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4 Effective Strategies for Recycling Old Content

Anyone who owns a website of any kind and does regular and frequent updates knows how hard it is to publish great content everyday.

Let’s see 4 effective strategies that will help you recycle an old content and make use of it in the smartest way possible.

1. Use Your Popular Article And Spin/Rewrite Them

Have you ever had an article that is extremely successful? Like a list or some old content that was shared and adored.

Well, use it as an inspiration or use it as a base to write new content. One example could be adjusting the content to speak about modern and contemporary topics.

Additionally, you can convert that content into series and a sequel.

Continuing a content or a story and linking to your old article would also bring a lot of traffic to that particular articular. In that way you will achieve your mission in both ways.

2. Create Stories or Graphics With Some Old Great Content

You have created a guide or a great article few years ago. There was a lot of data involved in it and it earned great response, shares and critical acclaim.

It doesn’t mean that the post needs to die. With other words you may use that data, and make a similar content converted into graphics.

The infographics are a great and attractive way to present data and content in the best way.

What’s great about the infographics is that they are shareable and liked! So you will be getting some great engagement as well!

3. Literally Rewrite Old Articles and Make Them Better

I’m sure you wrote some content fillers in the past. Maybe the topic was great, but you just wrote it so you can have a post for that day or week.

Thus, revisit your old content, and if you find some interesting topic, take the article, rewrite it and make it better.

At the end of the day, you can’t do yourself harm, and you can create something great for something that was already there.

4. Transform Articles Into Presentations or Ebook

You have a category on your website that is filled with great and meaningful content? You can use that as well creating a presentation, videos or ebooks from those articles.

Let’s say you have great articles on Influencer Marketing, you can recycle that old content, arrange and organize it and make it in a form of an e-book.

Creating an ebook, especially if the content is really good is a great way to get more subscribers, new visitors and to increase authority in your niche.

Final Thoughts

These are 4 smart techniques, but there are many other ways to recycle old content. You just need to be creative and things can go in the right direction.

However, one thing you must do is to never forget your old content! It can bring you a lot more and take your website to another level.