you're offering. Video is engaging because it's a step outside of the norm.

6. Share Recent Press

7 Unusual Uses for Your Landing Pages

If your company is featured in the news, especially when you're launching a new product, you can include links to press releases. This move can boost your credibility.

If you want to gain press coverage, your company can appeal to journalists to get your name out there, as suggested by Entrepreneur Magazine.

7. Customer Testimonials

7 Unusual Uses for Your Landing Pages

While branded content has a time and a place in the sales cycle, consumers are increasingly wary of what companies publish about themselves. Including testimonials from satisfied clients can encourage potential customers to trust you more.

People are often interested in hearing about other customers' experiences with a brand, and they may seek this content on their own if you don't provide it for them.

Tips for Landing Pages

As demonstrated above, the different uses for landing pages are nearly endless. The best way to pull any of these strategies off is to maintain a simple landing page that is free of clutter. Trying to do too much with a single page can cause your conversion rates to suffer.

Each landing page should only have one goal, whether it's to encourage event sign-ups e-book downloads or another purpose. Including multiple calls to action can confuse leads can cause them to leave the page rather than take the next step.

Do you have any other unique uses for Landing Pages?