Twitter Promoted Videos

7 Key Benefits of Twitter Promoted Videos

 Twitter Promoted Videos:  A handheld device and a high-speed Internet connection are enough to create a community, not only with celebrities in the country but also with celebrities from around the world.

In addition to being able to get updates on the latest news, new releases of music and movies, and brand updates, people are finding the best way to find out what's going on in the world.

On Twitter, there is a better way to run ads, a new way for brands to post videos that allows the users to know about their products and services.

Twitter promoted videos have enabled the brands to reach a target audience and engage consumers efficiently. Video clips on Twitter generate the greatest emotional and memory connection on any digital platform.

The feature of Twitter that allows the users to upload and share promoted video is a great way to get the public on Twitter.

According to Twitter Playbook, the last 12 months have increased the video 220x on the platform, which is also consistent with the increase of video content on all platforms.

This number is undoubtedly big and shows how all the brands are taking benefit of Twitter’s this feature. Let us take a look at the benefits that a marketing team can derive from Twitter promoted videos:

Pay Only if you Click on the Video


The best thing about Twitter promoted videos is that they only charge you if the target audience opens it and show interest in that.

You will not be charged if the video of your brand is displayed, pay only if the audience clicks the “play” button to watch a video. This feature gives the brownie point to the Twitter’s feature.

Twitter promoted videos have an Autoplay Option

Twitter Promoted Videos

With the Twitter’s latest AutoPlay extension, all videos start automatically when users check their timeline; encourages interaction with the video by allowing tapping or clicking on the videos.

This new automatic gaming feature provides 100% visibility to all your promotional videos. The charge view is 2 seconds of playback or to click on the display for full screen.

An automatic video playback means that the video content is currently featured in the editor for the user but without the sound.

You can use the Video to Start Conversations on Twitter


One of the most exciting and unique aspects of Twitter is the real-time participation of consumers and brands.

Twitter promoted videos can be used to start conversations with people interested in your content.

In this case, some pages inform users about awareness and follow personal responses to create loyalty.

Video in the Live Event

Twitter Promoted Videos

If your brand wants a live event, the video can bring good results. The popularity of the video brand can increase in live shows is determined to be 63% and is expected to reach all the important audiences.

This is an excellent opportunity for brands, especially if they recognize the good opportunities and materials that the brand could promote.

Twitter uses a video to describe brand phenomena as they are. If they cannot participate, Twitter shows more conversations participating in the video.

In addition, the Twitter promoted videos starts running instantly to attract more attention.

All you need to do is to make a short video of your product and share it with your customers so that people can connect to your brand.

People Share Videos


People look for interesting Twitter promoted videos to share within their social networks if they provide any information or are used in any way.

Twitter users have access to even more than 600 videos per minute. This adventure can highlight the risk of exposure to video.

Twitter Tab


At the end of 2013, Twitter began testing a new Twitter tab for the video by clicking on the calendar.

Twitter cards offer a wide range of interactive and interesting multimedia content and are designed to offer buyers high-quality integrated video and integrated video tools.

With a video card, you can post a video tag on Twitter; you can also send it to your website (or elsewhere) and can get the same task done by simply clicking on it.

The Budweiser campaign "Friends Waiting" is a good campaign based on the power of the experience of the two screens.

Do you remember the beautiful yellow lab that uses beer brands to attract the stars to your super pub, which contained alcohol?

In 2015, Budweiser announced a new safe 59-second video with a puppy in a series of adventures grew up and came to lunch.

We know you cannot go home for a few seconds. He does not say that he decided to keep the decision overnight.

Budweiser has posted a video on YouTube, where it received more than 18 million visitors since September. But the sponsored vision was more than two million during the first two days of the launch.

Twitter Promoted Videos have a Wider Audience Reach


If you have used Twitter, it is probably helpful to direct your search on geography, gender, language, keywords, and interests or usernames.

Many people do not use Twitter actively. You can also create these interviews with the e-mail address lists, phone numbers, Twitter references, mobile app users, or mobile ad IDs.

Anyway, this was just an alternative approach to reach out to the audience. But, in the current time, there is not even a single person who is not familiar with the Twitter and the benefits it has for every single person, Brand, and company.

However, Twitter has declared that "secure" advertising uses "secure video" in a strong video analysis, which includes the most recent rates and organic video payment specifications.

So, is it worth promoting the sponsored video? At this time, you should seriously give a thought to promote your Brand on Twitter via Twitter videos and keep in mind that it is only available to the Twitter partners (its biggest advertisers).

Knowing, however; the last Twitter wants more people in the transmission: users love it. I will not be surprised by a self-service offer in the near future.

It must need a good strategy for twitter promoted videos to work in the right direction to game up your promotions.