Restaurant Landing Page

5 Outstanding Restaurant Landing Page Tricks You Need to Know

As you well know by now, a landing page is actually a stand-alone page found on your website. This page is usually created for a specific purpose which is to build your customer base. As a restaurant that has gotten onto the digital marketing and sales platform, you can utilize your restaurant landing page template to collect contact information and addresses from your prospects which you can then use marketing your promotions.

When you reward your customers with promotions such as coupons, special deals on meals, contests etc. you make them feel appreciated and thus strengthen your relationship with them.

Having an effective restaurant landing page is very important if you would like to get people to convert and increase the amount of business that you are currently getting.

If you do not want the hustle of creating your own landing page from scratch, you can utilize the landing page template that Lander has to offer.

Restaurant Landing Page Ideas That Are Sure To Work


There are several add-on components necessary on the page, apart from the expected information like meals offered, prices, specials etc. Add the following to the landing page to make it work better:

Restaurant Landing Page Tip#1: Special Events Contact Form


If your restaurant offers special events packages, then this page is something that you must have.

Special events usually earn a lot of money for restaurants and thus you cannot afford to lose clients just because you do not have a landing page that they can use to fill out details of their orders.

Having an effective, special event, the contact form will enable you to keep in touch with the client and get information about any other upcoming special events that they may have.

This form should have a minimum of 5 questions to allow you to get a clear picture of the special event in question.

Ensure that you capture the prospect’s contact information first before asking more detailed questions.

Restaurant Landing Page Tip#2: Reservation Page


This is a page that every restaurant should have. In the event that you have branches of your restaurant in different locations, you should feature each restaurant separately on your reservation page where the client can choose where to dine and then get redirected to the reservation page where they can fill out their details.

Restaurant Landing Page Tip#3: Selling Gift Cards

Restaurant Landing Page

If your restaurant sells gift cards, you should create a landing page for it. Gift cards are very convenient for both the customers and the restaurant as they are a quick an easy sale.

You can give prospects the option of having their gift cards emailed or mailed to them. Include a different form for each mailing option on your page to make it easier for the prospect to know what information he/she needs to fill.

Restaurant Landing Page Tip#4: E-club and Loyalty Program Sign up


This is a page where your loyal customers will get rewarded with various deals, coupons, specials etc. you can create an email club where you can capture prospects contact information which you can use for marketing purposes.

The email club capture form must have a field for name and email address. Always remember to keep your form short and simple so as not to scare prospects away.

Restaurant Landing Page Tip#5: Franchise Opportunities Landing Page


If you are a restaurant that is open to the franchise business, then this is the page for you.

Franchises have helped numerous restaurants to expand their businesses by enrolling the help of qualified individuals to run a newly opened unit.

This landing page will give the opportunity to get new business contacts. The form you use on this page needs to ask prospects very important questions such as their background, financial status, experience etc.

How to Optimize Your Restaurant Landing Page Template


It is not enough to design, create and upload your landing page- it must be equipped to work effectively by incorporating features to ensure that it is well optimized for maximum conversions.

The following are great strategies for optimizing your restaurant landing page for best results.

Use High-Quality Original Content


Ensure that your restaurant landing page shows everything visitors need to know so as to choose to eat at your restaurant.

You should make sure that you use your own original and legit information. Make sure you share the following details on your landing page: map, menu, open hours, phone number, address, coupon offers, and reviews.

Strongly Focus On the Main Message


Ensure that you emphasize on the main message in your restaurant marketing campaign.

Make sure that you never stray from the focus of the landing page as this may lead to your prospects getting confused and abandoning your page.

Effective Storytelling


If you want your landing page to be effective and perform even better, you have to maximize the use of storytelling.

You should share some positive reviews from people who have tried your restaurant and were pleased by what they received.

Ensure that you provide additional directional cues to guide prospects to continue interacting with you by providing links to your restaurant’s social media pages.

Include a Unique Value Proposition

Restaurant Landing Page

You have to share what sets your restaurant apart from your competitors. You should share high-quality graphics such as videos and photos that showcase the best features your restaurant has to offer.

You can list all the unique features and benefits that our restaurant has to offer for prospects to easily scan.

Make your Landing Page Mobile Friendly


Most of your customers will probably access your landing page from their mobile devices.

This makes it paramount for you to make your landing page mobile friendly. If you want people to make conversions and increase your business, they will need to find you first.

Not making your website and landing pages mobile compatible will reduce your SEO rankings on search engines and thus people will not be able to find your page easily.

Have a Compelling CTA

Restaurant Landing Page

This has been said before and we shall repeat it for emphasis, your CTA is the most important element on your landing page.

You have to make sure that users can easily see it when they land on your page. This can be achieved by making it visible and using copy that will grab the prospect’s attention.

The Call to Action tells users what you would like them to do when they land on your page and thus it should be your main aim to get them to actually take action.



If you had not yet created a landing page for your restaurant, now is the best time to take up this challenge and do it.

Stay a step ahead of your competitors by getting your restaurant online and making it easier for your customers to get in touch with you by having an effective landing page.

The tips discussed here will enable you to create a landing page that will generate quality leads for your restaurant and increase the revenue that you are getting.

Do not forget that you can always count on us to create an effective restaurant landing page template for your business at an affordable price.

Thank you for taking to read this. I hope you found it helpful.