Incentive Marketing Campaign

3 Incredible and Successful Incentive Marketing Campaign Ideas

Incentive Marketing Campaign: Marketing involves many things, including doing research, selling and even customer service.

It is used to ensure that the goods and services of your company are promoted and sold in the long run.

Incentive marketing is one of the methods that yield good results. There are many incentive marketing campaign ideas that you need to know so that you ensure that your marketing is a success.

It runs on a simple principle in which a customer gets rewarded when buying a product or a service.

This is a very good and efficient way to encourage the customer to come back for more and even tell others about the benefits of what you are offering.

You may be Asking Yourself, “How can I Make this Happen?”


The core reason for an incentive marketing campaign is to ensure that you encourage more people to come back and be engaged more in what you offer.

This will be very advantageous for you and your business because it means more sales and revenue which will get you more profit.

As people are attracted back, in most cases they will share with others and the others will share with others. This chain will go on and on and the benefits will be yours.

Therefore, you have to make sure that what you are offering is valid and will cater to the customers’ needs because you don’t want your customers to end up unsatisfied or leave negative feedback. It all depends on you offering the best.

To launch your own marketing campaign, you can follow the tips below for a successful campaign. Use each one of them to engage and reward your customers in the best way.

Incentive Marketing Campaign Tip #1: Make it Fun

Incentive Marketing Campaign

Everyone is attracted to things that are fun and enjoyable. No one wants a boring campaign which cannot enlighten his/her moods.

You can make this a success by providing something like a game related to the campaign, in which customers will get the urge to play and look forward to it the next time.

You can optimize the game so that people are able to earn points and when the points get to a certain level, the customers can redeem them for a reward.

This will be fun and at the same time make your customers want to engage with your business.

Incentive Marketing Campaign Tip #2:  Keep it simple

Incentive Marketing Campaign

Simplicity is the key to many things. As you try to make your incentive campaign as unique as possible, you should also keep it in mind that you need to make it simple in a way that the customers will easily understand it.

This is because, not everyone can easily understand things, but when your incentive is simple, it will be understood and will appeal to all. Don’t ask for too much; just make it simple but unique.

Incentive Marketing Campaign Tip #3: Be Generous

Incentive Marketing Campaign

Being generous simply means that you make your customers’ participation worthwhile.

You can do this by ensuring that the customers are rewarded as fast as possible to give you a unique standing and make you more attractive.

Do not make it seem so expensive, just use some of the business profits which you will gain back with the high number of people you will attract in the long run.

Don’t be too selfish, be generous and gain more.

Choosing an Incentive


The first step which should be considered to gain more guests is choosing motivational prizes which will go hand in hand with your market. The general rule is that the more you offer, the more you will get.

You should ensure that your offer is that one thing that can’t be refused and is related to your business.

You always need to keep your target market in mind; What is their lifestyle? What do they really need? What impact will my product or service make in their lives?

After getting the answers to all these questions, try to match what you have acquired about your customers with the appropriate incentive.

For example, if your customers are into surfing so much, make sure that the incentive is related to beaches and surfing. If they are busy people, let the incentive strike a chord with that.

You Can Know This By:


• Checking your social media sites such as Facebook.

• Analyzing what gets more likes when you post on your page.

• Checking the most used hashtags by your followers on Twitter and trends.

• Also, try to analyze your customers’ behavior to know about them.

• Always know the objective of your offer and ensure that you don’t give too little to spur motivation in your customers. Additionally, you should not give too much for a small return or little effort.

Customers in an incentive campaign will expect to be given something that equals their effort to build and sustain trust in your business. Gaining trust online is not an easy task, therefore; you should consider even the small things.

• When you are launching a new product, have the same products as the prizes. You can give away gift cards to make them shop at your place and also make great discounts for the items you are selling for someone who follows you on Twitter or even likes your page.

This will ensure that they are directed to what you are offering indirectly.

How to Get More User Group Offers


User groups targeting is a good way which involves getting your offer shared with groups of people. On social sites, you can use coupons as an incentive for a good deal and even get more people to interact with you.

You can encourage your customers to share what you have with their friends and gain incentives for that.

1. Using Vote Contests


Consider adding a voting contest. Since every participant will want to win, they will go on and share your offer too many other people so as to get as many votes as possible. You will end up having many new and potential customers in your business.

Vote contests are an easy way to engage and attract customers to an incentive campaign; all you will be asking is the customers’ opinion.

People love to tell their views and share their encounters which means that you can capture their desire by asking what they want.

You can go on and add a discount or even a free session to your service and have more incentives.

2. Bonus


For example, you are running a contest whereby you require your customers to upload their best photos for a theme that you want to create.

Therefore, to make it worthwhile and ongoing, you need to offer a good and suitable prize for the participants.


Make the prizes irresistible in such a way that it will get your customers to upload photos related to your business.

In conclusion…


For the best and successful incentive marketing campaign that will ensure that you have the highest number of people being attracted to your offer, you need to maximize your incentives. Incentives work, but only if well executed by adding the right elements.

Incentives are a very good and effective way to motivate your customers and make them have the urge to come back. Lander has the best expertise in giving you the best incentive campaign ideas.