eCommerce Backlinks

6 eCommerce Backlinks Tips to Robust and Dominate in Your Niche

Building eCommerce Backlinks: if you’re an online marketer or just a company with a website, then you must have heard or know how effective the use of backlinks is.

They are a way of driving search engine traffic to your website. They do this by directing users to your website.

Search engines do have algorithms put in place to rank these links in terms of popularity and relevance of the websites. This is the hard part as you will need to build not just backlinks but those of high quality.

Commercial websites find it more difficult to generate new links compared to other content-based websites.

If a site leans more towards commercial purposes and looks less like blogs, then they also face these difficulties. This puts e-commerce websites in the category of sites that find it harder to generate links.

eCommerce Backlinks

There are ways specific to e-commerce websites that may increase backlinks to your site and have you rank higher on Google. These can also work for new blogs.

eCommerce Backlinks Tip #1: Creative Design and Content


How appealing is your design? Is your content relevant? The answers to this question make up the first step towards link building.

Before you start reaching out to other websites or assessing your competition, make sure that your website is of good standards. Great designs tend to attract people more, standing out from other websites.

Content also matters a lot as it is what will lead to natural links in future. The content should sell itself to the viewers.

Have more detailed descriptions of your products and shift your focus to provision of value to the client. The visitors should be able to see how their problems will be solved by your product.

Also give the visitors an easy time by ensuring simple navigation without technical issues and with interesting content and enough information.

Having all this ensures that the traffic driven to your website converts into sales, thus achieving your goals. Once this is done, you can then proceed to link building.

eCommerce Backlinks Tip #2: Study your Competition


Where else will you get the best links if not from sites that actually have new links already?

Looking into your competition and their backlinks allows you to not only source fresh links for your site, but also to source only links within your niche. It lowers the field of research for you, giving you more relevant sites to choose from.

There are tools that allow you to see and keep track of your competitors’ backlinks. You can use these tools to come up with a list of potential websites that you can link to.

Remember to do more research on each link to ensure it is of high quality and not a spam.

Once you have a comprehensive list, do what needs to be done to replicate those links, such as reaching out to bloggers and creating your own links where the link is automated.

This may be a lengthy activity, but it is a sure way to earn links and rank high on Google.

eCommerce Backlinks Tip #3: Blog Acquisition


eCommerce Backlinks

You can purchase some blogs for very little cash, less than what you may pay to get some high end links.

Buying blogs gives you control over the content published there. You can use this newly acquired control to promote your website on the blog. Blogs that have been abandoned can be purchased.

The good thing about this particular practice other than giving you control over the blog is that it allows the blog to get its own link profile, thus making the backlinks that lead back to your website stronger.

It also gives you a new platform to advertise your products. Having control over it means you also control who can get links from the blog.

Purchasing of blogs is a smart way for you to build relationships with other bloggers who would otherwise not be interested in the commercial website.

This creates opportunities for building fresh backlinks for your website. Such purchases are long-term investments for your business

Finding and Running Abandoned Blogs

a) Conduct some research where you search for blogs that have not been updated in a while, such as in the last two years.

b) Make a list of the blogs that are within your niche.

c) Contact the bloggers who run the blogs to make your offer of purchase.

d) Make a deal with the blogger.

e) Make payments.

f) Host the blog differently from your e-commerce website.

eCommerce Backlinks Tip #4: Partnerships


Forming of partnerships with large brands is a great practice in building backlinks.

You may do this by donating to charities, joining associations or contacting manufacturers as well as your dealers. Getting links from these brands would propel you to a higher ranking.

Getting these links is not hard as all you need to do is find the pages with the links, especially for manufacturers and dealers. Since they already work with you, they may put your link up together with the rest at your request.

For charities and associations, you can search for them, and donate or join, such that they recognize you. Charities tend to link those who have donated so you may acquire your backlink that easily.

These links tend to be very strong and may set you apart from competitors such that search engines rank you higher. With this in mind, ensure that you put more effort into obtaining them.

eCommerce Backlinks Tip #5: Celebrity Endorsements


eCommerce Backlinks

Celebrities tend to have a wider reach than what you would have. It would be a good idea to work with them and tap into the market that they may reach.

You will need to put in work so as to reach a celebrity and create a relationship with them. Remember that they get approached all the time and may have very busy schedules.

Having a great product that the celebrity would like is an advantage to get them to promote it. You may also pay them, according to your budget. To get celebrities, you can:

a) Search for those relevant to your niche. For instance if you run a sports wear store, you may look for influencers in the world of sports.

b) Find their social media profiles as most tend to be very active on these platforms.

c) Choose which one to approach depending on the products they promote, their personality and their reach.

d) Create content tailored purposely for that specific influencer.

e) Reach out to them with your idea to get them onboard and promoting your content.

Be unique in your approach and content, so that you stand out from competition, and get the attention of the influencer. Make it hard for them to ignore your attempts to reach out to them.

This practice is quite delicate, yet being able to get an influencer to promote your product may lead to large traffic and many conversions into sales. People tend to follow what influencers do, so do tap into this opportunity.

It takes effort and patience to build backlinks for e-commerce websites, especially at the beginning.

Do not give up, just push on; use the strategies discussed above and slowly, you will start to build a successful campaign. With time, your efforts will bear fruit.