4 inventive inbound marketing ideas to create leads

4 Inventive Inbound Marketing Ideas to Create Leads

If your company normally relies on outbound marketing like TV and radio advertisements, it's time to switch up your strategy.

Inbound marketing lets your audience find you and creates valuable leads for your business.

Of course, there are many inbound marketing methods that attract customers, but to find additional leads, your enterprise has to think outside of the box.

Here are four creative inbound marketing ideas that generate more leads.


This practice, although not used as frequently, is a smart way for future customers to find out more about the goods and services your company offers.

To succeed with this strategy, it's important to be proactive by reaching out to your audience.

Collect research on business and leadership organizations that would benefit from your business's expertise and contact associations about the possibility of mentorship or your willingness to engage in an open forum or public speaking event.

Prior to the scheduled appearance, send the organizers information on your company and the material you'll be covering. Following the speech, direct listeners to your website for additional insight or hand out your business card.

Encouraging continued contact can make attendees more apt to seek your services.

Paid Social Ads

If your business has some extra money in its budget, pay-per-click ads generate revenue and leads for your company.

Social media sites, including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are all offering the service now. Remember: each platform has viewership of its own and requires a unique strategy.

Make sure you're aware of the demographic for each social media site and that your company creates advertisements that are relevant to that group of people.

Keep track of what methods work to determine the best plan of action for your marketing campaign.

It's important to choose the site that best fits your audience, so you can create leads that actually have the potential to become customers.

Develop a Quiz

Little tests have become increasingly popular, especially since Buzzfeed hit the scene.

It's hard to scroll through social media and not complete the quizzes peers post, especially if the sharer cited his or her own results.

Not only is the quiz interactive, but it encourages people to spend time with your brand. The average pace of a online test-taker is two minutes and 17 seconds, according to Qzzr.

Prospective customers devoting even a short amount of time your quiz can generate interest in your company and result in potential leads.

Create a Loyalty Program

Everyone loves a perk, so design a rewards policy that benefits both employees and customers.

Your company's workers can sometimes be an untapped wealth of leads, so encourage your people to share information about your business's goods and services through any avenue that suits them.

Some may be more savvy at social media, while others may prefer email promotion.

Either way, employees can pull from their pool of friends, family and acquaintances to bring in new business. Incentivize workers with rewards that will be of interest to them, like an extra vacation day after a certain number of referrals.

It's also vital to use your current crowd of clients to find new leads.

Send a quick email following the completion of a service or along with the shipping of your company's product asking for feedback and rewarding customers with a percentage off their next purchase.

Offer additional rewards if patrons share information about your business with their peers and include a "referred by" option on your website or purchase page.

Inbound marketing can generate many worthwhile leads for your company, especially if you think creatively. These four methods will help attract new customers to your business, while also engaging and rewarding current clients.