5 tips to maximize CRO on your landing pages

5 Tips to Maximize CRO on Your Landing Pages

Nearly anyone can create a website landing page, but there are crucial elements that should be included to improve conversion rate optimization. Boosting CRO requires actionable use of a great deal of data and some key design components.

Here are some ways to turn an average page into a high converting landing page:

1. Test, Test, Test

5 tips to maximize CRO on your landing pages

CRO best practices require nearly constant change to keep your website relevant for users. To pull this off, you need to conduct regular A/B testing to ensure your landing pages are working the way you want them to.

CRO can't function in the dark. Testing keeps you on track and can help you make necessary adjustments along the way.

2. Put SEO Before CRO

5 tips to maximize CRO on your landing pages

Conversions are irrelevant unless your landing pages are getting traffic, which is why search engine optimization should always factor into your strategies, according to Groove Digital Marketing.

Problems with CRO can lead to many other website issues, so you need to address the root cause: SEO.

For example, difficulties with CRO may not be from a lack of conversions; they could be from no traffic. You need to know where traffic is coming from to make adjustments to CRO strategies.

If your business can't maintain revenue at your current traffic rates, you need to increase your focus on SEO.

3. Make Your CTA Very Obvious

5 tips to maximize CRO on your landing pages

This one may be a no-brainer, but you can't increase conversions without directing website visitors to the next step. Calls to action need to be designed to command attention and eliminate any ambiguity about what potential customers should do next.

From a design standpoint, the button needs to contrast with the background color of the landing page, it should be large and the placement shouldn't interfere with the user experience, Wishpond stated. It's also important to consider the wording of the CTA.

Defining the action through the word choice often drives conversions. Good examples include "Start my free trial now" or "Download my copy now." Vague wording - such as "submit" - may not have the intended effect on conversions.

For the sake of reducing ambiguity, it may be beneficial to only use one CTA per landing page.

4. Highlight the Benefits for Viewers

5 tips to maximize CRO on your landing pages

Marketing and business as a whole are becoming increasingly more customer-centric. People are only interested in engaging with companies that offer tangible value.

Because of this emerging trend, you can see better conversions if you place text that highlights the benefits of your product or solution right above the CTA or on the button.

A quick rundown of the value can pique leads' interest and make them more likely to take the action, subsequently boosting your conversion rate. This also has the effect of strengthening visitors' connections to your brand.

5. Use a Shorter, Simpler Lead-Capture Form

5 tips to maximize CRO on your landing pages

Landing page forms are essential element of CRO. However, some websites ask visitors to fill in too many fields for the sake of gathering more information to guide future marketing efforts.

While this can give marketers more data to work with, it's a leading cause of form abandonment, quickly sinking your conversion rates. As a form best practice, you should only ask visitors for the information you absolutely need to get in touch with them again at a later date.

Asking complicated questions can scare leads away as well.

While you may think dropdown menus make forms easier, they can actually be more frustrating for visitors. A maximum of three fields can increase landing page conversions.

Happy Marketing!