Email Marketing Benefits

7 Outstanding Email Marketing Benefits That You Need To Use

In this article, we will share the seven key email marketing benefits and why most marketing strategists prefer email marketing to other forms of marketing.

The marketing field has become more diverse in the current age; dynamism in the innovation of new technology is accredited to this. Over the years, companies across the globe have been using different marketing categories that include video marketing, sales, mobile analytics, and many more.

Even though some of these methods are perceived to be cutting edge in the marketing sector, email marketing has prevailed for over a decade by generating the highest ROI for marketers hence becoming one of the best tools in advertising and ensuring the growth of a business.

This piece will also shed light on how the experts in marketing implement email marketing effectively to achieve desired and set business goals.

With the recent push for businesses to work with limited resources to generate a highly competitive product and services for its potential clients, the need to make marketing tactical and offer personalized adverts to captivate potential client’s attention, generating more returns on investment and at the same time being cautious of the limited budget.

Email marketing has survived the test of time, it is due to this that we are going to look at some of the main reasons why email marketing has remained the most powerful tool available to the new age marketer. They are as follows:

Email Marketing Benefits #1:  Email Has a Larger Reach

Since its inception email services were adopted by many individuals, from households to corporate for sending and receiving information.

Over the years the format of information has expanded from texts to attachment of files and many more.

The rise of social media seemed like a threat to emailing services due to the numbers of masses that use them, but this is not the case.

For instance, a check on all leading social media platforms with the highest number of users such as Twitter and Facebook, they all require users to register using their email addresses.

With only this fact, the number of email account holders is huge. Adding to this, we have all joined different websites to get information like online libraries, newspaper services, and magazines all which require email addresses for an individual to register for their respective services.

Email has become a must-have tool for any individual who is online; an up and running email address is crucial.

Hence, for reaching out to potential clients and your customers, there is no effective method wider and efficient as email.

Email Marketing Benefits #2:  Email Delivers Your Message


With the correct email addresses, marketers are able to send information which is delivered precisely to the intended recipient.

Compared to social media like Facebook  for example, news feeds sent to fans rarely appear because the paid for feeds have a limited time window when they appear.

They are not delivered to prospective customers in the long run, instead of boosting profit for the brand the business faces loses on wasting funds on an effective channel.

Email account holders subscribe to adverts that they receive hence; the marketer has an explicit reach to potential clients.

Also, email adverts are governed by strict laws and regulations. For you to email a prospect customer you need his/her permission.

Take a minute to consider adverts on Facebook, do they ask your permission to market to you? That’s probably not the case. Email, therefore, is a method that ensures your message is delivered to the correct person.

Email Marketing Benefits #3:  Email Drives Conversions


Email Marketing Benefits


Marketers are more concerned with having a conversation with potential customers which might later lead them to buy the product or suggest it to other people.

Customers would want to be involved and utilize usefulness of a commodity during marketing. In order for a marketer to converse effectively with a customer, there is no faster, cheaper, and reliable method than email.

Most people would click on your website via email than on social media because email subscribers want to hear from you.

This point is boosted by the fact that, email is highly measurable. A marketer can easily check in real-time access to the advert, this is by clicks, bounces, forwards, social share, and many more.

Email Marketing Benefits #4:  Email Has a Higher ROI


Since email has the highest ability to drive conversations, it is the most effective marketing tool that generates returns on investment.

Email is the most cost-effective tool for marketing, even with its highly personalized and relevant messages the marketer incurs less cost in the long run.

Compared to social media where information in the form of status updates, are sent to individuals in different demographics, interests, and purchase history.

This is merely a shot in the dark and only a few individual will respond if the current status is according to their specification.

Email allows a marketer to be tactical in communication because most marketing strategists have information on the customers from different online marketing campaigns conducted.

The advert or message, therefore, more personalized and tailored to suit a customer’s unique preference and taste. The data include sex of the subscribers, location, prices they are comfortable with, and many more.

This helps to ensure recipients have the right information to lead them into purchasing the product/services hence increasing return on investment.

Email Marketing Benefits #5:  Email is a Preferred Communication Channel


Social media is basically used by individuals to keep in touch with friends and family, to upload and to see photos of people they care about.

Social media is generally a free for all where someone is easily distracted and may not have the time to pay attention to a marketing pitch.

Email addresses, on the other hand, are more professional because what an individual does on his/her account is his unless he shares it, that’s why individuals prefer receiving news later via their email.

With this, a marketer is ensured that an individual will give the advert his full attention once accessed since he/she will have to go through all his messages.

Email Marketing Benefit #6:  Email is an Open Platform


7 tips to Email Marketing Benefits


With the rise of social media, many companies have invested millions of money into purchasing a large social following in order to communicate and interact with its customers.

This comes with a disadvantage. After social media platforms started monetizing their adverts like on Facebook, the social media platforms regularly update search algorithms to minimize the number of followers who see a company’s post unless the company incurs cost on the post.

This is so ineffective in that most potential customers end up not seeing the post if it is not paid for. In contrast, email services are not owned and controlled by any particular entity and are generally free and open communication platforms.

Email Marketing Benefit #5:  Email Will Be Around Forever


Since the inception of the internet different social media have been available online, but let’s ask how many have survived to date? Your answer is as good as mine, very few. Therefore, the survival of social media is short term.

Email has a long stability and history, its user’s increases constantly. The email itself has developed with tools like campaign monitor that highly assist a strategic marketer, this is why building a stable long-term email list is a good investment.