Could These Four Problems Be The Reasons Your Landing Pages Aren't Converting?

4 Reasons Why Your Landing Pages Aren’t Converting

Your email marketing... your social media... your SEO/SEM... you can have all these cogs in your online marketing machine well-oiled, moving along smoothly and performing as they should. But even if you do, your online marketing results can still tank. How?

They can plummet if your critically important landing pages don't pull their share of the load, if they don't convert! Just like a chain is no stronger than its weakest link, your online marketing campaigns will be weak if your landing pages are not “dialed in”.

Today, let's take a look at some common problems that can cause your landing pages to not give you the results you need from them. Let's also look at some solutions to these problems.

Are Your Landing Pages Not Converting? 

Then you should check out  these common mistakes that could be the reason why your Landing Pages are not converting.

1. Lack Of Proof To Back Up Your Marketing Claims

Reasons Why Your Landing Pages Aren't Converting: Lack Of Proof To Back Up Your Marketing Claims

Buyers today are often very skeptical about claims made by marketers. They have been bombarded with lies and ridiculous claims that have no evidence to back them up. Marketers can say anything they want about their products, and many do.

What happens then is that honest, ethical marketers like you and I pay the price; our prospects have been burned before by unscrupulous marketers and they naturally distrust all marketers.

When we make a claim about how great our product or service is, their first thought is often something along the lines of “Yeah, right! Whatever!” Because they've been hammered so many times by incredible claims from dishonest marketers, they demand proof that you are telling the truth.

So give them proof. Show them concrete evidence that backs up the claim you make about your products. At the very least, offer testimonials from your very satisfied clients.

Testimonials can be very powerful, especially video testimonials. But even if you don't have video testimonials, here are some concrete steps you can take to make your client testimonials much more convincing and persuasive:

  • Include a photo, preferably a professional headshot of the person giving the testimonial.
  • Include the testimonial giver's full name, job title, company name, city and state. Think about it: what's more believable, “Bob Smith, Manufacturing Manager, XYZ Industries, White Plains, NY” or “Bob S”?
  • Use testimonials that have specific numbers that quantify specific results. Which testimonial are you most likely to believe:

“It was awesome!”



“The consulting services offered to my company by Apex, Inc. have helped us save 35.7% on production costs and, by following their advice, we have tripled our marketing ROI.”

2. Boring, Unpersuasive Copywriting And Written Content

Reasons Why Your Landing Pages Aren't Converting: Boring, Unpersuasive Copywriting And Written Content

Because this blog has several articles that talk in detail about how to produce the written words that help you convert shoppers into buyers and buyer into repeat buyers, we won't offer a lengthy copywriting “how to” here.

But just remember this: if the copy and written content on your landing pages is focused on you, your company or your products instead of on the reader, his problem and how you can solve that problem for him, it will likely cause your conversion rates to plummet.

If the copy and content on your landing pages is difficult and hard work to read, a large portion of your readers will quit on you, and you'll lose business.

So make your copy easy to read by writing at a basic level – you're writing a sales message, not a formal academic paper. Write short sentences and paragraphs, and include plenty of white space. Focus your message on your reader, not your company or products.

A Word On The Importance Of Headlines 

In copywriting and content marketing, headlines (subject lines or titles, where appropriate) are crucial. In your email marketing, on your website, on your white papers and on your landing pages, headlines matter. You can have the greatest piece of copywriting ever, but if your headline doesn't capture your potential reader's attention and make him want to find out more, he'll ignore the written message you've worked so hard to produce, and you'll lose sales opportunities.

3. Your Landing Page Forms Require Too Much Information

Your Landing Page Forms Require Too Much Information

A lot of people on the web, especially in a buying situation, are hyper-concerned about privacy and security. They also are often worried about being pestered by a salesperson who won't take “No” for an answer.

They typically don't want to give you a lot of information about themselves, and will often quit the conversion process rather than give you data they think of as too personal for that situation. So don't ask them for any more information than is absolutely necessary to convert them.

Is your landing page conversion goal to get them to join your email list? Require only their email address and maybe their first name. As they move through your funnel and begin to trust you more, you can gather more information about them.

Is your landing page conversion goal a full-blown e-commerce sale? Even then, only require the information you absolutely need. If your customers feel like you are being too obtrusive, you may cost yourself the sale.

4. Your Landing Page Images Aren't Relevant To Your Conversion Goal

. Your Landing Page Images Aren't Relevant To Your Conversion Goal

In marketing, first impressions matter. Graphics and images have a huge impact on the first impression your potential customers gather about your marketing. Your images may very well be the most important part of your landing page's design. The right image can add momentum to your landing page's conversion efforts. The wrong image can stop that momentum cold.

A Very Common Online Marketing Mistake You Must Avoid!

At lot of marketers, maybe out of ignorance or laziness, put generic “stock” photos that have ZERO relevance to their marketing message on their landing pages and other online marketing locations. Why? Is it to take up empty space? Do they think that including these types of pictures will make a positive difference in their conversion results?

Regardless of why “they” do it, don't you do it! Include only images that are directly related to your written marketing message. And use custom, high quality images, not a cheap, bland image you got from a stock photo website. And using your very best copywriting skill, remember to include a written caption for each image you use.

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