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12 Valuable Call to Action Examples That Really Convert

A Call to Action is a link or button that you place on your website so as to guide in the steps that they should take once they land on your page.  If you are having a hard time getting your visitors to take the action you want them to on your page then it is about time you revisited your Call to Action. We will give you Call to Action examples that have been successful so as to guide you on how to make yours more effective.

How to Use CTA for Lead Generation


You have to ensure that you take caution in where you place your Call to Action on your website.

Your main aim should be to get your visitors’ attention using your CTA and enticing them to click on it.

You have to ensure that you place an offer on your CTA that your visitors cannot refuse. This means that you have to make sure that the CTA is visually appealing and also has persuasive content.

You always have to consider what stage of the buyer’s journey your prospect is in so as to know how exactly you should design your CTA.

This is because if you place a CTA that does not correlate with the prospect’s stage then he/she will not identify with it and you may end up losing a lead.

If you want to create an effective Call to Action then you should follow the following steps:

• Make you CTAs action oriented

• Ensure you use persuasive text on your CTAs

• Use strong visuals to attract the visitor’s attention

• Create a sense of urgency on your CTA

• Place the CTA in an obvious place so that the users can easily locate it

The following are examples of CTAs that have been properly constructed and which can inspire you to create a better one or give you ideas on how to improve your Call to Action.

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Call to Action Examples #1: Netflix

Call to Action Examples


Netflix uses some amazing and persuasive text to help guide the users through to their free trial.

They clearly tell the user how useful and convenient their product is as they will be able to watch from anywhere at the user’s convenience and also lets them know that they can cancel if they are not satisfied with the service.

This site’s Call to Action has utilized most of the above given tips which include: giving an irresistible offer, using persuasive text, they have made it action oriented and they have made the CTA obvious.

Call to Action Examples #2: Hotjar

Call to Action Examples

The Hotjar site has placed two CTAs on the same page which ultimately take the user to the same place.

They have both been strategically positioned so that the visitor can easily locate them. The color contrast they have use also attracts the attention of the visitor very quickly.

Call to Action Examples #3:  WordStream


Call to Action Examples

WordStream site has made effective use of color contrast with their Call to Action which effectively captures the attention of the visitor. They also emphasize the point that their product is free by writing it twice and thus giving the prospects an offer they cannot refuse.

Call to Action Examples #4: HubSpot Sales


Call to Action Examples

HubSpot Sales website has made good use of very simple but persuasive content to entice the visitor to convert.

They have also used relatable images which help the users to visualize using their product and thus making it really appealing to click on the CTA.

They have also been able to eradicate any use friction from their CTA text by stating that it’s free thus making it that more appealing.

Call to Action Examples #5: Campaign Monitor


Call to Action Examples

This site by Campaign Monitor has made the Call to Action using a bold and bright color that helps it stand out on the page.

They have also used text that reduces user friction by letting them know if they need help it’s only a click away and also stating that the prospect can get started for free.

Call to Action Examples #6: Kissmetrics


Call to Action Examples

Kissmetrics has been able to kill two birds with one stone by placing a form fill right next to the CTA button.

This eases work as the prospects don’t even have to leave the page as they can fill out their contact information and start using the tools the website has to offer on the same page.

Call to Action Examples #7: Spotify


Call to Action Examples

This Spotify site has place two competing leads on the same page with one taking the users to the free version and the other taking them to the paid versions.

Though their main aim is to get people to pay for their services they also know that the only way this could happen is if people try out their free services first.

This is the reason why they have made the free version CTA button more prominent as compared to that of the paid version.

Call to Action Examples #8: Trello


Call to Action Examples

Trello Website is smart enough to ensure that their CTA and persuasive text stand out thanks to their effective use of color contrast.

They have been able to effectively give the prospects the right message and still keeping the page simple thus eradicating any distractions.

They have also given their prospects a clear and irresistible offer by telling them they can sign up for free.

Call to Action Examples #9: Lyft


Call to Action Examples

This site offers its users two different kinds of services but they have effectively been able to communicate with their users both offers without making them distract each other.

They have used different text for each CTA that effectively and clearly communicate to the users what step they should take next.

They have also used a bright pink color for their CTAs which make it impossible for the visitors to miss them.

Call to Action Examples #10: Join.Me


Call to Action Examples

The Join.Me site has been able to create an effective and eye catching CTA.

They have used text that speaks to the prospect’s pain and thus enticing them to click on the CTA button which actually asks them to start meeting which is exactly the solution that the target audience wants.

They have also effectively used color contrasting by making their Call to Action button bright orange.

Call to Action Examples #11: theSkimm


Call to Action Examples

theSkimm website has been able to effectively and clearly communicate their offer to their users.

They have also use a pop-up CTA which features very strong social proof where they tell people what they already have thus encouraging them to join as well as effectively creating a sense of belonging for their prospects.

This site has also been able to utilize the art of color contrast effectively by making the CTA button a darker shade of green as compared to the background.

Call to Action Examples #12: Ikea


Call to Action Examples

The Ikea website has used a pop-up CTA which is a more effective way to entice your prospects to convert.

They have greatly used color contrast by making the CTA button blue against their brand color which is yellow.

This makes it easy for the visitors to locate the CTA button on the page. They have also made their offer to their prospects clear thus adding incentive for the visitors to click on the CTA button.

CTAs are a must have if you would like your website to perform. It is not enough to just have a Call to Action button; you have to ensure that you optimize it so as to get the best possible results.