3 Tips for Generating More Qualified Leads

Getting the right number of qualified leads is a challenge for many marketing teams in the business-to-business sector. Attracting the best prospects may come down to the lead generation methods you're using.

Here are some tips for generating more qualified leads:

1. Revamp Your Landing Pages

3 tips for generating more qualified leads

High converting landing pages have a major role in lead generation. Reducing the amount of text on the page is the first step to refining your website for lead generation, according to ClickZ.

Studies have indicated that people spend very little time actually reading on the Internet, so condensing the copy as much as possible can get visitors to the call to action sooner.

Bullet points are great for improving readability. You can also link to other pages on your website so people can get more information if they're interested.

The call to action is crucial for meeting the goal of any landing page. A simple page layout can actually bring more attention to the CTA. Images shouldn't distract from the CTA, so placement is really important.

Although other links can be helpful, it's important to consider the offer and context of the page. It may be beneficial to make the CTA the only clickable element on the page.

A/B testing can help you determine which approach is more effective.

2. Use Video

3 tips for generating more qualified leads

Video has skyrocketed to popularity in a fairly short amount of time. It's one of the most effective ways to engage potential leads, and using video on a landing page eliminates many of the concerns about placing text, images and the CTA.

Originally, marketers used video to raise awareness and increase interest in complex products, but now it's more widely used for lead generation, The Content Standard stated. Many B2B buyers are watching videos to learn about business products. This is an excellent way to connect with people who may be unfamiliar with what your company does.

Video is so effective because it's different from the average lead generation tactics.

Marketers have nearly limitless ways to present their solutions to potential customers. Plus, video makes it easier to describe a complex product offering in a shorter space time while maintaining a higher level of comprehension from viewers.

Since people tend to skim the text on a landing page, this is a great way to make sure the benefits of your product stick with leads. You can convey a great deal more in 30 seconds or a one-minute of video compared to someone reading copy for the same amount of time.

3. Revamp Your Forms

3 tips for generating more qualified leads

Forms are essential for lead generation, but difficult to get exactly right. A best practice for forms is to only ask for the information you need to reach leads in the future, Jake Baadsgaard said.

Sometimes just an email can be effective, especially if prospects are downloading gated content like an e-book or white paper. Based on the content they downloaded, you can send them related information via email. As you build a stronger relationship with leads, you can ask for more information.

Although we've already discussed landing page CTAs, a form needs its own call to action. Conveying a sense of urgency can increase the completion rate.

Forms can work best when there's something in it for the lead, like a free trial, for example.

Implying that people only have a certain amount of time to redeem this offer can cause them to take action right away. Sending a short email immediately after someone fills out the form ensures the lead won't forget.

What are some lead generation tactics you use on your website? Tell us in the comments!