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3 Common Reasons Why Your Landing Page Isn’t Working (And How To Fix It)

Were you anticipating that you will be able to sit back and watch the leads flow in, but found yourself watch everything come to a ground halt?

There are common reasons why your landing page might not be working well. Let us explore some of them and find out what is your landing page's problem, so that we can rectify the same.

Your site is slow and is not mobile-responsive.

You have enough research telling that - visitors don’t hesitate to abandon a page if it’s slow to load. So here is a thing --every second you shave off your site’s average page load time i.e. without shedding page views, means an 8% improvement in page value and that is, the amount of revenue that page ultimately generates. Get back, check the elements affecting your landing page load time with Google's Page insight Tool. To just start with fixing this, you could check the server speed of the hosting platform that you use. If you’ve done everything you can to speed up your landing page on your own, it may be time to switch to a better hosting platform.

Always avoid small buttons that are annoying and takes forever to tap on them. Use a font and type of text that is easier to read. It’s easy to check whether it is mobile responsive - grab your smartphone and google your page, check if it is tailor-made to the mobile screen. Is everything that you want about your website visible within that area of the mobile screen? Yous should know and work on it if it is not.

Your Landing Page is beating around the bush

We can't stress on this any less - Anybody who clicks through to your landing page wants something or at least will look into what is in for them? And that 'something' you decide,  must be made visible and very clear. Make sure everything in your head made it onto the page.  They mustn't be put in a place where they have to search and figure out what to do after landing on your page. The CTA must be clear. The complete landing page consist of a headline, image, and must center around one product, in particular, to keep it clear and simple. Stress more on how does that product relate to the visitor. You can put your call to action near the top of the page, even if your visitors might need more information before they act.

Even if it looks like a sales page, let the buttons not be pushed explicitly ask people to buy.

Your page is asking too much too soon from the visitor

People will never think twice to abandon a formerly appealing opt-in offer. Don't jump in to send them a request to buy on their phone number, as soon as you get the details. They will decide to lose out on your offering- a free report or an e-book for a download, rather than worry about every call from an unknown number which is your sales rep trying to get them to buy a product, that they have no desire or power to buy.

If the primary goal of your company’s campaign is to get people on the phone, you certainly don’t want to attract people who are unwilling to talk to you. (Ouch!) Besides this, you’re unlikely to get any new visitors to subscribe to a simple email list with an opt-in form that looks 'forever long'.

Asking for too much too soon makes visitors to the landing page get distracted by the very awareness that your page wants something from them right then! They will not put in the extra effort of concentrating on the valuable information that you have to offer on the page.

Use a 2-step opt-in instead.

Leverage the look of your landing page to support, rather than undermine your credibility before visitors. Start from a professionally designed landing page template, avoid images that look like a clip-art from 1999, that is of the wrong size, enlarged pixels or any 'poor quality' image that raises a red flag.

We know that you are trying is to make success more predictable by putting processes in place. Identify landing page problems before they become too overwhelming to fix. These flaws can miss you more often than you’d like to admit.

There isn't anything like an 'ideal length' for a landing page. The length needs to match what you’re offering and what you’re asking for. Choose what suits your information better - A single-frame landing pages or landing pages that give the scroll bar, a small workout.

Give enough attention to all crucial things like:

an intuitive eye catchy title, a good background image that matches what you are selling,  content section, call-to-action button to convert. Don't pile more content, as it can backfire. Work aptly hard to get people to take something for free. The simplest sales page needs a  'well-thought-through' context and a couple of intelligent frames to convey the necessary details of the product that you want to sell. Make sure your page provides just enough content to help people feel fully confident in committing their time and money, and you are good to go!