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5 Ways Modern Landing Pages Can Make You an Online Marketing Expert

Have you ever wanted to be an online marketing expert? Have you bookmarked half a dozen blogs of your favorite internet marketing heroes? Do you devour every article they publish word for word?

Maybe you’ve read everything they’ve written about the importance of design and copy, A/B split-testing, reporting, and why you need an effective landing page to convert your online visitors into customers or leads.

But no matter how much you read, how many courses you take, and how much you try to do yourself, you just can’t seem to know as much as these gurus.

Becoming an online marketing expert is hard. The good news is technology has come to the rescue.

Modern landing pages have built in this expertise for you; all you have to do is learn what’s available and how to use it.

There are actually 5 essential elements of online marketing expertise that a good, modern landing page platform should have so you can become an instant expert.


1. Different Templates To Meet Different Campaign Goals

Not all online campaigns have the same goals. If you’re a direct marketer your goal is to sell a product as quickly as possible.

Or you might be a B2B marketer and you want to get your prospect to sign up for your newsletter or download a white paper.

There are many different conversion goals you might have as an online marketer, and each landing page must be different to make each campaign effective.

Modern landing page platforms provide different templates that fit your needs. They also enable you to edit them and make them your own without the need to know HTML or any other programming language.


2. Monetize Your Social Media Campaigns

Social media marketing has become the "hot thing." But the sad fact is most companies have gotten really good at driving up their Facebook fan page "likes", but haven’t figured out how to actually drive real business.

The key to monetizing your social media campaigns is to get your fans to actually get off of your fan page, Twitter feed, or LinkedIn group so you can sell to them, or at least get them to give you their email address. The real selling happens on your landing page. Landing pages, as you know, are optimized for selling or converting. Social media is optimized for….socializing.

Modern landing pages have built-in integrations with all the major social media platforms, so you can share your landing page on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google +, and get your fans, followers and connections away from the “party” and into your sales funnel.

3. Split Test Like a Pro

The smartest marketers keep getting smarter because they keep testing and improving their online campaigns. You’ve also heard that Google Optimizer is the tester’s favorite tool. But when you tried to use it you realized, like thousands of other online marketers, how hopelessly complicated it was.
You literally had to be a genius to learn how to use it.

Modern landing pages have built-in multivariate and A/B split testing tools that are easy to use and quick to implement. They allow you to test on any variable you want, from on-page graphical elements, to copy, size and color of call-to-action buttons, conversion forms, and many other variables.

They also allow you to see reports in real time so you can adjust your landing pages if a campaign isn’t going the way you expected.

4. Integrate Into Your Company’s CRM System

The life of an online marketer is pretty lonely. You’re out on your online marketing island, while the traditional marketers are on the “inside track” of your company.

Not any more.

Modern landing page platforms easily integrate into most CRM systems, including, SugarCRM and others. The data you can start feeding into your company’s CRM system can actually make the slogan “Single View of the Customer” come true!

5. Become a Reporting and Analytical Expert

Has your boss, or your boss’s boss, or your client, ever asked you to prove that your online marketing campaign is actually working? Are they skeptical that online marketing can actually work in their industry?

Did these questions make you uncomfortable because you didn’t have an easy way to show just how well these campaigns were working?

Modern landing pages now come with built-in reporting and analytical tools so you can show, in detail, how the online campaign is going. You can print out reports to deliver to your boss, or export them to Excel or PowerPoint to email to your clients’ management team who are scattered across the country.

Most importantly, you can view these reports in real-time yourself so you can tweak a failing campaign. When the campaign has taken a turn for the better, you can develop the report that shows how you turned the campaignaround. Now that’s showing real expertise!

Your Next Steps

Modern Landing Page Platforms can turn you into an online marketing expert almost overnight.
But not all modern Landing Page platforms are created equal. Some require you to actually know HTML, and some are not as easy to use as they claim.

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