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16 Solid Tips To consider When Building a Photography Landing Page

Landing pages and the lead- capture forms are very essential factors in generating leads. They unlock your potential and reduce limitations to convert your website guests into leads. You are better placed if you have a landing page anchored on an effective photography landing page template rather than the normal photography website.

It enables you to direct your visitors to respond to specific actions trough giving them the chance to concentrate on a single offer at a time.

It is, however, important to note that having a photography landing page is not enough to give you returns, consider the tips discussed below to create the best page so as to enjoy the growth of your internet market base. Lander is a market leader in landing page creation.

Here are important tips and guidelines to help you create the best landing page for your photography business.

16 tips for creating a great photography landing page template

Add Visuals in your Photography Landing Page


It is a general knowledge that the brain processes images faster than words. Utilize this fact to your advantage by dedicating at least two sections of your page for visual display to enhance memorability.

Use clear and compelling images that tell the readers the values your landing page offer. Include an alt-text to your image. It will act as a reserve plan in cases of failure on the visitors’ browser.

Use a Killer Landing Page Banner


Get it right here to retain your visitors and give them reasons to continue reading deep into your page. Position your banner above the fold and use it to clearly display your best visuals and calls to action.

If you properly do this, you will entice your visitors to read through your page and respond to calls to action.

Make Your Headline And Sub-Headline Interesting

Photography Landing Page

The headline you use will either retain your visitors on your page or make them abandon the page altogether.

Match your headline with your source copy to avoid disappointing your visitors. Speak directly to your clients and tell them the value of your offer as early as possible using brief and simple terms. Remember to make your headline enticing.

Use the sub-header to briefly describe the value of your offer. Keep it brief, enticing and clear and relate it to your headline and source copy.

Give the Best Content in your Photography Landing Page


Take note of the needs of your clients and work towards satisfying them. Read the feedback you get on your photography website or from the kickback emails from your potential leads and make necessary adjustments aimed at providing better photography services to your visitors.

Ensure that the information on your page is related to what your visitors need and offer solutions that address these needs.

Have a Clear And Strong Call To Action

Photography Landing Page

It is of less value getting several visitors on your page if you cannot convert them to leads for your photography business.

A call to action button helps you direct your audience to perform specific required actions. Avoid the generic ‘’click here’’ or ‘’sign up’’ as much as possible.

Customize your CTA to focus on one particular action at a time. Make the action button big, clear, persuasive and easily actionable and do not forget to make it consistent with your headline and source copy.

Strike the Right Balance For Your Form Size


Many people argue that fewer forms in your landing page result in the highest conversion rate. What happens when you need more information on your form for better quality?

Do you just ignore other necessary details in the name of shortening your form? For higher credibility, only ask for the information you really need. Test the form to determine which length gives your photography business maximum returns.

Provide Room For Social Media Sharing


Consider having social media sharing button to encourage your loyal clients to evangelize your offers and values.

Be sure to only include buttons used by your audience. Social media referrals are very essential in the current digital world which you do not want to miss.

Your Clients Section


Have a section to display the prominent clients you have worked with before. The purpose of this section is to build trust and set expectations.

It is easier and more convincing for visitors to seek your services if they can actually see the clients who sought your services and acquired the values you promised to offer.

Add Testimonials to your Photography Landing Page

Photography Landing Page

Dedicate a section for testimonials from your clients. Reviews from happy and satisfied clients build trust for the potential clients.

Customize this section to capture reviews about your photography skills and how these skills helped in achieving a particular value.

Showcase Your Various Expertise


Have a section on your landing page displaying different photography niches you are best at. This could be modeling, weddings, baby-showers, wrestling or any other niche you want to include on your page. Add your best photo to each section to justify your expertise level.

Award an Accreditation Section


Dedicate this section to capture the awards and accreditation you have received in your line of duty.

Have a Reinforcement Bar


Reinforcement bar will display the USP of your offers and align them with a strong call to action towards the end of your photography landing page.

Use White Space


White space organizes everything in the reader’s mind. Use the white space to align texts as desired and make them more appealing to the eye.

White space also serves the purpose of decongesting your page, making it less cluttered and less ‘’noisy.’’

Use Lines Whenever Possible


These lines can either be visual, eye ‘’fills-in’’ or flow through your landing page design. Use these lines to direct the eye where you want your leads to look.

Test the Photography Landing Page


Test the various elements on your landing page using Google website optimizer or the different social media platforms.

Test each element individually to establish the features that give you the highest return on investment. Make necessary adjustments based on the results of the tests.

Email Marketing

Photography Landing Page

Send emails to all the visitors on your page even before they buy your products. This will keep them posted about any improvements you intend to do. Use automatically generated emails to communicate to your visitors.

The automatically generated emails should:

• Only contain relevant information which is value-driven.

• Should be personalized as much as possible to fit our content.

• Contain concise and inciting contents to compel the readers to take action.

• Have images and videos for memorability and clarity.

• Have the next call to action.



The growth in the digital world has necessitated the need for every serious service-oriented company to develop a landing page.

A photography business is one of the industries that have grabbed this opportunity to maximize the returns from online marketing.

To be a leader in the photography business, familiarize yourself with the different current online marketing elements and finally customize these elements to fit your specific business niche.

The result would be a customized landing page with specific values to clients and maximum returns on investment for your business. We can help you to create a professional photography landing page 

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