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6 Outstanding Examples of Education Landing Pages to Copy

When creating education landing pages, the form content should be easy to understand. Longer forms with ambiguous words will reduce the readers’ interest and many of them will simply click away.

Your main aim should be to grab their attention and keep them hooked to the page as much as possible.

This article will discuss some successful education landing pages examples to help you improve yours by making necessary adjustments.

Below are 6 examples of the education landing pages

Education Landing Pages Example #1: Oregon State University

Education Landing Pages


How they effectively used the various landing page elements

Sub header - Oregon State University used an eye-catching and attention-grabbing sub-headline. ‘’Earn a top-ranked degree online and advance your career,’’ arouses curiosity and entices the readers to read deep into the page.

Testimonials - They included testimonials from other students. This is mainly aimed at providing social proof and boosting trust and credibility.

FAQ section - It is customized such that it answers any question from the reader. This helps them to make quick desired decisions.

The U.S News Badge - Just like customer testimonials, boost trust and act as support proof that the university actually delivers what they promised in the subheader.

More than 45 programs - They indicate that they provide at least 45 online degree programs. This provides a reader with many options to choose from. You cannot miss what fits your needs from the many options they provide.

Shortcomings on their landing page

• Their headline is not clear and does not coordinate well with the subheader or the form content. It simply reads ‘’ Be your best,’’ this leaves a reader with many questions such as, being best at what? This can discourage the students from reading other parts of the page.

• The call to action button is not so much attention-grabbing. A clickable button with value-driven words could work magic in their lead conversions.

• They used an irrelevant image. For Pete’s sake, the page is about education. An image of someone studying online could be more appropriate.

• The page appears crowded and not so enticing. What about adding more white space?

• The many links at the bottom are not necessary and are very distracting.

Education Landing Pages Example #2:  Arizona State University

Education Landing Pages

How they effectively used various landing page elements

Headline - Their headline is relevant, clear and straight to the point. ‘’Degrees that are going to make you a better educator,’’ is more informative enticing.

Image – The image of students studying online is not only relevant, but its location is also appropriate.

The ASU Logo - They do not provide hyperlinks in the logo, this limits chances of the readers clicking away from the page due to lack of exit button. The final result is a higher conversion rate.

The accreditation badge - this acts as proof of credibility and ability to deliver the best in the nation.

• Bullet statistical reasons for enrolling in their program is enticing and easy to digest.

Shortcomings on their landing page

• Both the form color and the teacher’s shirt are yellow in color. This makes the form less eye catching and attention grabbing. A different form color could make the form stand out and entice more readers to take the required actions.

• Adding the phrase, ‘’Education Reforms’’ at the top right serves no important purpose. If anything, it only makes the page crowded.

• The Second level CTA button is not so enticing to take actions.

Education Landing Pages Example #3:  Liberty University

Education Landing Pages

The elements they used well:

Video – The video is short and clear. It provides a tour of the university.

The multi-level form - You are able to see your step as you progress. The form is short, uncomplicated and simple to understand and fill out.

The arrow visual cue - They use the arrow to guide the reader’s eye through the steps.

Click to call a phone number -This ensures that visitors can ask questions and get answers immediately from the phone call. It speeds up their understanding and undertaking actions.

Privacy policy - They provide privacy policy to assure the students that their personal information will not be used elsewhere. This boost trust and confidentiality.

What they did not do right

• They did not personalize the call to action button and doesn’t entice people to take the next actions.

• They have the campus view as their background image. This is not really necessary. It is an online course and students will not even spend time at the school facility.

• Navigation links give exit button and the readers may just click away before taking actions.

• Their testimonial lacks credibility since no human picture is included.

• Many copies make the page crowded and discouraging.

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Education Landing Pages Example #4: Grand Canyon University

Education Landing Pages

The elements they used well

• Their copy is relevant as it talks about the benefits of registering for a technology program with the University.

• The headline is relevant and blends well with the copy, sub-header and the content.

• The form is short and easy to complete.

• The customized form title, ‘’Get more info,’’ serves the purpose of a call to action.

Their shortcomings

• The CTA purple button color is not so enticing since they have used it multiple times in the other parts of the page. The CTA button should be made to pop out.

• The white copy in the purple background is not so good for the eye. It makes it difficult to read the copy, thus reducing lead generation rates.

• The image is not clear. It somehow gives mixed feelings.

Education Landing Pages Example #5: Kaplan University

Education Landing Pages

The elements they used well:

• The image of a smiling lady reassures the visitors and entice them to click the call to action button.

• Their page design is readable and eye-catching owing to their effect page layout.

• They give statistical reasons for joining the university in the copy.

• They have a military friendly badge at the bottom, reassuring readers that it is an excellent institution for military training.

What they did not do right

• They included navigation links on their form, making it easy to exit the page.

• The ‘’ request information,’’ button is vague and leaves the reader with a lot of questions. It should be customized into something like, ‘’send me Kaplan fee structure.’’

Education Landing Pages Example #6: Capella University

Education Landing Pages

The landing page elements they used well:

• The copy is short and only capture relevant information about their degree program.

• The image is futuristic and shows the readers what they will achieve after successfully completing their online education degree.

• They incorporated drop-down menu in the form. This simplifies conversions compared to the manual typing to fill out the form.

• The Capello logo helps to grab the attention and focus of the readers since it isn’t hyperlinked to the home page.

Their shortcomings

• The headline makes no sense because of the grammar mistakes. This leaves the reader confused about the seriousness and credibility of the institution.

• Their ‘’Cancel’’ button serves no purpose. It makes no difference clicking the cancel button before you fill out any information.

• The main navigation menu at the bottom is distracting and gives reasons to abandon the page.

Here is one more example: mnsud2l



From the education landing page examples, we advise that you test the elements to know which element combinations would work best for your case.

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