3 Hottest Content Marketing Trends Of 2019

Digital marketing remains heavily reliant on content. The marketers must promote their websites to enhance brand positioning and capture more traffic, among other targets. Assignment Geek provides the best homework writing services online to ease the completion of your assignments.


2019 has seen innovative ways as personalities, brands, and businesses compete for higher ranking as well as internet traffic. Here are a few trends that dominate 2019 and are expected to spill over into 2020. 

  • Use Of Video and Images 

Visual content is the most rewarding content marketing strategy today. It involves the use of videos, images, and graphics, among other options. Visual content is easy to use and understand for the target audience. 

  • Video

    - content developers are using videos to push their content online. The length of the video will depend on the product a marketer is trying to push. Some brands that require simple mentioning are using clips that are 3 minutes or less. If the promoter wants to pass a message a longer message, the clip will go beyond five minutes. The video is preferred because it can pass messages that are not restricted by language. They are more engaging and can explain a concept better than a long text. Videos are perfect for a growing population, using smartphones and spending more time on social media. 

  • Images

    - the advantages of videos also extend to images. An image can package a lot of information on one photo. Graphics do not require language to communicate, and will, therefore, reduce your content creation budget as well as break most communication barriers. Images are also engaging and will easily go viral. 

Visual content is memorable and easy to share on social media. The level of engagement on visual content is also giving an advantage to images and videos. These factors explain the increased attention to visual content during digital marketing campaigns. 

  • Social Media

Digital marketers have increased social media usage to boost traffic as well as raise the profile of their brands. Social media is growing fast with new options that accommodate text, videos, images, live streaming, and such other content formats. Social media for content marketing works because of the level of engagement it provides to marketers. The platforms have billions of followers and come with features that make it easy to gain more following. 

Social media platforms are also excellent channels to target a particular clientele. The features offered by different platforms are unique and will only attract a different kind of community. For instance, some are optimized for video viewing, while others are for images. Such optimization means that you can send videos and target a particular type of consumer. If your clientele prefers long text explanations or descriptions, certain platforms will work best for such a market segment. 

Developers of social media have enhanced advertisement features for social media platforms. The platforms allow you to target male users, for example, female accounts, people of a particular age, a geographical region, and such other categories. You will get better results with your marketing campaign on social media than any other channel.  

  • Paid Advertising 

Developers of social media accounts are limiting access to your content unless you can pay for the ads. It is easier to pay for these ads and determine where they will appear. Measurement tools have also improved to enable you to determine the effectiveness of your advert. Paying for advertisements will be polished and widespread in the coming years. 

The evolution of the internet will see enhanced digital marketing features in 2020. Advertisers can easily choose the target market and maximize the impact of their ads. Technology will also enable marketers to get a better return on investment. Some other marketing and social issues you find on medsnews.