5 landing page elements to raise funds for a startup or small business

5 Landing Page Elements to Raise Funds for a Startup or Small Business

When first entering the business world, startup companies look for ways to raise money for their concepts and overall enterprise.

Many businesses have found that creating a landing page is a smart method for gathering funds.

Yet, a successful landing page must have certain essential features to engage an audience and entice them to give money.

Here are five elements that are necessary in the development of profitable landing page:

1. A singular Call to Action

A company that is using a landing page to collect funds for its purposes should designate one goal for the website, according to Network for Good.

Clients should know the reason they are contributing due to the page's specific call to action.

Focusing on a singular CTA draws more attention to the intention of a business's request. Clients will feel less pressed for cash if they are aware of the cause going into their visit to a landing page.

Multiple CTAs can distract viewers and make clients less inclined to donate funds to a startup.

2. Mobile Responsiveness

In today's world, 63 percent of cellphone users use their device to go online, according to a study by Pew Research Center.

As a result, it is becoming increasingly important for a website to have mobile-responsiveness, including landing pages.

Visitors who open a company's landing page on their phones may decide not to donate to a startup if they have difficulty seeing the website.

Frustration can cause potential contributors to give their money to another purpose.

Mobile responsiveness is an essential feature for a successful landing page.

4. Clean Layout

A successful landing page requires attention to detail and conformity in its design.

The website is a representation of a company's character and mission, so the layout should be clean and uncluttered.

Clients will be more trusting of a business if the arrangement is cohesive, thus contributing funds to support a small business that seems reliable.

Layout includes selecting the right imagery for the landing page. The photographs chosen should be personal and showcase the positive aspects of a company's goals, Network for Good advised.

4. Concise Copy

If a donor is visiting a business's landing page, chances are strong that the client is already aware of the reason for giving money.

Therefore, a successful site, while displaying some content about the startup and the funds' purpose, should be as concise as possible.

Companies should limit the amount of copy that is visible on their landing page to keep the visitor's attention.

Any irrelevant information should be cut from the page to avoid distracting the contributor.

5. Measurement of Traffic

Companies want a large audience to visit their landing page to contribute funds.

Businesses will have to invest serious time and dedication to make the landing page appealing to donors, so it's vital to have a tool that will measure the number of people who are not only seeing the page, but giving money.

Installing a software like Google Analytics or Bitly allows businesses to track conversion goals and rates, geographical data and witness results in real-time, according to Crowd Crux.

Establishing a measurement tool helps companies see what areas of the country and what types of marketing they need to improve upon to see more favorable outcomes.

Creating a landing page to raise money for a startup or small business requires many important elements to make the site successful.

A clean design, tight copy and direct CTA helps a company retain its audience and interest them in giving for a strong purpose.