4 Main Black Hat SEO Tactics to Circumvent

What happens when a business needs to survive against severe competition in the market? It opts to take shortcuts for becoming visible to customers. No doubt, shortcuts can assist an entrepreneur in enjoy. Many perks, but sadly he/she might have no idea about the loss they could face. Similar is the case for web owners who try to manipulate their site’s ranking in search engines. 

SEO techniques are meant to make a website on the top position in search engine result pages. While black hat SEO tactics also take a site on a high rank. But these are regarded as unethical practices that are totally against the search engine guidelines. Therefore, you need to know which practices are defined as black hat SEO. How they should be put to an end before it’s too late. In this post, we will discuss some black hat SEO tactics. So that you could prevent your site from losing its worth and rankings. 

Purchasing Backlinks

We all are well-versed that backlinks in webpages act like signals to search engines and plays a vital role in getting them a high rank. Many webmasters have a misconception that a large number of backlinks. It can help them in achieving top positions, which urges them to purchase backlinks. However, search engines like Google strictly prohibit the selling and buying of backlinks. If a site is found with purchased links by search crawlers. The search engines will drop their rankings or might even deindex it. 

Therefore, it’s essential to get rid of purchased backlinks to avoid hazardous circumstances. You can use the backlink checker tool to figure out the purchased links contained by your website. You can reach out to those sites whom you’ve paid for backlinks. And ask them to remove. The tool mentioned before can also assist you in making. Sure that the sites you’ve requested have removed the backlinks.

Stuffing Keywords

Keywords are defined as search queries that are entered by the searchers in the search engines. Many people perform keyword overstuffing by flooding their sites’ content with irrelevant keywords so that their sites could get a high rank and more visitors. There was a time when keyword stuffing had a positive impact on the page ranking, but things have changed, and Google tends to provide a better user experience. 

Therefore, it’s essential to produce and upload high-quality content and use keywords naturally. The main focus of a content creator should be on providing useful content by applying the keywords that cover your topic. 

Poor Content

Many webmasters are willing to save costs that should be paid to content writers for getting valuable content. Instead, they opt to publish content by duplicating it from other sites. Duplication is a black hat SEO technique that provides no value to the visitors who are willing to read something unique and of high-quality. Apart from duplication, misleading headlines or titles of the content is also a deceptive technique for getting a high rank for your site. However, you should know that Google keeps on updating its ranking algorithm, and it’s penalizing the sites with poor quality content. 

Thus, it’s essential to create original content that would save your site from penalties, and you’ll also see a significant improvement in its organic traffic.


In simple words, cloaking refers to showing different pieces of content to search engines and visitors. This technique is used by webmasters to rank their site for terms that don’t actually relate to their content. For instance, a searcher entered “Different species of sharks” in the search engine, and your site popped up on the front. But when the user clicked on your site, he/she found that the content on your site is related to “aquariums.” 

This strategy is common among spam websites, but it’s totally unacceptable. Hence, it’s mandatory to provide the same content for users as well as search crawlers so that your site doesn’t delude any visitor. 

Wrapping Up

Instead of applying black hat SEO, webmasters should try to achieve a good ranking by implementing white hat SEO strategies. The white hat SEO strategies might be time-consuming or costly, but they would be ethical, and their results would be long-lasting. When using any of these strategies, look at how some of the greatest SEO companies are doing them and try to recreate their work to gain a better grasp of how SEO works.