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3 Reasons to Incorporate Video Into a Landing Page

Landing pages and videos go hand in hand. Video is quickly becoming a widely popular form of content marketing, especially in the business-to-business community. Why are videos so effective?

Well, videos can condense a larger amount of information and this can improve viewers's retention of the content, as well as creating higher levels of engagement.

Visual content is more exciting to interact with. According to Social Media Examiner's "2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report," 70 percent of marketers plan to focus on creating more visual content resources for their prospects.

Infographics, memes and videos are all highly sharable on social networks, allowing you to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

The study found that Facebook and LinkedIn were the most important networks for marketers, and it's easy to share videos on these platforms. Facebook even has an auto-play feature for all videos as users scroll through their news feeds.

Still not convinced that video is an effective marketing tool for your page? Here are some reasons to consider video for high converting landing pages:

1. Video Has Multiple Functions

Aside from engaging website visitors and increasing information retention, video raises brand awareness and improves lead generation efforts, Marketing Land point out. In addition, this tactic is valuable for lead nurturing efforts in B2B marketing.

Most prospects won't be ready to buy right away, but you still need to engage with them so they recall your brand when they are closer to making a decision.

Video can work during multiple points in the sales cycle and it's a versatile medium. You can use videos to give brief product demos or for customer testimonials, which can build prospects' trust. In fact, the same videos can be used for more than one purpose during the buyer's journey.

2. Video Saves Time for Prospects

Key decision-makers don't always have a lot of time to read in-depth content. It's much easier to take a few minutes to watch a short video. This channel enables you to make a strong case for why customers should choose your product in the quickest amount of time possible.

In addition, you can connect with people on the go. As smartphone technology continues to evolve, it's easier than ever before to watch a video from a mobile device. In fact, mobile is expected to gain an increasing share of video plays in the near future.

With video, you can reach customers at any time. It's also more cost-effective than traditional television ads because companies can produce and host compelling videos on their own.

3. Video Will Soon be the Most Important Content Marketing Tactic

Citing data from Cisco, The Guardian reported that video will account for 69 percent of all consumer Internet traffic by 2017.

Instead of digging for information in a search engine, many people look up a video to quickly learn how to do a task. This means brands that don't offer videos on their websites are missing a valuable opportunity to engage with prospects.

Video integrates easily with other channels, which is why it's a great complement for a well-designed landing page. One of the biggest challenges in designing a quality page is condensing all the important information into the smallest amount of text possible.

Video eliminates the need for a lot of text on the page so you can focus on conversion. Like a landing page, an effective marketing video needs to have a strong call to action at the end.

What are some of the ways you use video on your website?