6 Elements to Consider while Designing Landing Page for your Mobile Game

6 Elements to Consider While Designing Landing Page for your Mobile Game

Mobile games usually don’t come with a lot of content. All they need is one good landing page that appeals to people, informs them, and triggers them to buy this game.

A landing page is where people first ‘land’ when they visit your website. Before designing a landing page for your mobile game, there are a couple of requirements your landing page should meet.

You should also have a pretty clear picture of why people should buy this game in the first place. After that, you should make sure people know what to do next and assist them as they purchase the game.

With designing a good clear landing page for your mobile game you drive traffic to these pages, hoping they’ll convert to customers. This landing page design techniques can boost your conversion rate upwards of 50%.

In all, there is no single recipe to create the perfect landing page thus you can be creative in all aspects.

But surely there are certain best practices that you can follow to increase your chances of converting more of your visitors but not a single magic formula to success. So get inspired by these 6 mentioned elements, and start working on your own page.

1. Try to Include a Video of the Game Play

Video provides a passive engagement medium where visitors can experience your message with little effort. They have a similarly dramatic impact on the way content is consumed, resulting in lifting your landing page conversion rates.

The length of time people stays on your page, increases and due to it, the trust factor is raised significantly.

Try short and long versions of the video to demonstrate and use directional cues within the video to point your visitors to your landing page’s conversion goal.

You can put together promotional, educational or instructional videos of your game and have them embedded in your landing page. Trailer or teaser videos work fine as they show gameplay thus it is a very quick and easy way to acquire information.

2. Always get some HD Screenshots

To gain more screenings for your game you need to indulge visitors further with additional game visuals. A row of scrolling screenshots is a great way to display the page real estate. Screenshots further should be made standard with bolder and beautiful marketing graphic.

3. Embed the Subscribe Button with every Game for Sending Updates

This a new feature that should be included in your gaming page as it enhances your fans an easy way to follow your game’s progress. It not only provides updates on your game but affords you a more personalized method to promote any future developments.

This type of triggering your visitor’s attention gives momentum to the growth of more subscribers and also creates a sense of recognition on your site. Just keep the matter simple and focus on what’s most important.

Afterward, make everything else accessible once people have decided to dive deeper into your site. Make sure your headline is strong, engaging and accurately describes what your game is about it would be very helpful in your progress.

4. Keep Invite a Friend Option on the Landing Page

Social sites are an extension of your marketing team as it invites new fans in your sack.

Good landing page design is about making it easy for your fans to spread the word and placing social media icons or invite your friend options at the top of the page gives easy accessibility to your customers.

5. CTA Button is Highly Important to Incite Action

Call-to-action button is an important tool of great landing page design. It represents the action you want to direct visitors to your site pages and compel to perform the desired action.

It’s a nice thing to help them reach their goals quickly and importantly engage in a certain activity on your site. Make sure you offer enough clues to guide them towards your desired action.

6. Share Testimonials of the Gamers

By injecting customer Testimonials on your landing page you help visitors build trust instantly. Try not to make your testimonials too hyperbole. Encourage real users to contribute with real testaments.

The Bottom Line

As everything digital can be experienced within a web interface there are no limits to your creativity so it is necessary to offer at least some level of realism considering the advanced pages of mobile games.

Giving people the feeling that you have nothing to hide, and that you are not tricking them makes you more trustworthy.

With all these aspects introduced in the landing page of your mobile game, undoubtedly increases the potential of your game and simplifies your marketing campaigns.