Launch Landing Page

5 Secrets of a Successful Launch Landing Page

A launch landing page is a registration page intended to prepare customers for a product that is not in the market yet.

A great eye-catching landing page is an assurance of traffic in your site. Are you unveiling a new product or service in the market?

We will create for you an impeccable tool for increasing traffic and making your products and services go viral before they hit the market; a launch landing page template.

You may be asking yourself what a landing page is and why you should have one, well; this article provides a rigid and well-elaborated material that is meant for you.

To start with, a landing page is a webpage that is sandwiched at the entry of a website. It gives a hint or rather what you might expect on the entire website.

Landing pages are usually used to convince users to subscribe to your products and services.

Kindly keep watch as we dive into the unsurpassed observes designed to make your launch outstanding.

Sweet Talk your Customers in Prior


It is wise to share to share your cooking ideas with potential customers before you purchase a domain or set up the launch page or even begin calling up for an employee typical choice agreement.

Basically, this means hammering up friends at your usual areas such as the coffee joints, streets, etc. this is literally the lean startup principle of “moving out of the office” and endorsing your idea by talking to real people. Give them your time and your ears and try to explain what you are up to.

Everyone you share your ideas with should walk away bearing something in mind, that you understand their deficiency, you are devoted to resolving it, and are taking their circumstance with the seriousness it deserves.

By doing so, you are setting up the foundation of a great customer relationship. Impose the correct questions, give them time to speak and jot points down.

By first sharing your ideas with able customers you will be able to:

• Unravel the actual problem

• Break the problem down into simple and solvable issues

• Get a glimpse of your expected market

• Guide the opening course of your company

What to Include In a Launch Landing Page


The following are some of the things that should not miss in a launch landing page:

1. Screenshots

Visuals demonstrate the functioning of your site. They improve on graphics and animatronics, hence creating an eye-catching site.

2. Link to extra content

You may decide on including a blog, a press release, a pre-launch video or any other thing that describes your services and products.

3. Invite list

This is the most important section. It allows you to fetch the emails of the interested people. It also gives a glimpse of the amount of traffic that is in your site.

4. Social media profiles

Launch Landing Page

This provides links to follow your products and services in all your social media pages.

This is the most important section. It allows you to fetch the emails of the interested people. It also gives a glimpse of the amount of traffic that is in your site.

To attract traffic in your site you ought to follow and abide to the following tactics and tips in your launch landing page.

Launch Landing Page Tip #1: It Is Not Too Early


It is of great significance to set up your pre-launch page early. Use it to gather feedback and come up with a mailing list. Probably you don’t want to waste a lot of time in building and marketing your product and every so often, a simple approach is the most operational one.

There are a lot of websites and companies out there that can help you come up with a launch strategy.

Lander is a market leader in the provision of landing pages fit for your business and for increased lead generation.

Launch Landing Page Tip 2: Offer Detailed Information As Much As You Can

Launch Landing Page

Perhaps, you’ve come across a pre-launch landing page for a startup site that is only made up of a logo, single sentence and an email subscription form to “get a notification when the product is launched”

Meek and undetailed landing pages might attract a few people to sign up in your mailing list but it is also not an assurance that they are potential customers.

This is simply because; they don’t have an idea about what actually your product is. Their subscription may have been instigated by the fact that, they only wanted to get a hint of what it is you were going to launch. Literally, this is the content of a landing page.

Yes, your product in real sense does not actually exist yet. Be truthful about that. But give a cool explanation and highlight the main problem and the solution you are trying to offer, and what benefit your customers are going to receive from your anticipated project.

Prompt your value proposal plainly and articulate your ambition and agenda precisely.

Those who come across such a detailed launch landing page and willfully subscribe to your mailing list are more likely to become your able customers because they have a hint of what they are hoping to benefit from your services.

Launch Landing Page Tip 3: provide valuable material and information


Your launch landing page shouldn’t only provide information about what you are selling. You can also use it as a platform to educate and enlighten your audience. This gives them something to think and care about.

Go a step ahead and mentor them about the forces that drive you towards what you do. Let’s take an example where you are planning to launch a desktop app.

You could take in a  about customer satisfaction statistics related to organizations having a customer care desk system, as opposed to those that don’t have.

Launch Landing Page Tip 4: Give Out A Valuable Thing


When you get into the shoes of a potential email subscriber, you will realize they need to receive some sort of value that they need to sink their teeth into if they were ever going to be obliged to sign up.

For example; if you are going to unveil a premium icon set, you could consider providing a subset of it away for free to those who subscribe to your mailing list.

If you are writing down an e-book, you could email your mail subscribers the first three chapters to provide a taste of what they should expect.

Engage yourself and do a lot of research into these resources and focus them on the topic that your aimed customers truly care about.

If by any chance it is something that truly has an impact on their lives, they will want to put their hands on it.

Launch Landing Page Tip 5: Regular Touching


It is very awkward to sign up in a given site then stay for months without getting any notification. 9 months later you receive an email from a name you don’t recognize with the subject line “we’ve launched”.

Chances are very less you will remember the company. This calls for regular notification to your email list subscribers about your products and services.

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