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13 Tips that Will Get Your Seller Landing Pages Clicks and Convert

A sales page is a standalone web page created with the aim of securing sales for products and services. Seller landing pages often seek payment, making them a bit different from the other landing pages.

For this reason, you need to be more convincing and persuasive to generate maximum leads. People will only part with their money if your offers are great and convincing.

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Techniques you can use to generate more leads on your Seller Landing Pages

Seller Landing Pages Tip #1: Add a Sense of Urgency


People have a short attention and concentration span. Stress a sense of urgency on the page as early as possible.

Use a countdown timer to do this. It will make your offer time-specific and time-based. This in effect will entice people to take action before the elapse of the stated period.

Seller Landing Pages Tip #2: Scarcity


It is a common assumption that the best products are always scarce. People also have a tendency to want these scarce products.

Play around with this perception to generate more leads. Use perceived scarcity like ‘’only 5 positions left’’ to influence the visitors into taking action as early as possible.

Seller Landing Pages Tip #3: Flattery


Use flattering words to connect with the emotions of your visitors. Words like ‘’special seat for our special visitors’’ make the reader feel important and appreciated.

Seller Landing Pages Tip #4: Money-back Guarantee

Seller Landing Pages

Money is a very sensitive topic. People will do just anything to protect their money from online scams. You cannot blame them owing to the many scammers who overprice their products or promise what they cannot deliver.

To deal with this worry, you can use a money-back guarantee technique. Here, you reassure the visitors that they will get back their money if they are not satisfied with the products. This is a win-win situation. You build trust and the customer gets the products that he needs. Great, right?

Seller Landing Pages Tip #5: Focused Headline and Sub-Headline

Use a captivating headline to grab the attention of your readers. Headlines give the first impression of your company and products.

The headline you use will either retain your visitors or drive them away from the landing page.
For great results:

• Match your headline with your source copy to avoid disappointing your visitors.

• Speak directly to your clients and tell them the value of your offer as early as possible using brief and simple terms.

• Make the headline enticing.

• Briefly describe the value of your offer in the sub-header. Keep it brief, enticing, clear and relevant.

Seller Landing Pages Tip #6: Provide Social Proof Elements

Seller Landing Pages

This is a modern version of word-of-mouth. People tend to trust what they see more than what you tell them. They may even assume that whatever you say is nothing but a sales strategy. To boost your trust and credibility:

• Dedicate a section on the page for displaying the prominent clients you have worked with before. It is easier for visitors to purchase your products if they can actually see the clients who sought your services and acquired the values you promised to offer.

• Dedicate a section for testimonials from your clients. Reviews from happy and satisfied clients builds trust with potential clients. Customize this section to capture reviews of your photography skills and how these skills helped in achieving a particular value.

• Capture the awards and accreditation you have received in your line of business to build your customers’ confidence about your products.

Seller Landing Pages Tip #7: Use images and Videos


The brain processes images faster than words. Utilize this fact to your advantage by dedicating at least two sections of your page for visual display to enhance memorability.

Use clear and compelling images that tell the readers the values your sales page offer. Include an ALT text to your image. It will act as a reserve plan in cases of failure on the visitors’ browser.

Include a short video about your product. Have the video pop up on the page when necessary to limit crowding the page.

Seller Landing Pages Tip #8: Remove the Main Navigation menu.


You do not want your visitors to abandon the page before converting, do you? Remove the main navigation from the page to avoid distracting them and keep them longer on your page to perform the intended tasks hence high conversion rates on your landing page.

Seller Landing Pages Tip #9: A/B test the Form Size

Seller Landing Pages

A long form may be considered boring. If the form is too short, the visitors will assume that the value you offer is insignificant. So what form size is considered the best?

You need to know the kind of information you need to capture by considering the value of your offer. Be sure to test the forms so that you know which size works best for your niche.

Seller Landing Pages Tip #10: Have a Great Call to Action


You do not want your visitors to abandon your page before they take action. Do not assume that they will just know the action to take, instead, use a strong, enticing, and actionable call to action to direct them to the action they should take.

The call to action can be in the form of a button, a link or a sentence, whatever option you settle for:

• Make it stand out on the page to allow easy identification and location.

• Use a button with contrasting color from your background design. Make the button large enough for easy visibility.

• Use strong and actionable words with a sense of urgency, such as ‘’get the user guide now’’

• Give a value-driven CTA

• Make it the obvious next step by minimizing the options.

• Make it short and clear to eliminate confusions.

• Use a relevant CTA.

• Personalize the CTA as much as possible.

• Ensure that the CTA button directs users to a great and valuable content.

Seller Landing Pages Tip #11: Optimize Email Auto-responders


Send automatically generated emails to update your readers about the current offers or any new content on your website.

You can get these emails immediately they show interest in your products, even before they actually buy your products.

The intention of this is to earn their trust for the sole purpose of optimizing the sales page for maximum traffic conversions.

Ensure that the emails are:

• Important to reduce spam rate.

• Incorporated with the relevant images and videos whenever possible for clarity purposes.

• Inciting to take action.

Seller Landing Pages Tip #12: Make your Form Mobile Friendly

Seller Landing Pages

Ensure that your visitors can access the offer on a mobile device. Make the form mobile friendly using kickback email so that your audience can access the form at a later preferred time.

Some visitors might have actually filled out forms on your website, and you can, therefore, access these details from your database.

Progressive profiling will minimize repetition and will show new forms filled with the returning visitors. This is helpful for the visitors who prefer mobile devices or who cannot just complete the forms at once for some reasons.

Seller Landing Pages Tip #13: Use ‘customer’s voice’ in your form Copy


Use simple and easy to understand terms that the visitors can easily relate with. This will give you more leads unlike when you use indecipherable language.

Parting Shot…


Use the tips we have discussed to create a great seller landing page today.