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7 Key Landing Page Layout Design Tips for High Conversions

Landing Page Layout: Landing pages are usually described as page websites, which are designed to make a visitor to a website take an action.

The action that the visitor takes largely depends on the landing page layout. This is the appearance of the landing page which can either attract more visitors to convert or lose them instantly. Therefore, the layout should be outstanding.

The primary feature of a landing page is what makes it different from other websites. The goal of a landing page is to generate leads which are in most cases linked to social media or emails to convert the leads to buying customers and subscribers.

Lead generation forms and the call to action buttons are what literally convert those visitors into buyers and leads.

Landing pages become the most powerful tools used by marketers to grow leads, get conversions and grow other sales-oriented tasks such as:

• Promoting new products in the market

• Increasing the subscriber lists

• Gaining more leads and sales

• Capturing data and insights through forms

After discussing the importance and use of a landing page, you will want to know how to create your own in the best way.

The following tips will help you have the best page layout:

Landing Page Layout Tip #1: Visual Simplicity


It takes into account all the user interface elements of the landing page. Having a good and simple visual design is essential as it effectively improves the visitor focus and helps to show the proposition value.

Visual simplicity maintains a whitespace which makes the visitor focus on the call to action by ensuring that they are isolated from other elements. Also, it makes it easy for the key features of the landing page to stand out.

In addition, it displays elements in such a way that they stand out thus creating a contrast. Lastly, it maintains the design flow since it places elements in a way such that the user is directed to continue reading.

Landing Page Layout Tip #2: Start with a Great Media


A great landing page starts with a great media. When you use the right images and videos, you will have made a great step in persuading visitors to act on the call to action.

A good image will always attract more and also help to tell the story by demonstrating the product effectively. It will also act as a good way to connect with the visitor.

Displaying good images of friendly and real people and not just drawings can help a lot in gaining the trust of your visitors.

Also, images of the product and the service you offer can help a visitor to understand better what they are purchasing.

If you can be able to put in a video, you will be able to increase the activity of your visitors.

This is because it has been found out through research that videos are able to have a great impact on people compared to still images.

Therefore, videos convert more than other content as the product or service is better explained. It also breaks the monotony of long texts as the video can easily sum up all of them.

Landing Page Layout Tip #3: The Relevance of Color

Landing Page Layout

Colors are a big influence on our psychology. Mostly, they determine how we feel and act.

Good and appropriate colors can help to improve the user interface and act as guidance to the users’ behavior and in the long run, improve the landing page conversions.

Consider getting to know how to use high and low colors which will allow the creation of contrast. Create a good color palette which comprises combinations of different colors.

Colors mean a lot from the perspective of marketing. For example, green color usually conveys a message of security and trust and can be used in products related to finance. It just depends on the product.

Also, when it comes to population, you should consider that different people have different cultures which interpret colors differently.

Thus, one color that works for a certain user, might not work for another and you should consider that.

Additionally, when it comes to gender, color interpretation also varies and should also be considered according to the product.

Landing Page Layout Tip #4: Landing Page Responsive Design


It is made to provide the same level of experience on a mobile device and on a full-screen layout.

Mobile devices are becoming a major source of online purchases. Therefore, as landing pages are oriented to conversions, it is of much essence to know the potential that mobile users can be used to generate traffic.

Responsive layouts benefit the landing pages by the massive amount of traffic generated from mobile phones.

They are easy to build since they have a reduced layout complexity and also they offer content parity on the main landing page.

Landing Page Layout Tip #5: Be a Minimalist

Landing Page Layout

Try your best to maintain a clean page with minimal distractions such as pop-ups. A good landing page will always have enough information which is required to make the visitor convert. It should not have extra things which can overwhelm the visitor.

It should be simple and guide the visitor step by step until the end. Consider making the key information to appear above the fold directly to the visitor’s vision.

Also, don’t forget to put valuable information down as visitors can scroll to find out what you really have thus, you need to maintain that good flow.

Landing Page Layout Tip #6: Use a Header to Showcase your Offer Value


A good landing page should have an offer and be able to prove that the offer is valuable and not just a dispose of.

The headline and the subheadings should promote the value of the offer. The headline should give a clue of the offer and the subheadings should explain further.

Landing Page Layout Tip #7: Test your Page   


A thorough amount of testing can help you to know if the landing page is effective or not. Consider testing not only once but many times so that you know how you are fairing on.

A good page layout should always have the following:

Attractive and Concise Headlines


Usually, headlines are the first thing that visitors come across when they arrive at the landing page.

They are an effective way to engage the visitors. They will either catch the visitor’s attention or lose them immediately.

A good headline should be persuasive, catchy, brief and effectively state what importance it is to the visitor. Also, it should convey a sense of urgency.

A strong Call to Action

Landing Page Layout

Call to action buttons are the main components of a good landing page. They act as the gateway between the user and what is being offered.

For a good CTA button:

• Make it easy for the visitor to perform an action by keeping it above the fold and putting emphasis on the primary CTA.

• Use suggestive and attractive images which will direct the visitor towards the CTA.

• Make the CTA stand out by using bright colors which will bring out the contrast.

• Consider using phrases like “click now” which will make the user make the user be compelled to take action immediately.

In Conclusion…


Be clear and simple in your landing page layout. Always have an idea of what you want your visitors to do when they visit your page.

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