Instagram Landing Pages

6 Ways to Create Effective Instagram Landing Pages

With nearly 250 million active users every day, Instagram is ruling over the Social media with its wide user base and flexible UI. With maximum users, it has become an untapped resource for people to advertise their products and reach a massive audience. That’s where Instagram Landing pages come in.

Instagram landing pages wield the power in scoring a lot more leads and hits for you. If optimized in the right way, your Instagram Landing pages can be the silver lining your organization needs.

Instagram is not only favorite with the teen but also among the adult audience.

A landing page is often used in various marketing campaigns   .It is different from the website’s home page that has been constructed with a focused objective for offers.

They are designed to explain your offer in brief, yet explanatory manner and have your visitors so emotionally invested that they take an action on your page.

Instagram Landing Pages

Now, for a company which is wondering, how tough it can be to build an effective Instagram Landing Pages , you have the following  key points to consider :

Message Matching

It’s very important to keep in mind that your website delivers exactly what is mentioned on your Instagram Landing Pages. In other words, the message should match with the facilities your website provides.

Message matching, if performed wrong can destroy the reputation of your website as well as of your organization. To effectively convey what services your company provides, be precise with the message displayed in your Instagram Landing pages.

The Visual Cue

Where should you go?  94% of first impressions online are related to design. To ensure that the attention of your visitor remains at your Instagram Landing pages, you can’t give up on design. Rather you should make design your strongest point.

More visual cues should be used while designing the Landing page. Visual cues also help tremendously to drive more landing page conversions. Symbols like arrows or pointers can do a great job of directing your visitors where they want to go, which is, in fact, your website.

 Pricing options

Being upfront with your pricing options and subscription details can offer a great psychological as well as an emotional support to your customers. So, don’t miss out on this.

The Logos

Logos should look attractive and modest, but most importantly should convey what your organization delivers. To make sure that your Logo doesn’t take a lot of space in your Instagram Landing pages, run it over in A/B testing   .

By so doing you will have a visual of your future Landing page, and you can have an idea about the elements and their positions.

 Multi-Step Forms

The inclusion of a multi-step form in the Landing page provides reduced friction between the user and the converted page. This is because it lets your visitors know how many steps are involved in the signup process and that “ it won’t take more than a minute

The CTA button

The Call-to-Action button provides the direct access to the most important piece of information/action on your website from the Instagram Landing Pages.

It is very important for the designer to highlight the button in such a way that it stands out from the rest of the page. Doing so will assure that you’ll get more clicks on the CTA button than the rest of the page. That  is exactly what you want from your Instagram Landing Page.

Instagram Landing Pages

By using persuasive elements like testimonials, benefit-oriented copy, and videos to convince your visitors to convert on an offer, you’ll be getting a whole lot of traffic on your website through the landing page. As they say, options, not plans are the ways of success!