Opt-in Page Examples

5 Outstanding Opt-in Page Examples that Really Work

Opt-in Page Examples: Traffic conversion is an important stage in any marketing strategy. It is the point where you make actual sales and get returns on your investment.

As a brand, you need to effectively optimize your page to get value for your investment. We will show you opt-in page examples and the essential elements you must include on your landing page.

Examples of opt-in pages

Opt-in Page Examples #1: Fansbooster’s “Content Marketing Explained”

Opt-in Page Examples

Why this opt-in page is effective

• The headline is clear and strategically located at the front and center and above the fold.

• A simple sub-header that explains the value of the offer.

• Relevant background image and a cleanly designed page with landing page essentials to indicate professionalism and authority.

• Encapsulated form copy properly separates the form and focuses attention on lead generation.

• Short-bullet points value section on the left to show you what you will get.

• A contrasting and customized call to action button with a green color that contrasts the blue and white background.

Opt-in Page Examples #2: Mainstreethost’s “How to Conquer Social Media”

Opt-in Page Examples

What makes this opt-in page optimized

• A clear and strong headline which uses value driven words and triggers the reader’s emotion.

• An excellent paragraph below the headline describing the offer of the eBook and its values.

• The length of the book is well balanced. 32 pages are comprehensive enough and do not overwhelm the readers. You are informed about the eBook size early enough to allow you to make your preferred decision.

• The features you will learn from the eBook are prominently featured, with skimmable titles for you.

• A contrasting call to action button. It alternates between red to orange.

• Aggressive subscriber pops up in the form asking people to select “No, I don’t want to learn how to grow my business” to opt out of subscribing. It is an ironic statement to encourage you to subscribe to the eBook.

We highly recommend the little feature of turning the CTA button to a different color when the visitor’s cursor hovering over it.

Opt-in Page Examples #3: Wrike’s ‘’Guide to Online Marketing’’

Opt-in Page Examples

Why This Opt-In Page Is Good:

• One call to action located above the fold and another one is located above the fold. This gives several ways to take the required action.

• The images create authority and a sense of professionalism.

• Simple to comprehend language communicates the value of the offer without overwhelming the readers.

• The Wrike tagline and the social proof elements (“brands we’ve worked with”) boost trust and credibility.

Opt-in Page Examples #4: Infotap’s “Marketing Strategies for the Mobile Startup CEO”

Opt-in Page Examples

Why This Opt-In Page Is Good:

• The page is short with a simple call to action.

• The content target individual roles which give the specifically desired leads.

The images are in the template. You can easily scan down or add titles and get the professional design you want.

Opt-in Page Examples #5: Altitude’s “Integrated Marketing Essentials”

Opt-in Page Examples

Why This Opt-In Page Is Good:

• Directional cues to guide the reader’s eye and avoid confusion.

• The page is unique and original, making it better than the other related pages. It uses a unique image to stand out from the crowd.

• The headline and call to action button are clear making it easy for you to take the required action.

Opt-in Page Examples #6: ClickConsult’s Marketing eBook’’

Opt-in Page Examples

Optimization Elements on the Page

• Long source copy can be good, especially when you need a lot of information from your readers. Here, the call to action button is far below the fold.

• A lot of white space on the left. This distracts attention from the rest of the page.

• The main navigation menu and contact information at the bottom of the page do not contrast with the main call to action button.

Tips for Creating an Effective Landing Page

Remove the Main Navigation Menu


Remove the main navigation from the page so as not to distract and confuse your visitors. This will keep them longer on your page to perform the intended tasks leading to a higher conversion rate on your page.

Use Customized and Logical Default Tokens


If you consider personalizing your landing page with smart tokens, ensure that the default ones are customized and logical in the places they are used to avoid embarrassing set-up contents such as ‘’Hey FIRSTNAME’’

Be Consistent


Match your headline with the CTA to boost trust and confidence on your offer. It will also eliminate confusion on your page.

Keep it Simple


Use simple and easy to understand words. Avoid cluttering your page with unnecessary words to eliminate distraction, confusion or overwhelming your visitors.

However, you should take note of the value of your offer and get the right balance.

Also, consider the kind of information you need from the visitors to qualify for conversion on the landing page.

Explain the Value of Your Offer


Use a few bullet points or short paragraph to highlight the value of the offer. Don’t just concentrate on listing what the landing page offers.

Instead, briefly and clearly describe the specific value of your offer, emphasizing on the solution the offer gives by taking into account the needs and interests of your visitors.

This will entice the readers to take action. To achieve this:

• State your offer in the headline

• Describe the value of your offer in the sub-header.

• Use bullet points to highlight the features of your offer.

Encourage Social Sharing


Include social media sharing buttons and links for your audience to share your content with their social media friends.

Be specific and only include buttons for the social platforms used by your intended audience.  Providing a sharing button will increase the social network for your page.

Create More Landing Pages to Generate More Leads


Increasing the number of your landing pages will increase your leads. You should, therefore, invest in an easy- to- use landing page creation tool, create more offers on your page, twist your offers to fit particular needs and re-purpose your contents.

You will expand your target content and therefore command a large number of visitors on your page. Remember to test the different elements to know which elements are more effective for your business niche.

Customize the Submit Button


Avoid using the term ‘’submit’’ on your form button as much as you can so as not to make people shy away from performing the required tasks. You can instead opt for statements that relate to values to be achieved in return.

“Get your brochure kit’’ is an example of the statements you can opt for instead of the generic ‘’submit.’’ Ensure that the button you are giving is big, bold, and colorful.

Reduce Anxiety with Proof Elements


People tend to resist giving out their personal details due to spam related issues. To counter this, add security features to your landing page to eliminate visitors’ anxiety. These features include;

• A ‘privacy’ message that indicates that the visitors’ personal information will not be shared

• Security seals, a BBB rating or certifications for sensitive information.

• Testimonials or customer logos to leverage social proof and reinforce credibility.



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