Make the most of your Pinterest Marketing with these 7 tools

7 Pinterest Tools for Marketers

Pinterest is a directory of creative and compelling images that brilliantly engages users into a message you need to convey. The Omni Core Agency reports around 100 billion monthly active users of Pinterest which makes it a giant search engine of visual content. It has become one of the amazing tools for marketers since a user spends 14.2 minutes on the site on average. And, about 87% of the users have reported that they have purchased something from Pinterest.

The online businesses keep on trying different marketing and advertisement campaigns, whereas they often a major social media platform. Most of the companies are sticking to the Facebook, Twitter, and g+ and that's why the way they feel to maximize their reach. Pinterest follows an alluring methodology to attract visitors, increase traffic and enhance conversion of a web shop without spending a penny.

Just like other social networking platforms, Pinterest does have trends to understand and peak time to interact with users through valuable content. To help marketers easily manage the official pages and achieve higher visibility, we are listing some of the amazing Pinterest tools.

1. Canva

Canva comes first when you need to create amazing images, infographics and edit featured snaps. The marketers try to promote content through different mediums, like making PowerPoint presentations, slideshows, videos, and podcasts, whereas infographics have proven the most effective in all.

Canva offers a wide variety layouts, elements and fonts let you create whatever you have in mind. The variety of images depends on your creative and imaginative skills which make the best use of colors and design patterns. It specifically includes the creation of graphics specifically according to the common practices of Pinterest.

Use the application free of cost as it gives the freedom to make changes to the free images, whereas premium stock may charge you $1 each. This Pinterest tool is highly recommended for quality posts.

2. Pinterest Browser Button

Pinterest is all about pinning images, posts and articles to your boards so that you can benefit it at later stages and the followers get to know about the valuable content. We often browse websites and find something that is super cool and amazing. At the moment, we bookmark it and decide to pin it later to a board. What if you are given the opportunity to pin an image or article while you are reading it?

Pinterest facilitates marketer with a browser button that can easily be incorporated into Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Install the button and click it from the bar whenever you need to. If you are managing an online store and want to share product images with a click, consider installing PrestaShop Free Pinterest Module. It brilliantly incorporates pin button on different images of your web shop to let you and your customer share it on Pinterest quickly.

3. Buffer

The buffer is one of the demanding tools for scheduling posts in social media marketing. Sharing valuable content to your target audience at the right moment is one of the crucial tasks. It needs a dedicated team to post exactly in the peak hours and interact with the users. Buffer replaces the conventional methodologies of visiting each social media website and scheduling posts over there. It centralizes the access to different social profiles, including your Pinterest account and allows scheduling for the whole month.

The social media marketers need to craft strategies and produce content. While working with different deadlines they are unable to wait for the right moment to publish the content. So, the buffer app relieves them in sharing an image automatically at a predetermined date and time. It can cost $10 a month to start with an effective social media marketing campaign.

This is very high on the list of recommended Pinterest Tools!

4. Pinvolve

Pinvolve is yet a fresher tool, but more concerned with two social media platforms that are Pinterest and Facebook. If you like to pin more images, articles, and infographic, it is the application you need to have for your business.

Pinterest is a home of artists and craftsmen, who keep on producing appealing products. With an infographic, they can easily demonstrate the procedure or the method while going it. Let’s say, you are demonstrating the creation of homemade decoration items. Take images of each stage and make a collage, and pin it to a relevant board for an increased exposure. Pinvolve has a free version for starters, whereas a pro plan costs $9 a month.

Both the free and paid versions of this Pinterest tool are highly effective.

5. PinAlerts

The marketers need to keep an eye on the followers of his business and the rival as well. Doing it manually can take many weekly hours and frustration, but PinAlerts does it brilliantly well. Install this tool and get an email notification whenever a user pins an image or article from yours or the competitor’s website. It empowers the marketing to know which form of content is liked by the targeted users.

If you need to spy the Pinterest followers of your competitor, it is a must have tool for your marketing team. It is free to download and use.

6. Digg Digg

Digg Digg is a WordPress plugin that makes the images on your website shareable to Pinterest. It allows your readers to pin images of their interest while going through the text. This tool increases social sharing by removing the barrier of copy the link of an image and adding it manually to a Pinterest board. Let this simple application do the favor to your audience in circulating the content with the click of a button. Get social recognition and exposure, free of cost.

Free to use Pinterest tool, does it get any better?

7. Loop88

Loop88 is probably the most incredible tool for social media marketers that connect the key influencers with an active group of users. It is a heaven for the brands that need to spread a message and make it viral. A repin by an influencer equals to an unlimited number of shares, likes, and boundless exposure.

Loop88 is an impressive strategy that keeps your content in a loop by making it authentic and shareable through an influencer’s Repin. The price of this application may vary, that’s why you need to contact for a quote.


Social media marketing is a need of modern-day promotion. The conventional methods of digital marketing are still in practice, but to save time and achieve higher results, marketers do need help from the tools.

The above-mentioned tools are quite useful in speeding up content production and sharing activities. These applications also enable the marketers to enjoy peace of mind while managing pins and boards effectively to a selected group of users.

Try all of the above, learn which Pinterest Tool is best for you.