Simple Landing Page

14 Best and Effective Practices of a Simple Landing Page

Simple Landing Page Tip #1:

With the ever-growing digital marketing competition, you need to find effective ways to design your web page. This will not only help you get traffic to your page, but it will also help retain people who visit the page and even make it easy for them to undertake actions as you direct. At Lander we will help you create the best landing pages and the lead-capture forms which will unlock your ability to convert your website visitors into leads. Below are 14 tips to help you create a simple landing page template:

Simple Landing Page Tip #1: Include All the Critical Elements of A Landing Page


These elements include;

• A headline and sub-headline-You should have actionable and value-driven words in your headline. This will make it more enticing for people. Your headline should also match the source copy. Subheads (optional), described in the simplest term possible what benefits you offer.

• A short and precise description of the offer, emphasizing its value.

• Supporting image- We advise you to use images that tell people what lies behind the landing page. You should also add alt-text to your images as a backup plan in cases where the website or browser fails.

• A lead capture form to capture the details of the visitors.

Simple Landing Page Tip #2: Remove the Main Navigation Menu


You do not want your visitors to abandon the page before converting, do you? Remove the main navigation from the page to avoid distracting them and keep them longer on your page to perform the intended tasks hence high conversion rates on your landing page.

Simple Landing Page Tip #3: Use Customized and Logical Default Tokens


If you consider personalizing your landing page with smart tokens, ensure that the default ones are customized and logical in the places they are used to avoid embarrassing set-up contents such as ‘’Hey FIRSTNAME’’

Simple Landing Page Tip #4: Match the Headline to Its Corresponding Call To Action (CTA)


Keep your headline and the CTA consistent to boost trust and confidence on your offer. It will also eliminate confusion on your page.

Simple Landing Page Tip #5: Keep it Simple

 Simple Landing Page

Use simple words which are clear and straight to the point.  Do not clutter your page with unnecessary words to eliminate distraction, confusion or overwhelming your visitors. However, you should take note of the value of your offer and get the right balance.

Also, consider the kind of information you need from the visitors to qualify for conversion on the landing page.

Simple Landing Page Tip #6: Emphasize the Value of The Offer


Use a few bullet points or short and clear paragraph to highlight the value of the offer.

Don’t just concentrate on listing what the landing page offers. Instead, briefly and clearly describe the specific value of your offer, emphasizing on the solution the offer gives by taking into account the needs and interests of your visitors.

This will give people a compelling incentive to respond to your CTA. If you fail to communicate this, the users might feel that they are not on the right page. To achieve this;

• Clearly state your offer in the headline

• Describe the value of your offer in the sub-headline

• Use bullet points to outline the features your offer provides.

Simple Landing Page Tip #7: Encourage Social Sharing

Simple Landing Page

Include social media sharing button to make it easy for your visitors to evangelize what you offer.

Remember to be specific here and only include buttons for the social platforms used by your intended audience. The good thing about a sharing button is that it will increase social network for your landing page.

Simple Landing Page Tip #8: Create More Landing Pages To Generate More Leads


Increasing the number of your landing pages will increase your leads. You should, therefore, invest in an easy- to- use landing page creation tool, create more offers on your page, twist your offers to fit particular needs and re-purpose your contents.

You will thus expand your target content and therefore command a large number of visitors on your page.

Simple Landing Page Tip #9: Specific and Only Ask for the Information You Really Need


Only capture the information you really need to qualify leads in your form. Fewer fields in your forms mean less work for your visitors resulting in higher lead conversion rate.

Visitors tend to shy away from long, tedious forms. Test the form to establish which form length is best for you

Simple Landing Page Tip #10: Customize the Submit Button


Avoid using the term ‘’submit’’ on your form button as much as you can so as not to make people shy away from performing the required tasks.

You can instead opt for statements that relate to values to be achieved in return. ‘’Get your brochure kit’’ is an example of the statements you can opt for instead of the generic ‘’submit.’’ Ensure that the button you are giving is big, bold and colorful.

Simple Landing Page Tip #11: Reduce Anxiety with Proof Elements


People tend to resist giving out their personal details due to spam related issues. To counter this, add security features to your landing page to eliminate visitors’ anxiety. These features include;

• A private message that indicates visitors’ email address will not be shared

• Security seals, a BBB rating or certifications for sensitive information.

• Testimonials or customer logos to leverage social proof and reinforce credibility.

Simple Landing Page Tip #12: Choose the Right Form Fields


If the form is too short and your offer is of high value, people tend to take it as a spam. Longer forms may discourage people because of the time factor.

You should, therefore, find the right balance by considering the value of your offer. Adjust the styling of your form to make it appear shorter and enticing to fill it out. You can achieve this by reducing the spaces between fields.

You can also align the titles to the left of each field to achieve the same objective. We recommend the implementation of smart fields dynamic form fields to automatically adjust your form into a shortened version if a visitor is already logged into your page.

Simple Landing Page Tip #13: Make Your Form Mobile Friendly

Simple Landing Page

Ensure that your visitors can access the offer on a mobile device. Make the form mobile friendly using kick-back email so that your audience can access the form at a later preferred time.

Some of the people on your landing page might have actually filled out forms on your website, and you can, therefore, access these details from your database.

Progressive profiling will minimize repetition and will show new forms filled with the returning visitors. This is helpful for the visitors who prefer mobile devices.

Simple Landing Page Tip #14: Set up A Functional Thank- You Page


Ensure that the entire conversion process is functional and that people are directed to the thank-you page.



It does not matter if this is the first or the umpteenth time you are setting up the squeezing page.

Get a checklist of all the things you need and before publishing the page, do a quick scan to establish whether you have captured all the required optimization features for higher lead conversion on your website and to improve your ranking as well.

It is recommended that you conduct a pre- and post-optimization tests, testing each element separately and accessing which one works best in your case. Take the challenge and create a simple landing page template today.