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12 Best Practices for Great Landing Page Forms

Landing pages are very important aspects which can be effectively be used to convert a viewer into a customer. Advertisers need to perfectly know that one of the most important parts of a landing page is the landing page forms.

When these forms are done in the wrong way, the chances of converting and attracting many people will be very low and the commodity will end up having very few customers.

Therefore, every advertiser needs to understand these landing page forms well and know the best way to make them as this will lead to a great benefit thus more customers.

The length of the forms matters a big deal, it should never be too short or too long. It should be standard.

This is because when it is too long, you may have a problem of deterring customers from converting.

When it is too short, it may not gather enough information and this can be a problem as many people want to have enough information about a product before trusting it and even purchasing.

A great landing page should be able to inspire visitors on the spot. Not being able to do this, it should provide some kind of leadership that can be nurtured along the buying process. Failing to cater for those, the landing page has failed.

However, to avoid this and have a great uplift, you need to have good landing page forms. The following are the best forms:

Short for Secondary Conversions

Landing Page Forms

This involves short, quick and easy ways for users to gain more information. It usually involves things like email signups, searches about the page and even general inquiries.

It should always be as easy as possible and also be able to take users straight to the dashboard so that they start instantly to use the page.

Longer Landing Page forms for Primary Conversions


When you have done a great job in attracting many people for conversions, the user will usually be willing to go an extra mile by working harder for the conversions.

In most cases, they will also want to provide and expect to give more information on your landing page forms. In that case, you will need to provide a platform where the user can sign up.

This usually involves the username of the user, the first name and last name, his/her addresses for the country, city, town and even home. It also involves the email address of the user and his/her phone number which can be used to contact him/her.

You will also need to provide information about if the user will need to provide payment for using the full version.

Many users will want to fill out every information about them as they know it belongs to them.

CTA Buttons

Landing Page Forms

This is the call to action part of the landing page. It needs to be very strong so that prospects will not have a doubt giving information about them.

It should be able to encourage them until they just fill in information without any doubt.

When the CTA is strong enough, it will in most cases and nearly all cases reinforce the desire of the prospects to have an interest in what you are offering and thus convert.

Using a persuasive language is usually a good way but to create a compelling CTA it is more than that. To make them convert, you need to reinforce what you have very strongly.

Radio Button Forms


We all know that at times people can get lazy and they will just want to do as little as possible to accomplish whatever they are doing. Including radio buttons can go a long way in catering for this.

Whenever there are few options, radio buttons work very well or even when entering data seems very tedious.

For example, in a web form, the user can just use a zip code and he/she is good to go. This is also an attractive way.

Directional Cues Forms


It is not always obvious that users will sign up for whatever you are offering. You need to make it more wanting and attractive.

You can include an image of a person viewing the landing page. This will capture the user’s attention to the form and thus high chances of converting.

Form Analytical Tool

The best way to know that your landing page is performing well is by checking the data. Google analytics usually show the number of people who fail to complete forms.

Therefore, find a good analytical tool to show how many people are having problems with your page and what you can do to fix them.



Having no incentive will give the user no reason to start filling them out however how good your form design is.

It will take more incentive for users to complete when the forms are longer. This is usually the place that needs to shine and be inspiring enough so that users take action.

Single Column Layout


This is essential for a number of reasons. Not all users will easily understand your page thus this single column enables them to quickly interpret and understand the landing page. It is a good visual layout and also mobile friendly.

Mobile Form

Landing Page Forms

For good keyboard popup when typing phone numbers, email addresses, and other inputs, you need to use the correct HTML markup.

Making good mobile forms is a great step as many people have good phones but have no computer access.

The users should also be able to use their camera to take a photo of their card rather than filling the information manually. It saves time and energy.

Use of Contrast


When you use a good contrast, the user will be able to focus on one thing on the page as it reduces distractions from other elements on the page.

It helps users to navigate through the form in the page and also optimizes for forms in mobile.

Form Validation


This is a tricky thing however it’s good when it helps users to correctly fill forms. Validation helps to keep away server attacks and malicious codes.

Use it in the background and always make sure it provides feedback as the user types. It will enable users to complete the forms successfully and for the first time.

Know Where to Send Users Next


After the user has signed up and even logged in, they need to be directed to a particular and strategic place.

You need to choose wisely according to your page and therefore, maintain a good user experience. This will highly improve the rate of conversion.



It takes a good effort to make your landing page outstanding. You need to take time and ensure that the page caters to every need of the visitor.

When you capture the attention of the user, at first sight, the chances of conversion become very high.

You will always need to know the best length of your landing page forms which should always be neither too long nor too short. It should just fit the essential information to make conversion rate high.

Make great Landing Page forms and have the highest number of visitors. Lander has the best expertise and experience in making the best landing page forms.