4 Great White Paper Examples From Smart Marketers

7 Hot Tips for White Papers Marketing

  •  White Papers Marketing can be described as a factual write-up that is authoritative and provides information for readers on an issue and offers another’s opinion on the matter to help solve a problem or make the right decision, though in business it has a slightly altered meaning.
  • They have been used to perform functions like presenting firm government policies as well as inviting both the exchange of information and its subsequent analysis.
white papers marketing

The three main types are:

  • 1. Backgrounder White Papers Marketing

    They explain technical features of a product or service. Backgrounder is best used to supplement a product launch, arguing a business case or supporting a technical evaluation.

  • 2. Numbered list

    Highlight points regarding a product or service. This is an easy way of attracting attention with new views.

  • 3. Problem/solution
    They introduce a better solution to a common business or technical challenge. Used to build mind-share and persuade stakeholders.

In business, a white paper is seen as a marketing presentation that is used as a tool to build support for a particular product viewpoint with the same being seen in governments where they can present policy preferences before introducing legislation. They are therefore considered grey literature.white papers marketing

Reasons for White Papers Marketing 

White paper marketing is geared to generating sales by promoting products, service, technology or methodology, introduce a business case, encourage potential customers and make one known to journalists, potential investors, partners, etc. and is being used a lot by businesses for marketing.

They are a form of content or inbound marketing; they are posted on the web with the main aim of raising the visibility of the particular content to increase web visibility in various search engines and by extension web traffic.

It has been argued that it would be further beneficial for solving a particular problem by presenting findings from various researches that have been done and highlight products and services from particular vendors that are considered superior for dealing with certain challenges.

    • Tips for Effective White Papers Marketing

      white papers marketing

  • -Focus on the readers’ problem. Your message should be based on their needs, then the specifics of your product or services and including how it will solve the current problems the user is facing.
  • - Copyrighting  . This is the act of selling through written word. In white papers, this is utilized but in a subtle and understated manner but without complete disregard for the persuasion element.
  • -The white paper should be written in a simple clear way. How one communicates in day to day conversations. It should not be too casual either, but be personal enough to relate to the readers.
  • - List items by drawing attention to the key contents of the paper. Long sentences and photographs should be avoided as it tires readers very easily.
  • -Provide your paper with a great and compelling title that is quick to draw attention. It should arouse curiosity and persuasion to ensure that readers look further into the paper than the provided title.
  • -Announce the complete white paper to your intended audience e.g. through email because sending them back to the homepage creates distractions. Customized pages are suitable as it gives the reader the time to review your paper.
  • -Create a great landing page. Have a brief message to further suggest why a reader would want to access or acquire your white paper.
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White papers should be promoted on various platforms. Using social media sites that link to your landing page helps create awareness of your white paper . This builds interest for the content to generate more traffic to your website and also spur awareness through word of mouth.