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5 Best Landing Page Practices For Boosting Conversions in 2019

Have you ever come across an online store called Yuppiechef that deals with kitchen tools? They achieved 100% conversions just by removing the navigation menu because it was way too distracting for anybody who visited the page.


While running a business online, landing pages are the most crucial governing factors for conversions. As far as possible, do not distract any visitor who lands on your site from clicking on your CTAs.


Isn’t it nice to know that some of the tried and tested best practices can help you make your visitors do what you want? Here are a few of them lined up for you:


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Avoid visual distractions


The average attention span of a person in today's digital world is 8 seconds and it is getting shorter by the day! So, it is on your shoulders to minimize the amount of text or display only what your visitor consumes. Nobody is interested in reading a lot. So, keep your copies concise and the descriptions precise. Write as much as it is required to convey your value proposition clearly.


Best landing page maintains an attention ratio of 1:1. For those who do not know what attention ratio is, it is - "the number of options that visitors have on a page to the conversion goals" (or the ratio of the number of things people can do to the number of things you want them to do)


Ensure that your landing page includes only what you want your prospect or visitor to do i.e the list of intended actions they must take. Anything which is not serving this purpose is a distraction. Extra links, navigation bars, social share buttons are also a distraction on the landing page. So, keep a check on them as well.

Stay relevant with content and craft eye catchy headlines


The content or the headline you choose to put out there must catch your audience’s attention and lead them to take an action.

Craft headlines that can drive conversions by motivating your visitor, at the same time by giving them a good enough reason to take action.  Create headlines by using relevant keywords that can help optimize your pages for search engines.


Add relevant videos


Using relevant or instructional videos always encourage visitors on the page to spend a while longer on your page. Now, you will gain more time to convey your message and convert them. Videos can be used with an intention of sharing more information regarding your brand, product or service. Keep it short. If possible, keep it to be about 30 secs. Adding CTAs in the video is now trending. Utilize it to your benefit.


The speed at which your page loads matters


Your landing page has to load at a lightning fast speed. Else, you have already lost your visitor or prospect, which means you have lost your chance to convert.  It is very important to reduce the page loading time because slow loading time frustrates a potential customer and could make them never want to visit your site again.


Leave white spaces with proper formatting


The best landing pages are visually appealing. We can't stress enough about how clutter distracts your visitors. White spaces always aid better readability and add to the visual appeal. Ensure that you use enough white space between the elements on your landing page with proper formatting. Use bulleted lists for features or benefits and use headings and subheadings to make your text easy to read.


Key Takeaways

A/B test different versions of the landing page and add CTA buttons by referring to your brand color palette as a part of best practices. Follow the above-mentioned tips to optimize your landing pages in all cases.

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