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19 Website Types and Their Functions in Marketing

Website types: A website is a collection of texts, graphics, or videos to provide useful information about a brand to the visitors.

It is important to understand the different website types and their purposes to help you design the best website for your business niche.

19 Website Types and their Functions


Websites can be categorized according to their functions, content or responsiveness.
These include:

1. Blogs and Personal Website


These are websites designed to showcase information about an individual. The information includes individual interest, educational background, work experience, social proof elements such as testimonials, social media links, and contacts.

You can use the personal website as a freelancer to exhibit your work or as a professional to announce your online presence.

The modern alternative to a personal website is the blog websites. They are updated frequently and the audience can read or view older posts through the archives.

2. Brochure and Catalogue


Brochure websites are statistic websites designed to provide useful details about a business. As a brand, you can use these websites to provide information such as the nature of your business, your products or services, location, opening and closing time, contact information and current offers.

Gone are the days when spreading information about a business was limited to televisions, print and radios as the reach was limited.

Brochures enable you to showcase your products or services and your offers. This will in return attract potential customers to your business.

The brochures can be used to spread information about businesses such as hair salons, dental surgeries, or manufacturers.

3. Information Websites


Who wants to visit the library and read books to find basic information when Google is just a click away?
Providing online tutorials, simple hacks and tips about your products or services is a great way to fit into the current digital generation.

Information websites are used to provide particular information about specific topics. These websites are designed based on particular key phrases or on an entire topic.

They are characterized by lots of articles about the same or related topics. Blogs are perfect examples of informative websites. You can use the informative websites to create and increase awareness about your products or services.

4. Social Media Websites

Website Types

These websites include various social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. These website types allow you to register and let you create your personal profile on the site. You can upload and share content with other users.

It is also possible to engage with the other users through comments, replies, likes tags and retweets, making the whole more enjoyable and informative.

5. E-commerce Websites


The e-commerce websites make it possible for you to access the online avenue and sell or buy products and services through the internet.

These websites are characterized by specific calls to action which act as payment gateways to initiate online payments. and are the perfect examples of e-commerce websites.

6. Educational Websites

Website Types

Educational websites are designed by academic institutions to provide information about the institution and the courses they provide.

A feature like a user registration is very common for these websites as it allows engagement between the students and the teachers of the institution.

7. Content Management Systems


These website types are used to manage the contents of a website. They have a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to modify the contents of a website as you please.

You can design a Content Management Web for any type of website to help you keep them updated and dynamic so that you don’t miss on anything important.

8. Bio


You can use the bio website as a writer or an author to exhibit your biography, a catalog of your work, reviews, and comments about your work links to where your readers can access your contents.

9. Online Community Website

Website Types

The online community site serves as a great platform for getting in touch and sharing ideas with people who hold similar interests as you.

10. Business Directory


In this age where almost everything is digitalized, online directory services are more preferred. No one wants to spend several hours flicking through the massive phone directory to locate particular products or services.

Business directory websites act as important lists of resources for the customers, making it easy and less time consuming to find products online.

11. Portfolio


You can use these brands to showcase your services or brands to your prospective customers or employers. Portfolio websites are more appropriate if you are in the service industry.

12. Resume


Nothing works magic in getting you your first employer than giving an excellent first impression. Other than just listing your skills on a piece of paper, you can build an interactive online resume to exhibit your qualifications and the real you using the resume website.

13. Photo Sharing Websites


You can use the free photo sharing website types such as the to download or upload different images. Advertising on websites that allow sharing of images can actually earn you some cash.

14. Wiki


Wiki websites allow people from different walks of life to come together and write contents about topics that interest them.

Wikipedia is an example of the wiki website. The users can modify their articles as they please to achieve a particular desired goal.

15. Portal


The portal website collects and puts together information about a particular topic from different sources on the site.

The portals can be used in universities or organizations to make it easy for students or employees to access their emails or different alerts.

AOL and Yahoo are perfect examples of portals that are used to provide emails, search engine forums and news alert all in one site.

16. TV and Video Streaming


Video streaming website types have gained popularity in the recent times. Sites such as Netflix have revolutionized the manner people consume information from the televisions.

17. News and Magazine


The news website is used to keep the audience up-to-date with the current happenings. Online magazine websites also keep the readers updated with the current affairs, especially in the entertainment industry.

18. Crowdfunding


This is where you raise small amounts of money from lots of people to fund a project. It is more effective than the traditional way of seeking large amounts of money from a few individuals.

The audience who believe in your campaign will contribute a small amount of money so as to be part of the campaign. The many people you convince to make pledges, the better for the project.

19. Corporate Websites


Many businesses have seen the need of having at least a basic website to showcase their brands or products.

The corporate website types may not be necessarily used to make sales, but they are effective in providing information about a business to the customers as well as improving trust and credibility about a business.



The truth is that there is no one size fit-it-all website for all your business needs. You should access your type of business and the goals of your campaign to help you create the best website that gives you maximum returns on investment.

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