17 Examples of Greatest Marketing Podcasts

Podcasts are digital audio and video files that are in form of series which a user can listen to or download in form of episodes.

The user normally subscribes so that they can automatically download the new episodes via mobile phones, computer or portable media, most people now listen to podcasts on phones and tablets.

To identify the right marketing podcast to use for your specific needs in marketing needs capital. The following are some marketing podcasts that you can choose from;

Louder Than Words


This type of podcast was created by John Bonini in order to inspire marketers in making their work creative.

Listening to louder than words podcast will help you become perfect in creative work and crafting your work.

This podcast put more focus on writers, creators, project managers and creative leaders.

Creativity is important in making marketing messages, louder than words podcast makes it possible for you when you are designing marketing messages.

Call To Action Podcasts


This type of podcast do not have anything to do with the product but it can be used to give customers pleasure at every stage of wayfare this is because people tend to buy experiences instead of products.

This type of podcast is a unique way that marketers use to deliver top take action content to their audience.

It can also be helpful in improving conversion rates. Call to action podcast is suitable to those who would like to increase their productivity and conversion rates.

Inbound After Hours Podcast


In this podcast, marketers use experienced marketing practitioners to answer questions that audience may have.

It is made in form of video in order to let the audience to see for themselves the faces and minds responsible for the marketing goodness.

Harvard Business Review Ideacast


This is abbreviated as HBR; the latest thinkers in business are mainly featured here. Marketers use this podcast to update themselves with the new general trends in terms of business and media.

The episodes here are not necessarily centered on marketing only but also focus on other advanced topics such as design.

Marketing Smarts Podcasts


These podcasts are produced on weekly basis for all marketers of different levels. It contains marketing contents and research studies which helps marketers in developing a successful marketing strategy.

Episodes of this podcast are equipped with marketing contents that marketers can implement immediately without any difficulty.

CopyBlogger FM


It is created by copy bloggers to offer quick hits on marketing, brands and content marketing. It uses a mixture of recent marketing news analysis and recommendations that can be put in action.

This podcast is applicable to people who are interested in distinct marketing or writing.

Marketing Over Coffee Podcast


This is a weekly basis podcast that features the new trending in the marketing world. Instead of topic-based episodes, they are made in a way that each episode is news based.

Its main objective is to keep people updated on what is going on the marketing world and to enable you to make an informed decision.

Even though the episodes are short i.e. around 30 minutes long, it will equip you with the right thoughts and inspirations to help you throughout the day.

The Mad Marketing Podcast


This podcast takes audience questions and tries to answer them in a more transparent, honest and personal way possible.

This podcast was created to provide advice to marketers on marketing. The creator of this podcast tries to share his marketing experience and insights.

On the Media


This is like an award-winning podcast. It has been the most popular programs since it was launched in 2001.

Since it was launched, it has been aired in more than 300 radio stations. The hosts of this podcast try to study carefully and observe possible threats to the transparency of the government and the impact it has on business.

Listen to this podcast will help you to know the hidden political stories and big stories of the week. These topics can have many effects on marketing.

Social Media Marketing Happy Hour


This podcast is created to those that want to switch from traditional marketing practices to modern digital marketing practices.

It is created by Marrs Ortiz and Traci Reuter, to help small-scale business owners, entrepreneurs, and network marketers.

Its episodes are created to give you a framework on how to use social media marketing platforms to grow your business.

This podcast will provide with deep information on what you need to know about social media marketing.

Marketing Secrets


This is designed for people who fund themselves to start to start a business; such people do not have a lot of money to waste in business risks.

Furthermore, the podcast provides coaching on how business owners can relate to their customers and how they can grow their businesses.

Traction Podcast


This podcast major on the ways entrepreneurs use to achieve their goals. It analyzes the clever, unusual and brilliant ways entrepreneurs use in achieving the required results.

Traction podcast present to their audience investors, innovators, founders, executives and media people who share with them their longtime experiences and tricks that they use in generating more prospects and turning them into real customers.

Marketing School


This podcast was developed by Eric and Neil, to provide marketers with the most interesting and important marketing strategies those marketers can use to improve their businesses.

Listen to this podcast will equip you with marketing strategies that are applicable to your business.

Mind your Business Podcast


Most marketers are curious to know the secret to success; this is why James Wedmore created this podcast to share the mindset of success. It is believed that mindset comes before success.

This podcast helps you understand how attitude and action work together. There is need to avoid some misconceptions and myths about success, for examples, most people believe that it is only hard work and hustle that makes someone to be successful in business.

This concept is not entirely true because hard work without strategies is meaningless. Therefore success needs both strategy and hard work.

Online Marketing Made Easy


This podcast explores on building online courses and optimizing social media ads moreover this podcast also brings high experienced guests who provide their opinion and insights on how to help grow your business and marketing department.

Duct Tape Marketing Podcast


This podcast is specifically designed for small-scale business owners who are professionals or have expertise in something different from marketing but need help with their digital marketing.

Duct tape marketing podcast will help you when you are in need of running local search results, website optimization and improving social media marketing.

Perpetual Traffic Podcast


This podcast deals with strategies that will help you to find paid traffic. It will help you analyze social media ads retargeting and show you how you can build a good relationship with the customers.

This podcast provides you with strategies that can be put into action immediately.

In conclusion, some of these podcasts are not technically marketing related podcasts, but you should be open-minded to decide what you do with each podcast.