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16 Essentials of a High Converting Product Landing Page

The major reason for owning a store is making a profit. As an e-commerce store owner, you should constantly optimize you’re your conversion rates and most importantly profits. Your product landing page template should be well optimized so as to maximize the flow of your visitors.

When coming to e-commerce conversion optimization, every store is different such that what works for one store might not work for your store.

Make sure to test your new product landing page against your old one.  Lander has a reservoir of professionally designed landing page templates and can work with you to create the page you envision.

What are the essentials of a converting product landing page?

Feature High Quality, Dynamic Product Images Of Every Product


The appearance of products really matters to customers. Your product images can make or break your e-commerce conversion rates.

You need to work really hard to make sure that your images are very appealing. Use large, high-quality images with multiple angle shots. Consistent image lighting, contrast, saturation, and background help a big deal.

Implement a Product Zoom Feature


Enabling people to get closer to the image to see details is essential as they cannot hold the product since it is online. Ensure your visitors can zoom in on your products and see finer details in HD.

Increase Trust and Conversions with User Submitted Reviews

Product Landing Page

90% of customers usually say that buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. This is according to marketing land. A lot of customers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

Your reviews should be in-line alongside your products so that the visitor does not have to leave your page going to look for reviews around the web.

Use Wish Lists to Drive Traffic and Increase Sales


Wishlists enable customers to remember a product they liked but couldn’t buy at the moment.

Want buttons relating to social media such as Facebook help to create social traffic as people like to buy things that their friends recommend.

Don’t Hide Out Of Stock Products


You need to get to know when a product is out of the market and when it is back into the market.

Increase Trust by Adding a Privacy Policy Link


Trust is one of the most important thing visitors need to have before committing to shopping with you. Adding trust factors such as privacy policy links to forms can really help to boost your conversions.

Link to Product Sizing Charts On Page Or In A Pop-Up


It’s important to place sizing information alongside the product and affects your conversion rate.

Always anticipate the questions your visitors will have and make the answers available. Test adding sizing information to your product to improve the conversion rate!

Personalize Your Related Product Recommendations


Recommending related products is a great way to increase your average value and conversion rate. To take your selling to another level you can add personalization to your recommendations.

Use Live Chat Transcripts to Find Product Information Gaps

Product Landing Page

Use and analyze your live chat transcript for product information gaps and add the missing information in-line alongside your products on the landing page.

Leverage Visual Hierarchy


This improves your product page conversions a big deal as it guides your visitor's step by step through the different elements in your page design.

You should give your visitors enough knowledge about your product then convince them to add it to their cart.

Get the Length of Your Product Landing Page Right


Make sure to have a test of your product in order to know your product copy length. Complex and expensive products should have more detailed information than just ordinary products.

Use Product Videos to Increase Conversion Rate

Product Landing Page

Try out adding videos to your product landing page. At first, begin with one or two videos and see the impact it brings. If it works well then go on and add more videos to your page.

Communicate Shipping on All Pages Clearly


Many stores usually show shipping costs later in the buying process. It is very essential to communicate your shipping fee on every page and even offer free shipping on certain products.

Consider using a flat rate fee when your product can’t allow for free shipping.

Show the Expected Delivery Date on The Product Landing Page And Cart Page


Delivery time should be short so that the interest for the product still remains in the customer's mind. Add precise delivery dates alongside with your products to make good sales.

Show an “Added To Cart” Notification in the Product Landing Page


Let people know that the product they wish to add to their cart is successful. You should be constantly giving your customers feedback so as to create an interaction. As a result, your customers get to have an understanding of what is going on.

Leverage User Testing To Inform and Test Your Product Page Designs


Use user testing to know how your customers feel and also what to improve your product and go on and improve on it. You will surely get an improvement.

Best Tactics for a Product Landing Page


Landing pages are essential for creating traffic and changing the traffic into sales. If you have a landing page or a website that doesn’t help you achieve these two aims of online business, you need to have the knowledge of making a landing page that will make your products sale.

The following product landing page tips will help convert a lead into a client:

Offer Benefits, Not Features


In marketing, it’s better to state what the product does and not how it is made.

Explaining what the product does helps to build trust in a client thus making the sale of the product easier and faster. You just need to make the product more appealing to your client.

Use Customer Testimonials and Reviews


Under normal circumstances, it’s really hard to trust someone you don’t know. Clients need to trust you with your product.

Although after they know you’ve been working with others and you can be trusted, they will have the confidence.

Make your Product Landing Page Beautiful


The eyes of the client need to be captivated by your product. This will create a first impression which really needs to be good.

Select what is most eye-catching and use it on your landing page thus attracting the eye of your client. Make your product look unique by using captivating words.

Make a “Hospitable” Page


Make your clients feel at ease while going through your products and pages. They don’t need to feel stressed while browsing through.

Make them feel welcomed and try your level best to show them how you value your clients. Offer them free trials of your products whenever possible. Always assure them about your product and you will surely gain.

Sell the Deal Not The Product


Make impulse buying a way of selling your products. Make your deal so sweet that clients find themselves purchasing your product without any budget. Use captivating words about your product and for sure you will get the deal.

In conclusion, the value of an effective product landing page template cannot be understated, let us help you get the product page for your business at a great price.