4 Ways to Humanize Your Landing Pages

4 Ways to Humanize Your Landing Pages

When designing landing pages, companies have many goals in mind. It's easy to get swept up in these objectives and the numbers and figures that go with them.

When this happens, often a human element of the creative process is lost.

Yet, to truly engage with customers, landing pages must have some sort of personal appeal. It's crucial for developers to humanize these sites as a way of attracting more clientele to the enterprise's mission and sales funnel.

Let's take a look at four ways to do humanize your Landing Pages:

1. Create a Strong Brand Strategy

Since a landing page will be seen by many viewers, it's difficult to personalize it for every new customer who happens across the site.

However, an approach that is simple, cohesive and relatable can help the page seem more personal. A business's brand strategy combines enterprise values, consumer personas and art direction into one streamlined vision.

This theme will carry over from landing pages onto other marketing materials, like email newsletters.

With a collective design and attention to the personalities of potential clients, companies can create pages that will attract and captivate audience members.

2. Make a Joke

How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice! Sure, it's a cheesy joke, but it's also harmless and displays a brand's ability to be humorous.

While some companies may be cautious to poke fun at themselves, comical and interesting content can make a business seem more relatable.

Most of the time, wit tends to be unexpected. Small bits of comedy are a smart way to engage customers and even surprise them.

Showing the enterprise doesn't take itself too seriously shows the relationship between company and buyer will be engaging.

3. Focus on Copy

Written content is a landing page element that tends to trip companies up. Businesses want to be professional, but often tend to lean toward more technical copy.

Jargon will only turn viewers off. Instead, marketers need to focus on creating a visually appealing layout of personal content.

This way, landing page developers will know the language will be easy to understand and relatable to the general audience member. Strong conversions are the result of personal prose and engaging copy.

4. Utilize Video

While consumers are interested in learning about a company's mission, many are often curious about the people behind the product or service being offered.

Additional information regarding how the item was developed or how the business was created can go a long way in making a landing page feel more human.

A smart way to increase this feeling is to use video, according to Entrepreneur. The recording shouldn't be long, but give consumers a taste of what they are interested in buying or some behind-the-scenes action.

When possible customers see a real person behind the idea, it may make them better able to relate to the brand itself. Most often, it's not company's' intention to be relatable to their audience.

Sometimes, it's just not knowing how to create that easygoing, familiar presence while also providing valuable information.

While meeting business goals is important, the most successful landing pages make potential consumers feel welcome and appreciated.

To increase the humanity of a brand through these sites, enterprises should utilize video, infuse humor, create a cohesive brand strategy and develop content with understandable and fun language.