Copywriting Tips

13 Killer Copywriting Tips That Will Amplify Your Sales

Whether it is for subscription to mailing services, or to get sales for your products or services, with  proper copywriting tips encourages its readers to take action. Delivery of your content is important.

Below, is a comprehensive list of some copywriting tips to guide you through in creating your copy, if it is to increase your website views, signing up individuals to your mailing services or encouraging buyers to purchase your products or services.

1. Copywriting Tips: Write Compelling Headline


Studies show that, readers wouldn`t go beyond the headline if it is not captivating. The headline is considered by most to be important. It is quite hard; to convince your readers to go through your copy when you’re heading does not captivate their interest and activate their curiosity.

A captivating headline needs lot of work, this would involve, exploring every possible combination of word. No matter how many times you rephrase it, the better the headline.

2. Copywriting Tips: Know the Difference Between Your Future and Benefits


A simple definition of a feature is, what your product or service does. A benefit on the other hand is the usefulness or value your customers get due to using your product.

It is important to be selfless when writing your copy, what do I mean? You should start with the benefits, this helps your reader easily familiarize with your copy since him or she sees the value. Once you have their interest have quick run through your features.

We know it is tempting to go the other way; after all you want your readers to know of your product right? This would have a negative impact.

3. Copywriting Tips: Find Your Unique Selling Point


Selling points are what differentiate your products or services from the rest in the market. The below key point will help you identify unique selling points:

• Research the competition and finding what works best for you.

• Targeting a specific unexplored portion of the market

• Developing guarantee schemes that ensure customers are not at risk

• Avoid unrealistic promises that you cannot fulfill.

4. Copywriting Tips: Show Your Credibility With Social Proof


Copywriting Tips


Individuals will always be enticed to do thing only because others did it. This is what it means to have a social proof, your idea, product or service should be tested by others so that more people can trust it.

The easiest way is to create trust with your readers, is by providing credibility to demonstrate how your product or service have helped people before. Case studies, testimonials and reviews would be perfect in strengthening your brand and gain trust.

5. Copywriting Tips: Speak Directly to Your Readers


Engaging your audience in a personal aspect makes it easier for them to understand your concept. Your readers feel included and special if you talk to them in second person.

Words like “you” should be used; “I”, “we” or “they” should be avoided since they are less inclusive to the readers.

6. Copywriting Tips: Use a Conversational Tone of Voice


As we have discovered above, copywriting should be conversational, this helps to relate and involve your audience.

The use of academic language and jargons should be avoided; this approach might put off your readers since they might not understand what you are trying to communicate. It is important to explain in simple words what you are trying to communicate.

To achieve a conversational tone below tips will guide you:

•Using of simple language

• Avoid using jargons and technical words that most of your readers are not familiar with.

• Using of abbreviations where possible.

• You should show your character to relate with your readers, this is by a specific choice of words.

Conversational tone can be very effective in creating trust if applied appropriately.

7. Copywriting Tips: Appeal to Your Reader`s Emotions



Copywriting Tips

Human beings are emotional creatures, we are all driven by our emotions, and hence emotional copywriting can be very persuasive.

First, you have to identify what makes your customers tick, you have to channel that into their pressure point that encourages them to take action. Consciously or unconsciously we purchase things because it feels right to do so.

Some of the copywriting strategies that can be used effectively are as follows:

• Self development: This strategy is basically used to increase sales for almost all products or services because customers want their needs met first.

• Fear of loss: This strategy works best in selling insurance.

• Love and affection: This might be applied to sell various products example gifts.

• Prestige and status: These are products purchased for luxury.

8. Copywriting Tips: Use Persuasive Language

Customers would always want a catchy narrative that would appeal to them. The language used to inform people about a product or service, has a massive impact on whether or not they will take action and go ahead to purchase them.

English words that might be used to influence buyers include:

You: This shows the message is on a personal basis, from the writer to each and every reader.

Free: Customers will always welcome discounts and take advantage of cheap or free products.

Because: This word provides reason and facts why they should do the purchasing.

New: Everyone wants to set the trends in being the first in acquiring different products and services. This also indicates improvement or superior product in the market.

Now: this shows urgency, the stock being limited people will rush to purchase. You should be careful though not to lie to your customers about availability of your product or service.

9. Copywriting Tips: Create Urgency in Your Writing


As described in the above last point, scarcity of a product creates an increase in demand. This is important since your sales will in return increase.

In order for this to be effective and t avoid false information; you have to apply these techniques:

• Posting of a deadline on your offers

• Use words that indicate urgency in time

• Provide an option for readers to take action

With the same reason it is important to provide real information to your readers.

10. Copywriting Tips: Pay attention to structure and form

A perfect copywriting should be easy to the eye, what do we mean by this? The structure should flow, this ensures your copy is simple to read and understand.

Online readers prefer short constructed sentences and consecutive paragraphs; this is because they have lesser time to read. This is reverse to individual reading print might have an opposite aspect.

11. Copywriting Tips: Remove all Purchasing Risk


This involves providing guarantee to all your products, this helps customers not to incur any risks during purchases. This is important because it would encourage them to purchase because with the increased trust.

12. Copywriting Tips: Address Your Customer’s Objectives


It is important to remember why you are in the business you are in, as much as you wanted to make profit you have to serve your customers.

It wouldn’t hurt, taking a keen look at your customers` complains and questions about your product or service. Objectives might include: timing to purchase your product, trust and price.

13. Copywriting Tips: Using a Strong Call to Action


You should offer clear instructions on what you want your customers to do after receiving information on your product.