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15 Best Affiliate Networks and Platforms To Watch in 2018

Affiliate networks have the sole purpose of aiding publishers who want to monetize their inventory. The network does this by providing plenty of options and tools that will help in running the campaign. The tools can range from tracking links to creative and many others.

Affiliate networks provide benefits to advertisers in the form of payment processing, campaign reporting tools, ad tracking technology and lastly access to a large database that lists publishers.

Charging of affiliate networks is done as cost per action (CPA) implying that publishers receive at a fill rate of 100%. Certain publishers may opt to buy or even create traffic to be used in advertising for the campaign promotions.

An affiliate network has been defined as a publisher (affiliate) and merchant affiliate program intermediary. The industry has seen growth and an increase in revenue from digital media.

The growth in sales can be attributed to mobile devices that were responsible for up to 40% of the growth. Promotions through mobile applications brought in the additional revenue.

Affiliate Networks #1: Adcash


This is an advertising network that seems to be at the top as it is responsible for the provision of solutions, which perform quite well, to brand advertisers as well as online publishers at a global scale.

It is a platform that has given advertisers access to mobile devices, data from GPS location etc. to allow them to do their advertising at a deeper level and gain access to audiences that are relevant to their products resulting in great results.

The site has registered more than 100000 publishers worldwide who are then able to gain access to potential clients. The site was founded in 2007 and is responsible for 150 employees.

Affiliate Networks #2: Billy Mobile


This is a company that deals with mobile advertising. It will help advertisers to get access to users and publishers of significantly high quality. This, later, on helps with the monetization of an inventory in up to 256 countries.

The company is headed up by 4 individuals who also happen to be friends. This fact ensures that the company will be run on morals established while the company was being founded.

The company was founded in Spain particularly Barcelona in 2014. It employs more than 50 employees.

Affiliate Networks #3: Clickdealer


Affiliate Networks


This is a marketing agency that operates on a global scale. It has more than 18 verticals and is able to offer support to a number of monetization models that are major players currently.

They provide services in up to 11 languages and the services are offered throughout regardless of the day or time. To further appeal to customers, they engage in loyalty programs, Meet-ups as well as contests.

The agency can be found in at least 180 countries and their supplies are up more than 5000.

The agency was started in 2012 in Amsterdam though they have increased the number of their offices to various towns. They are responsible for more than 50 employees.

Affiliate Networks #4: Clickky


This company deals with mobile advertising as well. Its operations are on a global scale and it can be accessed in more than 120 countries; it has the emerging markets as the main point of focus.

Plenty of solutions are given that prove necessary to publishers as well as advertisers using the mobile platform. Integration is made possible through this company.

It is a company created in 2010 New York, USA but expansion has led the company to India, Russia etc. The company employs more than 90.

Affiliate Networks #5: Amazon Affiliates


Affiliate Networks


This is an affiliate network that permits marketers to monetize apps present in mobile phones that are then distributed through various marketplaces such as Google, iOS, and Amazon.

It was founded in Washington, USA in 2010 and now employs more than 270k people. Both digital and physical items are present. The advantage to this is that it receives support from Amazon.

Affiliate Networks #6: Mobidea


This is a network that was formed in 2011 in Luxembourg but it has expanded its offices to Mexico, Romania etc. it has more than 100 employees.

It was founded as a programmatic network. The company was formed with the sole purpose of helping with profit collection from subscriptions and app installations on mobile devices.

Affiliate Networks #7: Adcombo


This is a company that was founded in 2013 in Canada. It has more than 40 employees. It was created as a CPA marketing network that would let publishers monetize their inventory as fast as 24 hours after they have signed up.

Landing pages are available readily and in up to 40 different languages that can meet the needs of various businesses.

Affiliate Networks #8: Yeahmobi


Affiliate Networks


This is a marketing company whose focus is on mobile devices and technology. It deals with mobile performance and helps mobile technology companies see growth on a global scale and gain users as well as monetize their inventory. It was founded in China in 2011.

Affiliate Networks #9: Avazu


It is the division of Avazu Inc. that has its focus on performance marketing based mobile display. It is useful in connecting mobile publishers to ad buyers on a worldwide scale.

Using this network monetization of inventory is possible. Payment from advertisers will only happen after the conversion. This company was created in Shanghai in 2009 though it is expanding to other cities as well as countries.

Affiliate Networks #10: ADMXI


Affiliate Networks


This is a mobile advertising platform that was founded in 2010 in China and is owned by Youmi technology. Its reach is global.

The platform was made with the aim of coming up with solutions that both advertisers and publishers would use to gain revenue.

The platform has seen success on social media, e-commerce, mobile gaming and many others.

Affiliate Networks #11: Commission Junction


This is a company whose main purpose is to offer a solution to mobile publishers who want payment for the actions they have specified such as the installation of apps.

It is a leading platform when it comes to digital performance based marketing. The platform was created in 1998 in the US but it has since expanded to other parts of the world. The platform provides tracking systems and actions.

Affiliate Networks #12: Tradedoubler


Founded in the UK in 1999, this platform was created as a mobile affiliate that was to benefit publishers. The platform encompasses apps available on Apple devices as well as Android and the general mobile web.

Affiliate Networks #13: Wewe Media Network


Affiliate Networks


Formed in 2013 in Singapore, the Wewe media network was created as a performance marketing network that would work as CPA monetization model. The network has developed technology that is able to lead to high conversion rates.

Affiliate Networks #14: Kimia


It was founded in 2006 and is currently based in Spain but has offices in China. Kimia is a closed company that only does business with affiliates and advertisers at the top. It also leads when it comes to networks and mobile performance online.

Affiliate Networks #15: Tapgerine


Affiliate Networks


This is a platform that is useful when it comes to empowering publishers so that mobile traffic can be monetized.

The company will provide campaigns on iOS and Android platforms in the form of incent and non-incent campaigns. The platform offers constant support. It was founded in 2013 and has its headquarters in Las Vegas.

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