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3 Ways to 2X, 3X (or even 4X) Your Conversions and Sales

I know it’s painful to see, people leaving your site without signing up. As you are working really hard to increase your conversions. So, you deserve a handful amount of conversions.

But, the truth is your conversions are going down. And you need to address the problem.

So, I’ve got something interesting for you:

The 3 out of the box ways to increase your conversions and sales. Want to know more, just dive in.

1. Reversing the Funnel

One of friend Adam, once built a great plugin. And he started offering the plugin for WordPress users for a monthly cost of $5.

His setup was something like this:

He first added a signup form then asked the visitor for payment details and finally delivered the plugin.

But, this idea didn’t trigger because he was relatively new to the market, and nobody believed on the credibility of his plugin.

Then one day, he did some tweaks to his site and within just a few weeks his conversion rate grew up by 106%.


Because he reversed the funnel. First, he asked the visitor to enter URL and then he shown the audience the look and working of plugin, in their website. And finally, he asked them to fill signup form and payment details.

After reversing the funnel, Adam was able to gain the credibility of the visitor as the visitor is now convinced with look and feel of plugin.

If you also think that your funnel is not working. Then, Reverse it. Show the audience solution first and then demand for payment or email address.

Just like themeforest does by show the live preview and screenshots of theme.

3 ways to 2X, 3X (or even 4X) your conversions and sales

Just like Amazon does by showing the insight of eBook.

3 ways to 2X, 3X (or even 4X) your conversions and sales

2. User flow

When I was starting out as a blogger, I thought that design matters very much.

So, I designed really great looking landing pages, used great themes and written great posts. But, still it lacked conversions.

The bounce-rate was high and user engagement was almost nil. My landing page looks somewhat like this:

3 ways to 2X, 3X (or even 4X) your conversions and sales

Then, I started looking at my site as a user. I noticed that, My webpages were not having any flow.

They were building interest. But, interest gets broken, as soon as the visitor reaches at the end of the page. Because they have to take a decision, right at the end of the page.

So, all in all flow of visitor is getting broken.

This problem taught me one important lesson. And it was,

Design flow before designing pages.

A good user flow somewhat looks like this,

Links from SERP Links from PPC Ad Link from Homepage
To Landing Page To Sales Page To Product Page
To Confirmation Page To Payment Page To Cart
To Thank you Page To Order Confirmation Page To Payment Page and finally invoice.

Designing flows is not harder, you can also get the idea from your competitor site.

And also, make sure that links to these pages are in most visible parts of the site.

Here’s what I am talking about:

3 ways to 2X, 3X (or even 4X) your conversions and sales

Noticed, how studiopress included link to sales page after listing every feature of Genesis Framework.

By doing this they are surely driving lot of people to sales page and thus made Genesis most popular theme, leaving behind Thesis.

3. Upsell a Product for 50% More

I know this sounds weird to upsell a product.

But, it works.

Because if, you’re able to convince people to make sale you can push it further to increase your profits.

Also upselling opens the gate of huge profits to your business.

But, upselling needs not to be a witty process. It helps you also and customer also. Here’s an example,

Think back when you were buying IPhone, you went to shop owner purchased the Phone, SIM card, and even Screen Guard, Flip cover or Case cover.

Also, you have taken a protection plan, and of course Internet Plan.

All in all you bought many important things with Phone, which are required. And with this shop owner also managed to get good amount of profit.

And here’s another example:

Ever registered a domain through Go daddy, let’s see how many products they try to upsell you.

3 ways to 2X, 3X (or even 4X) your conversions and salesAnd there’s more

3 ways to 2X, 3X (or even 4X) your conversions and sales

Here’s the list of things they try to upsell you:

1. Private domain.

2. Website Builder

3. Hosting

4. Email

5. And, Matching Domains.

And that makes 5 attempts to upsell. Now, see how important all these 5 things are for you. Also, if anything is important then it’s likely to get more conversion and sales.

If you cannot upsell 5 things, try to upsell at least 1 thing to increase your profits.

Here are the places, where you can try to upsell:

  • In the web-app as an upgrade.
  • During checkout (Best working upsell strategy)
  • During interactions with customer support.
  • After 2-3 days of sale to help them.
  • While renewing the product.

How These Methods Worked for You?

I want to know, whether these methods worked for you or not? If, not, then which other methods you implemented to increase your conversions and sales.