6 Sneaky Social Media Marketing Trends to be Seen in 2016

6 Sneaky Social Media Marketing Trends to be Seen in 2016

As per the report, around 64% percent of the business persons are using social media platforms as a marketing tool. They spend at least 6 hours in a week to grab the lead generation they get with the help of social media marketing.

Undoubtedly, in this contemporary era, this couldn’t be possible without certain social media management devices. Many marketers do not have any idea on how to make the best out of the social media tools.

In the approaching year, 2016, Social media marketing is going to take over most of the business marketing strategies.

Now, how do we know that? The report with interesting observations, prepared in the mid of this year, can determine where, why and how the marketers focuses on their app marketing practices through social media channels.

Let’s take a look on some of the social media marketing trends for the year 2016:

Buy Button-The Ultimate King Feature 

Surprisingly, Pinterest, after Facebook, has been reportedly regarded as one of the most powerful social media platforms for increasing the sales by 140% from 2013-14.

As Facebook and Pinterest introduced a much favored feature of ‘Buy Now’ to the marketers and their targets in this year, it is predictably creating an upsurge in the social media marketing.

Social sites like Facebook, Pinterest and even Instagram, will help the users to buy the product with one click right from the sponsored post itself.

Other social media sites are expected to follow the trend soon. This trend will become one of the strongest factors of advertising campaigns in 2016 initials.

In-App Functionality Would Go Widespread

The shift from Mobile First to Mobile Only is clearly visible. This has certainly introduced new ways to market your application, app monetization and in-app functionality being amongst them.

Facebook is the lord of including new usefulness (features). In the previous year, they've presented n numbers of aspects viz. Instant Articles and auto-playing of videos, etc. while looking over.

Different stages are working comparably, with Twitter, Instagram, and others attempting to extend their stages to a comparative degree, averting the clients from steadily leaving the application.

Anticipate that this pattern will proceed well into 2016, giving advertisers always chances to draw in with their crowds on one stage.

Social Networks- A Mirror to the Search Engines

Gone are the days, when people do web browsing for knowing the review of the latest trends.

Around 88% of the users get motivated and affected by the review (of the trend) they read from the social media posted by any random person on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and YouTube; while 87% of the audience prefer taking opinions on what-to-shop from Pinterest.

Pinterest being a great adviser on what-to-buy and what-to-ignore, attracts most of the women section, towards it, who are avid shoppers.

Instant Updates 

Unless you have, as of now hopped on the visual promoting fleeting trend, it's a high time to do as such. Motivate yourself and get prepared to demonstrate your business.

Hence, begin considering how you can influence your image with instant upgrades. The regular updates and upgrades will keep on becoming exponentially.

Visual promotion is on demand, which means more applications will struggle for users' full consideration and battle to fulfill their hunger and requirements.

Without a doubt, Facebook still does great job with keeping its users upgraded on the most recent news, however the stage can't offer instant data that live stream applications offer.

Facebook to Go Content-Based Platform

Facebook is keeping its online networking stage crisp via hunting down approaches to keep clients connected with the platform.

This has been accomplished in various ways, yet most by far identified as story related substance.

As of now, Facebook is examining its 'instant Articles' which will let the person to post content without different users leaving the site to peruse it.

We assume it to be launched in the coming years. The reaction and enthusiasm of other contenders will be exciting.

Visual Marketing

A video grab 62% attention more than an image. If you're not confident enough to demonstrate your business live, jump into the option of doing a video marketing. It is something, which you cannot miss in the coming year.

According to the above mentioned report, Facebook claims that, there is an average increase of 8 billion views per day by the user. Don't wait the year to arrive for visual marketing, start over it today itself.

2016 is on its way, and dot a month away from us. Social media marketing is predictably, going to create an upsurge in the market in the coming years.

Aforementioned are some of the social media platforms marketing trends you (if you're a marketer) need to add-in and refine your business marketing strategy list.