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6 Content Curation Tools To Make Your Landing Page Rock

The ultimate goal nowadays for a product is to find the right market and Marketing tools to release it out.

You all know the effort that sales require in a market. You need a designer to brand either the product or your service. Of course, you must generate a client list, to extract it from a market research based on what you sale.

Then, you have to take the next step: cold calls, email, thank you notekeeping warm with the potential clients…and continuing with the further steps.

Well, even reading the above sentences, might make you skeptic on the cost, before even starting it.

You might use this process, which is totally okay for a big business, which have the work capacity and the appropriate number of employees to finish your tasks, even though all the big businesses at the end of the day, should definitely land on a landing page.

On the other side for a freelance is the ideal tool to skip costs, to save time and lunch its service in the web-market without big effort.

You have a landing page and you just want to improve. Than please let me introduce you to 6 content curation tools to make your landing page rock either you have it or you want to create one from the scratch.

1. Features and Design (Befunky)

  • Background

The first impact that a clicker gets from the landing page is the background. If there’s nothing to captivate the sight, there’s no reason to stay there.

The background should be strong, the image or color should easy create a direct contact with the visitor and be designed and fit to your product.

Try not to create confusion between the product and the purpose of it in order to keep it clear and simple.

  • Headline – Formatting

We don’t want to bore the visitor by adding a lot of reading materials, long headlines and detailed descriptions of the product.

What we need is a concise slogan, by paraphrasing into just a line what is needed to be catch.

It’s very important time to time, to check it, measure it’s impact to the visitor, and why not, try to change it time to time, or if it works stick on it.

Give to it a color, an attractive formatting with a visible size fit nicely to an eye contact.

Keep in mind that formatting is the tool that you should pay a lot of attention in each button, video, picture, writing you may add during the improvement you want to make to your landing page or while you are creating it.

No worries if you don’t have a clue on how to do it, there are some real professional templates out there which you should check.

2. Pop out your product (Onespot)

Market a product campaign. Show diligent attention to your failure and to your success and learn out form them.

Don’t plug out what didn’t work, just try to improve it by gaining trickle traffic and SEO value. There is no need to delete your page, just keep it somewhere there, once you are ready to put it live again, than do it.

There are some great markets out there, and resources which will help to channel the product in the right market, it’s an all chain of tools that helps to generate new contacts.

You never know what leads may generate or had previously; just don’t forget to measure its impacts

Speaking about measurement, let’s jump to the following step.

3. A/B Testing: (Landerapp)

It’s important to keep a track on what works and what doesn’t work on a landing page! Become a conversion geek with A/B testing.

In order to curate the content, it’s required to know where the curation is needed. If you have some budget, than eye tracking can give a lead where people are looking.

If you need to know, what people are mostly clicking than jump into software to do that for you.

Having a testing infrastructure allows either alternating a design or implementing a feature, and see what performs the best on it.

Test the graphic design, the image, the main messaging on how clients wants to reach the product, trustful resources, free gifts, minimize the amount of fields that the customer requires to fill.

Try to keep everything simple and easy and analyze its reaction. Finally but not least, if there are new brainstorm ideas and goals, refined them continuously and test them always.

4. Get Leads! (Pipedrive)

At the end of the day, the one and only reason, why is needed the curation to rock a landing page, is to generate contacts.

There are some great tips which will help to increase your landing page conversation rate.

From a simple button, with an urgency line or a free pdf trial that to the visitor will be useful and smart, is the possibility to get his contact information which in future or right away might be your costumer.

Keep care, it's very important not to lie to the customer, not to miss lead them into something totally else of what you promise in the begging.

Provide facility that doesn’t bother the visitor, like volume controller or mute button on an added video which is being promoted. Respect other people works, don’t copy paste images or picture from Google, try to be authentic.

The relationship which is required to be built is a long term relation. Collect users’ information, make their commitment easy, don’t jump into direct sell or force the visitor to get your product.

Don’t forget you need more strong and continuing relation! It’s easier to transform visitor into customers.

5. Mobile Version of Your Landing Page(Dudamobile)

Everyone is using ios or smart phone.

It’s a need for the landing page to fit in those devices, it is needed an access to it, it should just happen.

You increase the number of followers, limitless in time zone and present whenever the visitors are and need the product.

6. Customer Testimonial (Getfeedback)

Your product is out there to offer a service, in order for you to get one. Knowing your client needs is what will help you and your clients.

Highlight their comments, work hard to make them your best tips for the effective approach and service toward them.

Supporting an online service 24/7, or creating a space dedicated to them, to write a complimentary e-card and what’s the best their notice and comment. They will be your best curator!

Landing pages are worth to put some effort on them, in order to profit the incomes. Keep notice what is changing and being developed out there and create the right path to put them alive.

It never stops here!