4 inventive content distribution methods to engage customers

Innovative Content Distribution Methods to Engage more with Your Customers

Businesses are looking for ways to transform and alter their content and the way it is sent to their leads. Old methods are becoming so tiring and uninteresting to potential customers, that it is forcing businesses to come up with new and innovative means of sharing information.

Your business needs to find a way where it not only reaches new audience, but continues to  engage your current client base while helping you remain competitive with your opponents.

Here are the content distribution methods which your business should try:

Make good use of Queries

Prospective clients frequently visit websites like - Google, Yahoo Answers and Twitter, to make various inquiries.

Companies can utilize these sites properly by following three steps:

  • Find people whose questions can be solved by the business's content
  • Answer those inquiry and including an enterprise link for further information and resources.

By doing this, your businesses can gain potential customers' trust first before promoting your own products and services.

In addition, your business must be active on  sites on a regular basis to truly be successful. A noticed presence is sure to draw leads back to your company's website.

Repurpose Old Content

To get the most out of the material you've produced, look for an effective way to reuse the content across multiple mediums.

Distributing repurposed information is a cost-effective method for engaging current and new leads, as well as revitalizing useful information.

Spruce up the data and reshare it, making it specific for each platform. Focus on updating evergreen and well-performing content.

Old, ‘how-to’ blog posts can be transformed into white papers,e- books and podcasts, while slideshows and data-heavy presentations can transition into infographics

Use distribution methods that have proven successful in the past or never-before-used techniques to re engage quality customers and interest new leads.



Connect with readers by utilizing a site prospective leads frequently use. While many businesses have social media profiles on outlets including Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is a relatively new method.

In the platform’s  influencer program, members can self-publish, syndicate and distribute content to followers.You can share content currently on other mediums via LinkedIn or prepare brand new materials for the site. Also, distribute repurposed information via the outlet, as a way to give potential customers another, fresher perspective.

LinkedIn is people-centric, so it would be beneficial for your businesses to post as an individual instead of the brand itself. By doing this, enterprises can build trust and add extra value to their posts.

Employee Sharing


Worker referrals are a commonly successful advertising tool, so why wouldn't the same be true for employee distribution of content?

This action is not a new idea, but could encourage your company’s personnel to share relevant materials with their friends and family by offering an incentive.

You can monitor the progress over time using this circulation method and nurture these leads by focusing on your personal connections to the business, according to Inbound Marketing Agents.

Humanize your product, build an engaged community. Leverage your customers' stories - they are your best assets to bring a story to life. Get to know the very engaged customers and engage them as brand advocates, specially for media opportunities, events or highlighting their first-hand stories and experiences with your brand. This portrays authenticity and hence better conversions.So continue engaging your audience and convert leads