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13 Effective Traits for a Stand Out Welcome Email

Emails are a great way of communication in businesses. But what happens when you have a new subscriber to your emails?  Your welcome email image is the first opportunity you have to get them hooked and interested in the information you want to pass across.

Get it right to minimize the un-subscription rates as well as enticing them to click the emails and look forward to future emails from you.

13 simple ways you can make your welcome email great and effective

Welcome Email Tip #1: Thank the New Subscriber


It is important to thank those who just joined your email subscription list. This will make them feel appreciated and wanted and in return boost their loyalty. A simple ‘’ thank you’’ will showcase your human character.

Welcome Email Tip #2: Address the Subscriber

What if you personalize the subject line so that you are able to address each subscriber by their individual name?

Mentioning the readers by their name will give them a feeling that you value them and their needs. This will just create more traffic for you

Just remember to customize it and address the subscriber by their first name. This will help you to avoid embarrassing situations like when the subscriber is a male and you send something like ‘’ thank you, madam.’’

Avoid using just the generic ‘’ thanks,’’ Instead, make it stand out by indicating why you are thanking them.  ‘’Thank you, Alicia, for subscribing to our email’’ is considered great and have a positive effect on the subscriber.

Welcome Email Tip #3: Set Expectations


Briefly state the kind of emails you will be sending them and how often you will be sending the emails. This will help them plan their time well, boost credibility and reduce spam rate.

Welcome Email Tip #4: Reveal Who You Are


No one wants to talk to robots. Ensure that you use famous and familiar names that the readers can easily recognize. Otherwise, they will consider it spam. Avoiding generic address gives the audience the feeling that they are actually speaking to a real person. This will boost trust and credibility. Include your contacts and addresses in your email.

You are allowed to go as far as giving links to your social media channels such as Facebook so that the subscribers can easily reach you or learn more about you on their own. All these are aimed at boosting credibility and trust.

Welcome Email Tip #5: Use Short, Sweet, and Clear Email


More is boring. Besides, you don’t want to ignore the subscribers that use phone devices.

Do you? Longer subject lines will be cut off on such devices. We suggest at most 50 characters so that all the information reaches the audience.

You can achieve this by carefully choosing your words and ignoring the words that add no value.

Welcome Email Tip #6: Make Genuine Offers

Welcome Email

Remember, you need to give an offer in your subject line. This can range from giving discounts, free gifts or fascinating experience.

Just be sure to offer what you can deliver. False promises will reduce the readers’ trust and many of them will just unsubscribe from your email altogether.

Make the offer clear and specific. Words like ‘’ get your guide’’ work magic.

Welcome Email Tip #7: Use Concise and Specific Value Driven Words


Make your email clear and concise. Avoid flowered words and instead, go for words that communicate of specific value or benefits the new subscriber will acquire if they continue reading the emails in future.

A subject line like, ‘’boost your traffic by 90% now ‘’ is more enticing than ‘’How to boost traffic.’’

Welcome Email Tip #8: Use a Clear And Strong Call To Action

Welcome Email

You want to grab attention as early as possible. Start the subject line of the email with a strong and actionable CTA.

This will entice your subscriber to click through the mail. Give a sense of urgency, curiosity, and excitement in the required action.

“Dine with the kings’’ is more enticing than the generic ‘’ a great meal for the kings.’’ Do not forget that the calls to action should be related to your subject header as well as your email content.

Welcome Email Tip #9: Make Your Audience Feel Great


Coin your subject line and email content to make the new subscriber feel special. This is purely psychological and the intention is to give your audience a sense of belonging.

You want to make them feel loved and appreciated. The result will be long-term loyalty and a higher traffic rates. After all, it’s the nature of human beings to want a sense of belonging and appreciation

Phrases like, “Our best customer only’’ or ‘’special invite’’ will work wonders for you.

Welcome Email Tip #10: Give Rewards


Give the subscribers a reason to continue reading your emails by rewarding them for subscribing. Free gifts, discounted services will go a long way.

Welcome Email Tip #11: Use a Welcome Video Or Image

The human brain is known to comprehend and understand images more than texts. Short videos and clear images describing your product will enhance memorability and make the subscribers interested in your products long after you sent the email.

Welcome Email Tip #12: Communicate the Next Step

Your email should give the subscriber clear instructions on the next step to take and how to use your products and services. Use short, clear, simple and easy to understand instructions.

Welcome Email Tip #13: Test Your Email
Welcome Email

Don’t shy away from testing the email before sending it to the subscriber. This will help you to make necessary adjustments for maximum results.

Examples of companies with great emails

Kate Spade

Kate Spade uses clear short and simple strategy in their email. Their ‘’thank you’’ is in bold letters and clearly visible. They also give a 15% discount to their new subscribers.

Virgin America

They give their customers a feeling of care by incorporating the ‘’I love you’’ symbol both at the front and ad center.

Their ‘’ welcome aboard,’’ and ‘’ Grab a seat’’ help them create a unique brand of fun.



The Michaels’ approach to emails borrows the features of Kate Spade and Virgin America. They show appreciation to the subscribers as well as showcasing their brand.

Michaels communicate about the future benefits one will get from reading the emails such as ‘’ we are going to send invites to in-store events.’’



InVision gives the subscriber the next step of action. They don’t just list the next steps but incorporate videos to enhance understanding through simple the steps.



Food52 has a face to their name to boost trust and credibility. The subscriber will see a photograph of the food and that of the founder of the company. This also helps them create brand personality.



IKEA uses their email to turn subscribers into other programs which are less recognized.

They provide an option to simply register with them and start shopping if you are not interested in their other programs.



They open their emails with a brief comment on the state of emails. They use bullet lists of their best blog posts, only mentioning their products briefly at the end of the script. They neither use images nor videos.



Creating a great welcome email is an art which requires a sense of professionalism. Lander has an experienced staff to help you with your email marketing needs and strategies.